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  14. Plan to Climb Kilimanjaro. What to Start with?
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  44. Corridor of Fame baseball announcer Rafael FeloRamirez dies
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  47. Richard Sherman a fit for Chargers, but CB not an obvious need
  48. Chargers, Hayward agree to 3-year, $36M deal
  49. GM Tom Telesco on Jason Verrett's return: 'The more corners, the better'
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  54. Bengals need to wipe the slate clean in search for new coach
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  56. Young Bengals show spark with victory in Marvin Lewis' possible home finale
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  65. their AFC West rivals. On Nov. 4, coach John Fox underwent aortic valve
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  79. NFL roster cuts: Bengals waive Will Clarke
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  93. Cameron Payne shipped in direction of the DLeague Web site a Bull
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  97. Here are the some top positive achievements out of the continent Africa
  98. S.A president states that owing a pet is considered as traditional White Culture
  99. Are the present day Arabs are the descendants of the Ancient Egyptians?
  100. What is a quirky fact of event that happened between 1920 and 1958?
  101. How do you think past events such as slavery have damage parts of Africa?
  102. How does it make African Americans feel that national monuments were built by slaves?
  103. Why do the Israelis and Palestinans tend to go hammer and tongs at each other in the travel section?
  104. Why was the caste system in India outlawed?
  105. If you heard about a girl named Laquisha, would you assume she was African American?
  106. What is the most interesting current event in your opinion?
  107. What type of career can I get from studying world events, specializing in the Middle East and Africa?
  108. If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, would he characterize Mubarak of Egypt as...?
  109. Why do liberals claim that only conservatives use mean speech?
  110. Human Trafficking paper ideas?
  111. Do You think that the Marginalization towards Women
  112. Why does this look good for the Republicans in November, 2012?
  113. Historical event that resembles Greece today?
  114. KONY 2012 interview questions? please look!?
  115. Random acts of mass violence in America?
  116. foreign policy and common sense?
  117. I need current ethnic conflicts in Somalia please?
  118. I need help with some research I'm conducting regarding Hollywood and the election?
  119. 11 dead at Nigerian post in Church bombings
  120. Richest man in Africa Dangote
  121. The Victoria fall
  122. Africa needs real men of the people - The Southern Times
  123. ANC has no interest in upholding the Constitution - News24
  124. Zuma denies lack of leadership - News24
  125. Mugabe is a dictator: Kofi Annan - Zim Diaspora
  126. Zuma knew about Nkandla costs - report - News24
  127. EA Whispers - No Tribal Politics in East Africa Please - AllAfrica.com
  128. The Other Side of the Coin Realignment of Political Power Through Centralised ... - AllAfrica.com
  129. SA is unique, Zuma says - News24
  130. Viewpoint: How tribalism stunts African democracy - The Zimbabwe Standard
  131. how did the atlantic slave trade effect african politics?
