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  1. Top footballers defect in Libya
  2. Libya rejects ICC arrest warrant
  3. Sudan leader in south oil threat
  4. Sudan pro-south rebels to disarm
  5. Tunisian ex-president sentenced
  6. UN to declare famine in Somalia
  7. Libya says air strike killed 15
  8. Nato admits Tripoli target error
  9. Tripoli 'Nato strike kills five'
  10. Nato probes Libya 'civilian' raid
  11. Woman guilty of genocide and rape
  12. Moroccan monarch unveils reforms
  13. Fresh Misrata attacks 'kill 10'
  14. Tunisian ex-president to be tried
  15. 'Huge suffering' from Sudan bombs
  16. South Sudan bank chief sacked
  17. Sudan crisis: '60,000 displaced'
  18. Gaddafi 'still threat' for Libya
  19. Libya rebels fight back in Zawiya
  20. Germany recognises Libyan rebels
  21. Death penalty for Congo policemen
  22. Italy urges Libya fighting halt
  23. Attack on Guinea leader 'foiled'
  24. Nato loses Libya drone helicopter
  25. Zimbabwean minister 'to be freed'
  26. Zimbabwe ex-army boss Mujuru dies
  27. Zambians vote in tight election
  28. Libya rebels fight on in Tripoli
  29. Somali suicide attack near talks
  30. Blast 'hits' Nigerian police base
  31. Somalia PM orders aid protection
  32. Russia condemns Libyan arms drop
  33. Egypt's Mubarak 'refusing food'
  34. Turkey PM in historic Somali visit
  35. Libya rebels in 'Tripoli talks'
  36. Defiant Gaddafi vows to fight on
  37. Somali Islamists maintain aid ban
  38. Anti-Gaddafi forces 'in retreat'
  39. Morocco reform offer 'not enough'
  40. Senegal's Sall marks poll victory
  41. Mali coup leader 'is in control'
  42. African force set up to hunt Kony
  43. World condemns army coup in Mali
  44. Soldiers loot after coup in Mali
  45. Mutineers in Mali palace attack
  46. Mali coup leader promises polls
  47. UK woman kidnapped in Kenya freed
  48. Somali refugees killed by mortars
  49. Gaddafi's intelligence chief held
  50. Somali national theatre reopens
  51. Eritrea 'rejects Ethiopia ploy'
  52. Ethiopia 'attacks Eritrea bases'
  53. 'Killings followed' DR Congo poll
  54. ICC finds Congo's Lubanga guilty
  55. Nigeria official 'stole millions'
  56. Nelson Mandela is 'not in danger'
  57. Mandela discharged from hospital
  58. SA leader urges 'bribe' inquiry
  59. Suicide attack on Nigeria church
  60. Blasts hit Nigerian city of Gombe
  61. Somalia 'strike kills militants'
  62. Entire Somali classes 'abducted'
  63. Somalia militants lose key town
  64. Darfur rebels 'free peacekeepers'
  65. UN warning over Malian refugees
  66. EU lifts more Zimbabwe sanctions
  67. Senegal 'police blunder' apology
  68. Underwear bomber given life term
  69. 500m children 'stunted by hunger'
  70. Gunmen behind Nigeria jailbreak
  71. UN to boost Somalia peacekeepers
  72. Uganda minister raids gay meeting
  73. Huge cyclone batters Madagascar
  74. Zambia beat Ivorians on penalties
  75. ANC youth leader Malema expelled
  76. Acquitted Rwandans seek sanctuary
  77. Heroes' welcome for Zambian team
  78. Senegal court confirms Wade bid
  79. Abacha aide to hang over killing
  80. Sudan offers gesture in oil row
  81. Senegal Wade ruling fuels clashes
  82. Boko Haram urged to state demands
  83. Nigeria's police chief 'sacked'
  84. Egypt 'to end' state of emergency
  85. Somali attack on Ethiopian base
  86. Nigerian traders shot and burnt
  87. Top Kenyans to face Hague trial
  88. UN in gay rights plea to Africa
  89. Deadly blasts rock Nigeria's Kano
  90. Scores dead after Nigerian blasts
  91. MSF closes major Somali clinics
  92. Libya ruling council deputy quits
  93. Rwanda arrests top army officers
  94. Egypt election decision delayed
  95. South Sudan clashes kill dozens
  96. Nigerian fuel strike is suspended
  97. Somali famine 'to kill thousands'
  98. Tunisia marks year since ousting
  99. Nigeria unions suspend protests
  100. No deal at Nigeria strike talks
  101. Africa drought delay 'cost lives'
  102. Libya militias 'out of control'
  103. Ethiopia army 'takes Somali town'
  104. UN sends troops to S Sudan town
  105. Nigerians 'will defend churches'
  106. Ethiopia jails Sweden journalists
  107. Counting halted in Congo polls
  108. Deadly floods hit Tanzanian city
  109. Kabila takes oath in DR Congo
  110. Many die in Nigeria sect clashes
  111. Kenyan policeman killed in blast
  112. 'Barefoot diva' Evora dies at 70
  113. Deadly Nigeria attacks condemned
  114. Mandela 'spy' cameras confiscated
  115. Gaddafi death 'may be war crime'
  116. 'Air raids' kill South Sudanese
  117. Egypt holds next phase of voting
  118. DR Congo poll on despite violence
  119. Morocco Islamists ahead in poll
  120. Mali arrests French 'kidnappers'
  121. Rwandan rebel's charges dismissed
  122. Sudan to expel Kenyan ambassador
  123. Libya celebrates independence day
  124. Gaddafi son 'has not seen lawyer'
  125. UN condemns Egypt protest deaths
