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  1. Latinos And Higher Education Compared to Blacks
  2. Turks vs. Armenians, who is whiter?
  3. Ethnic tensions between Judeans and Negroes in Baltimore.
  4. Do you all really believe black people are inferior??
  5. what is the oldest surviving ethnicity in the world?
  6. Jews ARE NOT A RACE!
  7. Places of the world you've been to.
  8. Turkey gets first nudist beach
  9. Ancient Central Asia
  10. Are Regios the Chilangos of the North?
  11. Which culture has the most intimate/affectionate tendencies?
  12. Bettering the race
  13. Do people generally prefer to date outside their own ethnic group?
  14. Why are Slavic features considered unattractive?
  15. what nationalities are considered west indian?
  16. Race: Possible not to be problematic?
  17. New Guineans aren't considered Australiods?
  18. do all aframs speak with an afram accent?
  19. Why americans are obsessed with college ?
  20. Why white delinquincy and criminality is romantized ?
  21. Do people are privileged because of their race and ethnicity? How about yourself?
  22. Hungarians vs Spaniards: who is whiter?
  23. Black Indians
  24. australiod girls?
  25. How come Ottomans ruled over Arabs/ME?
  26. Is there any truth to this '20 Things I Hate About Living in Brazil' rant
  27. Why are Persians obbssed with being White
  28. Why aren't there any "cute" Indian/south Asian Girls?
  29. Who tends to date interracially the most in your area?
  30. genital mutilation cake, IS IT RACIST?
  31. Do some white men lust for black men?
  32. Dissproving the myth that everyone can be Mexican.
  33. Mixed people who look East/SE Asian
  34. Beautiful girls?
  35. Do African-American women lust for Cambodian-American men?
  36. What are the most common names in your country/region?
  37. Daddy the sperminator
  38. Ramses III Tomb
  39. If Africans were Europeans (my comparisons)
  40. CNN silences soldier for speaking up against more war
  41. These claims never get old
  42. Which European nation has the most non-European admixture?
  43. Millionaire 'wouldn't leave mixed-race valet who would have been denied place on life
  44. Women with the most "brave" styles
  45. Is anti-Zionism a thinly veiled form of antisemitism?
  46. Sotadic zone
  47. Charismatic Ethnicities
  48. South American views on Nikkei South Americans
  49. How’d that Black man learn Spanish?
  50. How thoses peoples would be percieved in your community/town/area? 2.0
  51. Race relationships: better or worse?
  52. Race War America
  53. Countries of the world by % of people who attend religious services
  54. Which ethnic group you can relate to
  55. why is racism allowed on some Tv shows?
  56. Do you want to have kids?
  57. Sudan and South Sudan in oil deal
  58. 10 best countries to live and work abroad 2012
  59. Interesting Statistics on Hispanic Americans
  60. Who embraces the Latino label the most?
  61. Why are Ashkenazi Jews targeted the most?
  62. Kenya cancels Iran oil imports
  63. john derbyshire give his kids a talk about Blacks
  64. Race relations through a child's eyes
  65. 'Mines planted' around Mali town
  66. Family Stories denoting Ethnic/''Racial'' origins
  67. The Turks in your town!
  68. Libya militia takes over airport
  69. Are you a minority at your workplace?
  70. All dead in Nigeria plane crash
  71. Why Dominicans Don't Like Haitians?
  72. New Malawi leader snubs Bashir
  73. Taylor 'should serve 80 years'
  74. Bomb kills Somali sport officials
  75. Mali mulls Toure treason charges
  76. Self-identification in Latin America
  77. Lebanese and Levant people proud arabs?
  78. Have you ever been told you look "exotic"?
  79. Who claims a "triethnic/triracial" identity the most?
  80. The Cornish
  81. 'Up to 50 killed' in Guinea crash
  82. Tyler Perry: 'We are still being racially profiled'
  83. We were once the same and practice the same
  84. ANC youth leader appeal dismissed
  85. Whites suffer more racism than blacks in US
  86. American Exceptionalism
  87. Post up a song that connects two cultures
  88. Ethiopian Jews still trying to get "home" to Israel
  89. Militias clash in Libyan capital
  90. Why do Turks+Iranians continue to belive in the Arab religion if they hate Arabs?
  91. Why some Black American families are more mixed than others?
  92. Africanized parts of Europe.
  93. why are black women underrated?
