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  1. New date for Guinea run-off poll
  2. Nigeria rapped for mass evictions
  3. Nigeria charges Iranian over arms
  4. Kenya in cemetery scandal arrest
  5. Curfew after deadly Nigeria clash
  6. Sudan seeks to ease poll tension
  7. Conde declared Guinea poll winner
  8. Nigeria intercepts arms shipment
  9. Nigeria holds secret bomb hearing
  10. SA inmates request circumcision
  11. UN drops Equatorial Guinea award
  12. Outed gay Ugandans 'attacked'
  13. Guinea run-off election in doubt
  14. Kenya football crush kills seven
  15. Aid worker overjoyed at release
  16. Mass break-out at Congolese jail
  17. Fifa probes vote selling claims
  18. Sudan objects to UN troop plans
  19. Election losers protest in Guinea
  20. Somali militants ban phone cash transfer
  21. UN relief at Rwanda peacekeepers
  22. US 'engages' with Somali regions
  23. UN to start Benin floods airlift
  24. Nigeria 'sex slaves' held in Mali
  25. Sudan shooting 'pretext for war'
  26. Somali pirates release minister
  27. Nigeria militant's brother held
  28. BBC hears Congo murder testimony
  29. Madagascar officers in coup claim
  30. Nigeria's 'kidnap leader' killed
  31. Egyptian protesters defy curfew
  32. Egypt protesters step up pressure
  33. Pressure on Tunisian PM increases
  34. Sudan arrests over flogging march
  35. 'Zimbabwean' kidnapped in Somalia
  36. Nigeria probes 'toxic waste' ship
  37. Ivory Coast asks for ICC probe
  38. Gaddafi army 'not at breaking point'
  39. Obama seeks consensus over Libya
  40. Libya's Gaddafi offers Nato talks
  41. Egyptian protests erupt over pay
  42. UK jets hit Gaddafi's compound
  43. Lyrical Accomplishments.
  44. Egypt's army dissolves parliament
  45. ICC seeks Gaddafi arrest warrant
  46. French jets resume Libya sorties
  47. South Sudan 'will not go to war'
  48. Nigeria's new president sworn in
  49. 'No let up' on Gaddafi pressure
  50. Nato steps up Libya air strikes
  51. Sudan: '150,000 flee Abyei clash'
  52. Sudan minister quits over Abyei
  53. Eight Libya officers join rebels
  54. UN urges North Sudan out of Abyei
  55. Sudan agrees demilitarised border
  56. Ivory Coast president inaugurated
  57. Further violence on Sudan border
  58. UN helicopters 'shot at' in Sudan
  59. Moscow talks for Gaddafi envoys
  60. Museveni anger at 'media enemies'
  61. Rwandans 'threatened by hitman'
  62. US disappoints Libya rebel envoys
  63. Nato 'must widen' Libya targets
  64. Uganda 'house arrest' for Besigye
  65. Rwanda general guilty of genocide
  66. UK and Malawi diplomats expelled
  67. Call for talks over Uganda arrest
  68. Uganda riots over Besigye arrest
  69. 'More than 500' killed in Nigeria
  70. Nato strike hits Gaddafi compound
  71. UN team to probe abuses in Libya
  72. Sudan jets 'bomb Darfur village'
  73. Libya tribes 'issue Misrata ultimatum'
  74. Ivory Coast militia leader killed
  75. Libya heading for stalemate - US
  76. Ivory Coast in mercenary warning
  77. US flies armed drones over Libya
  78. Nigerians flee northern rioting
  79. UN aid chief concerned over Libya
  80. Libya warns UK could worsen war
  81. Ivorian party urges 'end to war'
  82. Nigerian president calls for calm
  83. No 'halt' to fighting in Misrata
  84. Leaders insist 'Gaddafi must go'
  85. Nato talks focus on Libya action
  86. Egypt detains Mubarak for 15 days
  87. Ivory Coast 'cocoa port seized'
  88. Ivorian fighters 'take capital'
  89. Libya rebels fight for Sirte road
  90. Libyan rebels sweeping westwards
  91. Libya raids hit Gaddafi hometown
  92. Libyan foes stalemate in key town
  93. French jet destroys Libyan plane
  94. Libyan rebels recapture key town
  95. Allies hit rebel-held Libya city
  96. Nigerians to vote for president
  97. Gaddafi presses key rebel cities
  98. Obama defends Libya intervention
  99. Libya air force 'unable to fight'
  100. Deadly bombings in north Nigeria
  101. Obama not ruling out arms to Libya rebels
  102. Defiant Gaddafi pledges victory
  103. US warplane crashes in east Libya
  104. Tripoli targeted for third night
  105. Missile destroys Gaddafi building
  106. Coalition launches Libya attacks
  107. Jonathan 'headed for Nigeria win'
  108. French military jets over Libya
  109. Libya rebel tanks 'repel attack'
  110. Libya 'to halt military action'
  111. Gaddafi 'not targeted' by strikes
  112. Nato to control Libya no-fly zone
  113. Ground assault on Libyan rebels
  114. UN debates steps against Gaddafi
  115. Libya exodus sparks border crisis
  116. US urges tough UN draft on Libya
  117. Tha Dogg Pound...
  118. Libyan rebels advance westwards
  119. Nigeria elects powerful governors
  120. Gaddafi: 'All my people love me'
  121. Tripoli protesters 'under fire'
  122. Battle for Libyan town rages on
  123. Somali piracy 'costs $8bn a year'
  124. Libyan rebels 'seize border post'
  125. Pressure mounts on isolated Gaddafi
  126. Gaddafi forces bomb Libya rebels