  126. Trial of Mubarak resumes in Egypt
  127. Egypt protest rejects army offer
  128. Held Libyans 'die after torture'
  129. Unrest continues in central Cairo
  130. Egypt set for fresh Friday rally
  131. Italian kills Senegalese traders
  132. Egypt 'agrees to new government'
  133. Egypt cabinet offers resignation
  134. DR Congo poll 'seriously flawed'
  135. Pope travels to 'home of voodoo'
  136. Kenya offers troops for Somalia
  137. Nato set to finish Libya mission
  138. Egypt military 'appoints new PM'
  139. Gaddafi's son captured in Libya
  140. Cholera outbreak in Kenyan camp
  141. DR Congo hit by pre-vote violence
  142. Libyan factions in deadly clashes
  143. Ivory ex-leader charges revealed
  144. Portugal seeks Angolan investment
  145. Egyptian protests enter third day
  146. Ivory Coast ex-head on way to ICC
  147. UK aid threat to anti-gay nations
  148. Deadly unrest continues in Cairo
  149. Rwanda rebel freed by world court
  150. Somalia hostages freed in US raid
  151. Egypt's new PM appeals to nation
  152. World leaders to discuss Somalia
  153. Nigeria rocked by church blasts
  154. Somali pirates jailed in France
  155. Gaddafi son says he is innocent
  156. Wade concedes run-off 'possible'
  157. Deadly attack hits Nigerian city
  158. Angolans vote in general election
  159. Grenade kills Kenyan policeman
  160. Nine prisoners executed in Gambia
  161. Angola deports China 'gangsters'
  162. Niger floods leave dozens dead
  163. SA miners charged with murder
  164. Kenya sackings over school fire
  165. SA rethinking mine murder charges
  166. SA memorials for Lonmin mine dead
  167. Gambia executes nine, report says
  168. Ethiopia 'stable' after PM death
  169. SA miners face dismissal deadline
  170. Zuma reveals mine probe details
  171. Minister dies in Sudan air crash
  172. Nigeria to overhaul sports set-up
  173. Zuma announces mine deaths probe
  174. Ethiopia's Meles lies in state
  175. Thousands flee Ethiopia clashes
  176. Deadly floods in central Nigeria
  177. Ghana's leader promises stability
  178. World Court due to rule on Habre
  179. Ebola confirmed in Uganda capital
  180. Mandela plot treason conviction
  181. Rwanda and DRC 'in border deal'
  182. Ugandan helicopters go missing
  183. Presidents of the two Sudans meet
  184. Libyans remember jail massacre
  185. Egypt suspends military arrests
  186. Uganda hit by deadly landslide
  187. Aid workers kidnapped in Kenya
  188. Timbuktu on Unesco danger list
  189. Mursi to build Egypt government
  190. Egypt protest over military rule
  191. Islamist wins Egyptian presidency
  192. Ethiopian church patriarch dies
  193. Egyptian election result delayed
  194. Egypt's Mubarak 'health worsens'
  195. Egypt's army 'to hand over power'
  196. Egypt row as parliament dissolved
  197. Gambian becomes ICC prosecutor
  198. Brotherhood anger at Egypt ruling
  199. Arrest over Kenya 'terror' blast
  200. Concern over Africa adoption rise
  201. Nations to share giant telescope
  202. Candidates spar as Egyptians vote
  203. Counting begins after Egypt vote
  204. Key Egypt candidate seeks allies
  205. Mali 'shame' at leader's beating
  206. Egypt gears up for landmark vote
  207. Lockerbie bomber's funeral due
  208. Togo rocked by reform protests
  209. Liberia's Taylor gets 50 years
  210. Lockerbie bomber Megrahi is dead
  211. Protesters attack Mali president
  212. Sudan's Bashir 'ready for peace'
  213. Malawi 'to overturn ban on gays'
  214. Mbeki to pressure Sudan on talks
  215. SA 'fails pupils on textbooks'
  216. Taylor says witnesses 'bought'
  217. UN warns of South Sudan hunger
  218. Ecowas threatens Mali sanctions
  219. 'Terminator' takes DR Congo towns
  220. Mali coup leader rejects Ecowas
  221. Nato pressed over Libya deaths
  222. Troops for Mali and Guinea-Bissau
  223. Taylor aided Sierra Leone crimes
  224. Deadly attack at Nigerian college
  225. Poll bar on Egypt ex-PM reversed
  226. South Sudan border town is bombed
  227. Four top Kenyan judges dismissed
  228. Sudan leader rejects peace talks
  229. South Sudan 'to withdraw troops'
  230. Malian gunmen abduct Swiss woman
  231. Sudan troops 'advance on Heglig'
  232. Army 'attempt Guinea-Bissau coup'
  233. Sudan seizes foreigners in Heglig
  234. Rebel assault on key Mali town
  235. Mali coup leaders given ultimatum
  236. Mali rebels seize desert capital
  237. Mali suspended by regional bloc
  238. Libya militias in deadly clashes
  239. Senegal poll 'example for Africa'
  240. Couple freed from Somali pirates
  241. Ethiopian blogger given 18 years
  242. Tunisia imposes curfew after riot
  243. EU forces attack Somalia pirates
  244. Renewed fighting on Sudan border
  245. UN demands end to Sudan fighting
  246. Egypt holds final leadership poll
  247. Leftist seeks Egypt vote recount
  248. Boko Haram men on US terror list
  249. Ugandan helicopter wrecks found
  250. Strike-hit South Africa mine idle