  94. Will White Americans begin to leave the US once they become a minority?
  95. Sweden's most dangerous criminals.
  96. Which country is under the greatest threat from whites? //mod
  97. Are There More Mexicans in The US Than in Mexico?
  98. Which country is under the greatest threat from 3rd world migration?
  99. HAPA: Half Asian Half Pacific Islander
  100. Is Luis Suarez white?
  101. Do you consider Mexico to be a part of North America?
  102. Whould you want to be of pure race?
  103. Mapping the 2010 U.S. Census
  104. Why do Armenians/Georgins/Azeris pretend to be European?
  105. England’s Smartest Family are of Nigerian Descent:
  106. Charlize Theron: proud mom of black adopted baby?
  107. Japan Described and Illustrated by the Japanese
  108. Why do Immigrants in England pretend to be English?
  109. Man jailed for racist comments on twitter
  110. 'Hunger Games' Cast Subjected to Racist Attacks in Shocking Tweets
  111. why do Africans and Indo-Subcontinenals with British passports pretend to be English?
  112. I've noticed new worlders love Germanic blood more than Latin
  113. The Murder of Stephen Lawrence
  114. Asian Latinos
  115. Blasian: black and asian
  116. Finding your Roots
  117. Survey: Discrimination Still A Problem in Mexico
  118. Latino's and Racial Identification
  119. Non Black Aframized ethnic groups in the United States
  120. What establishes someone as white trash?
  121. rh neg blood the blood of the gods and goddesses
  122. The many absurds of racial purity in partner selection
  123. Yeah, Right: Creator Of “Re-Nig” Bumper Sticker Says It’s “Not Racist”
  124. Would Andamese/Negrito be called the N word?
  125. Black Cubans: Apart in Two Worlds- article from 1987
  126. Evolution, Rage, and the Modern Black
  127. "You get what you deserve, white boy"
  128. White Girl goes crazy in class defending evolution
  129. Which you these ethnic groups would you never marry?
  130. Why Race Became Such an Issue in the United States
  131. Perceived racism vs. actual racism in the US
  132. CALABAR, NIGERIA DESCENDANTS- CARABALI surname in Colombia/Ecuador
  133. Which of these groups would you prefer to date/marry?
  134. Black a social stigma in Latin America?
  135. Are these more appropriate people that fit the dark caucasian criteria???
  136. Do these Afro-americans look Ethiopid?
  137. South African biographical film Skin and Race in South Africa
  138. Question to populations within the Americas
  139. body fetish
  140. Older people and botox
  141. My perspective on Asian men and Black women
  142. Why do early Babylonians and Elamites look like ethiopians with dreadlocks?
  143. Do darker people go on the beach?
  144. Have you ever lied about your ancestry/ethnicity?
  145. Abortion rates by country, from UN
  146. There is NO true negro.
  147. How these crowd is representativ of Brazil ?
  148. Amish
  149. The African Origin Kemet (Egypt)
  150. I guess yall going back to war. - Ethiopia Attacks Eritrea
  151. Do Caucasian Jews have "white" insecurities about themselves?
  152. Resolving African Fake States?
  153. Black Culture
  154. St. Patrick's Day
  155. Black Pastor admits what's really wrong with black people.
  156. Quran publishers: Criminals ?
  157. Latin American Beauty
  158. do american blacks relate to Caribbean blacks?
  159. Who would you consider 'white'
  160. would you like to live in a world where female sex drive is the same as men's?