  127. Arab spring hope 'in the balance'
  128. Scores killed in Libya 'massacre'
  129. Gaddafi digs in as protests mount
  130. Deadly blasts rock Tanzania city
  131. Libyan leader appears on state TV
  132. EU eases sanctions on Zimbabweans
  133. Egypt army tries to clear square
  134. 'Intense violence' in Libyan city
  135. Obama announces Libya sanctions
  136. Rising death toll in Libya unrest
  137. Defiant Gaddafi refuses to quit
  138. Pressure mounts on Libya leader
  139. Protests reported in Libyan city
  140. No commitment from Nato summit
  141. 'Mass rally' in Libya's Benghazi
  142. Ouattara vows Ivory Coast justice
  143. World applies pressure on Gaddafi
  144. Foreigners fleeing Libya violence
  145. France and Italy deploy to Libya
  146. Gaddafi's son warns of civil war
  147. Obama gives ultimatum to Gaddafi
  148. Arab states support no-fly zone
  149. Bashir vows to hold disputed town
  150. Ugandans to vote on Museveni rule
  151. Obama condemns crackdown in Libya
  152. Gaddafi troops force rebels back
  153. UN imposes sanctions on Gaddafi
  154. Libya rebels 'forced from Brega'
  155. North Sudan seizure 'act of war'
  156. Deadly blast in Marrakesh square
  157. Tunisian ex-president to be tried
  158. Mau Mau Kenyans allowed to sue UK
  159. Arrest warrant issued for Gaddafi
  160. Angola plane crash kills generals
  161. Zimbabwean minister 'to be freed'
  162. Aid reaches Somalia Islamist area
  163. Nato probes Libya 'civilian' raid
  164. Mosquitoes 'develop resistance'
  165. US fully recognises Libyan rebels
  166. Libya condemns UK recognition
  167. Somali militants threaten Kenya
  168. Liberia challenger backs run-off
  169. Abductions hit UN's aid for Kenya
  170. 'Pro-Gaddafi' gunfire in Tripoli
  171. Libyan forces take Sirte airport
  172. Libya fighters enter Gaddafi city
  173. SA gold miners sue Anglo American
  174. Sata elected Zambia's president
  175. AU recognises Libya NTC authority
  176. Deadly gun attack on Burundi bar
  177. Heavy fighting in Gaddafi bastion
  178. Fresh attack on pro-Gaddafi city
  179. Nato strikes Gaddafi stronghold
  180. Anti-Gaddafi forces 'in retreat'
  181. Fresh shelling by Gaddafi forces
  182. Leaders get Libya hero's welcome
  183. Zambians vote in tight election
  184. Kenya denies blame for slum fire
  185. Nato chiefs visit Libya for talks
  186. Fierce fighting for Libya's Sirte
  187. 'Moderate Islam' to guide Libya
  188. Gaddafi son 'in capital of Niger'
  189. Gaddafi family 'flee to Algeria'
  190. Rebels fear for Gaddafi prisoners
  191. Bomb attack against UN in Nigeria
  192. Libya rebels 'will end shortages'
  193. Rebel ultimatum to Gaddafi forces
  194. Gaddafi 'offers transition talks'
  195. Clashes inside pro-Gaddafi city
  196. Concern grows over Tripoli plight
  197. Libya rejects UN military forces
  198. Gaddafi 'still threat' for Libya
  199. Gaddafi son vows to fight rebels
  200. Rebels pushing to secure Tripoli
  201. Fighters hit Gaddafi strongholds
  202. Heavy gunfire erupts in Tripoli
  203. Battle rages at Gaddafi compound
  204. Ivory Coast charges ex-president
  205. Kenya Nobel laureate Maathai dies
  206. Mubarak returns to court in Egypt
  207. Nigeria seeking Boko Haram talks
  208. Fighting grips city near Tripoli
  209. Mystery over Libyan rebel's death
  210. Nato air strike targets Libyan TV
  211. Libya rebels advance into Tripoli
  212. Zimbabwe ex-army boss Mujuru dies
  213. WFP begins Somalia food airlift
  214. UN Somali famine airlift to start
  215. Somali Islamists maintain aid ban
  216. South Sudan bank chief sacked
  217. Top Libya rebel 'shot by Islamist militia'
  218. UN to declare famine in Somalia
  219. UN talks on Africa drought crisis
  220. Embattled Egypt PM changes team
  221. 'Fierce fight' in Libyan oil town
  222. Dozens die in Morocco plane crash
  223. Army deployed over Malawi riots
  224. Kenya row over drought refugees
  225. Nigeria imposes curfew on Abuja
  226. AU condemns French Libya arms drop
  227. Fierce fighting near to Tripoli
  228. Attack on Guinea leader 'foiled'
  229. Russia condemns Libyan arms drop
  230. Woman guilty of genocide and rape
  231. Tunisian ex-president sentenced
  232. Italy urges Libya fighting halt
  233. Turkey PM in historic Somali visit
  234. Egypt's Mubarak 'refusing food'
  235. Death penalty for Congo policemen
  236. Libya says air strike killed 15
  237. Libya rebels fight back in Zawiya
  238. Moroccan monarch unveils reforms
  239. Sudan crisis: '60,000 displaced'
  240. Rebels appeal for Gaddafi capture
  241. Severe drought in Horn of Africa
  242. Nato loses Libya drone helicopter
  243. Germany recognises Libyan rebels
  244. Top footballers defect in Libya
  245. Sudan leader in south oil threat
  246. Zambia's new president sworn in
  247. Rebels claim key cities in Libya
  248. Libya rebels fight on in Tripoli
  249. Sudan pro-south rebels to disarm
  250. Blast 'hits' Nigerian police base