  161. Blackness
  162. Most Friendliest Latinos
  163. Gingers not part of the white race?
  164. Another interracial thread (when the race of who you date becomes relevant)
  165. Controversial EU enlargement Ads
  166. What percentage of African Americans are pure SSA
  167. Misconceptions regarding the Horn of Africa and Ancient Egypt
  168. Broad terms / useful or not?
  169. Describe your workplace culture!
  170. Do you consider Russia to be a part of the West?
  171. Do you consider Japan to be a part of the West?
  172. "Where is Ethiopia Located" LOL
  173. Nigeria agrees $4.5bn oil deal
  174. Bond movie "Live and Let Die": Racist?
  175. Many young women today use creams to slow the ageing process .
  176. Militants 'raid Timbuktu mosque'
  177. Problems with Subs-Saharan African/New Word Blacks Societies and Nations? Solutions
  178. Egypt activists maintain pressure
  179. The meaning of Afrolatino
  180. Puerto Rico: The pleasures and traumas of race
  181. Are they any Amerindian tribes who had naturally curly hair?
  182. Which race / gender cheats more !
  183. What would you do - infidelity
  184. What would you - interracial couple
  185. Official Pan African Thread
  186. Fears for Timbuktu's ancient city
  187. Would you marry somebody outside of your race ?
  188. "Blacks" would you marry a white person?
  189. Save the true arabs.
  190. What is the point of being a Zionist Jew and live outside Israel?
  191. Coward brit gets owned by thai guy in Thailand
  192. Are you proud of your heritage?
  193. Reservation System in India
  194. The Relationship Between Dominicans And Puerto Ricans
  195. Overweight guy asks for help
  196. Cairo clashes over football anger
  197. Sudanese Bashed To Death With A Pole!
  198. Two shot dead in Egypt violence
  199. Immigration policies in the US
  200. Casting of Thandie Newton as an Igbo woman causes controversy, but is it fair?
  201. Fleeing South Sudanese 'killed'
  202. USA is more a salad bowl than a melting pot . What do you think of that ?
  203. There would no racism without belief in biological races
  204. Why do some immigrants try to imitate Afram "ghetto-culture"?
  205. have a look at this.....no cherry picking
  206. why are whites always blamed for racism?
  207. Why are white males always mad and backlashing?
  208. Niqab ? How would you react if you...
  209. Why are Afram rappers interested in our gangster/drug lord stereotyped image?
  210. White Antagonist?
  211. Using The Word "Nigger"
  212. Are Americans race obsessed?
  213. Does a person's nationality/ethnicity play a major role in how attractive they are
  214. White Bullies chase "Nigger Bully!" Chasing White Guy
  215. Don't you think the fashion industry destroyed femenity apart from originality?
  216. The craze for Blonde women, how true is it in your experience?
  217. Darwinism and Racism
  218. Immigrants who were non-assimilated in their birth country, how they adapt?
  219. Adulis excavation
  220. Defensive-racism as a positive antiracist thing
  221. Aryan Nations vs Jewish Defence League
  222. What do you all really feel about race? No bullshitting
  223. How would she be percieved in your area?
  224. Pakistan's fate tied to....caste?
  225. Racial Reality by Dr. David Duke
  226. The London Conference
  227. White Teacher Sues To Use N-Word In Class
  228. Race/ethnicity, more educated men are less desirable then?
  229. What makes stronger bond, place/culture or blood?
  230. The End of Affirmative Action?
  231. European Curly Hair?
  232. Why aren't there East Asian-American international pop stars?
  233. If races are discrete units why is there so much overlap between races?
  234. Armenian Revolt, Documentary
  235. Sucking Teeth/Stiups - Do any non-Black people do this?
  236. Why do Non-European Caucasoids what to relate there groups with Europe?
  237. Do you support the Dream Act?
  238. Do you support the death penalty?
  239. Cute babies of all races
  240. Anti so called Afrocentrists, what are you debating?
  241. Europeans/Africans: Do you see Americans as (ugly)
  242. Are people too sensitive about racial slurs?
  243. Most diverse continent?
  244. Mixed people who look more Black
  245. Why do whites try to downplay the diversity of Africans
  246. Mixed People who looks White
  247. Why people try to hype interracial marriages?
  248. Are you for or against Genetic Engineering and how will it affect Race and Society
  249. Interracial marriage in US 1 in 12
  250. Political correctness debate