  132. Is military interrvention the best in African politics?
  133. How did the slave trade influence African politics and the rise of states?
  134. Cricket: South Africa hold edge over Australia..
  135. South Africa consent to delay Tests in Sri Lanka
  136. Zuma sees soccer as catalyst for change - Independent Online
  137. Impeach Zuma, Lekota says - News24
  138. Mosque attacked in south Nigeria
  139. South Sudan 'captures oil field'
  140. South Sudanese attacks 'kill 100'
  141. Mali interim leader takes office
  142. Africa warned over Mali Islamists
  143. Mali junta rejects foreign troops
  144. Kabila aide dies in plane crash
  145. Refugees begin journey to S Sudan
  146. Congo warlord jailed for 14 years
  147. Funeral held for Ghana president
  148. Nigeria recaptures bomb suspect
  149. UK and Italy seek to defuse row
  150. Ebola 'under control' in Uganda
  151. Church targeted in Nigeria attack
  152. Aid agencies make Kenya appeal
  153. Fears grow of widening Sudan war
  154. Kagame 'did not shoot down plane'
  155. 'Peace pact' signed by two Sudans
  156. Somalia's al-Shabab join al-Qaeda
  157. Kenya wants EU to attack Somalia
  158. Senegal rejects Habre extradition
  159. Nigeria militants defend attacks
  160. Kenyan minister killed in crash
  161. UN 'outrage' at Sudan's bombing
  162. Fatal blasts at Kenya bus station
  163. UN 'to protect Goma from rebels'
  164. Egypt poll hopefuls in TV debate
  165. 'Plot to kill' Burundi watchdog
  166. Islamists seize Kenyan officials
  167. New Libya parliament elects head
  168. Libya NTC hands power to assembly
  169. Civilians died in Ivorian raid
  170. UN soldiers killed in Ivory Coast
  171. Sudan accused of border attacks
  172. Libya PM brands attackers outlaws
  173. Libya PM office suffers gun attack
  174. Somalia market bombing kills 11
  175. Malian president resigns in deal
  176. Oxfam warns of West Africa crisis
  177. Navy head cool on Somalia strikes
  178. Indian navy arrests 23 pirates
  179. UN report a 'vendetta' - Rwanda
  180. Guinea implicated in Liberia civil war
  181. Zim health crisis deepening
  182. Somalia: Govt Turmoil Threatens Peace Process
  183. Guinea: AU to hold crisis meeting
  184. Mugabe: ?Zimbabwe is mine?
  185. Teacher jailed for beating pupil to death
  186. State of emergency a ploy?
  187. Kenya: IDPs receive donations
  188. ECOWAS regrets closure of Ghana?s borders
  189. Armies 'attack Uganda rebels'
  190. Zimbabwe: 5.5 Million People May Need Food, Says UN
  191. Zimbabwe: Appoint Neutral Interim Govt, Urges Ex-Clinton Aide
  192. Mugabe hints at early elections
  193. Lawyers want contempt charges
  194. Aus tightens Zim sanctions
  195. Zim among top 10 crises - MSF
  196. Somalia: 18 dead in fresh hostilities
  197. Jamaican star honours Lucky Dube
  198. Mugabe a threat to unity, says US
  199. Somalia: President Fires His Prime Minister.
  200. West Africa: The Return of the Military Coup
  201. Senegal leader backs Guinea coup
  202. Egypt teacher tried over beating
  203. Sudan: Violence Grows in Darfur
  204. Somalia: Regional, U.S. Leaders Press President to Resign
  205. Zimbabwe ignores court order
  206. Somalia is a 'basket case'
  207. 'Thousands made slaves' in Darfur
  208. Somalia: 23 pirates arrested
  209. Gunmen killed in Nigeria battle
  210. Weah unhappy with Liberia coach
  211. Guinea plea to end attempted coup
  212. 'Africa is not brave enough to topple me'
  213. Abdallahi president freed
  214. Ghana: Desailly inaugurates charity project
  215. Ghana: Voting Gets Under Way in Presidential Poll
  216. Zimbabwe doesn't belong to Mugabe - US
  217. Ivory Coast prison protest ends
  218. FIFA ranking: Cameroon is best in Africa
  219. Guinea: Coup Bid After Death of Lansana Cont
  220. 20 doctors graduate in war-torn Mogadishu
  221. SA: Jacob Zuma to sue cartoonist
  222. Ghanaians vote for new president
  223. Ghana: Election run-off begins soon
  224. Hollywood actor becomes Sierra Leonean
  225. AU meets for Somalia crisis talks
  226. Somalia crisis talks in Ethiopia
  227. Charge Mugabe - rights group
  228. Somalia: UN Seeks Collective Action Against Piracy
  229. Regional aid package for Zimbabwe
  230. Rice urges sanctions on Zimbabwe
  231. Somalia: New U.S. Moves Ill-Advised, Counter-Productive
  232. Zim not releasing activists
  233. Liberia: President Adopts New Tactics in Fight Against Corruption
  234. Botswana 'plotting Zimbabwe coup'
  235. Zimbabwe: Aid Agencies Say Cholera 'Is Out of Control'
  236. Guinea coup leaders give deadline
  237. Zim activists kept in custody
  238. Zimbabwe: Cholera Deaths Exceed 1,500
  239. Rwanda genocide mastermind jailed
  240. Coup-hit Guinea burying ex-leader
  241. Somalia: Islamists shut down radio station
  242. Sudan: Laying Ghosts and Making Peace
  243. Guinea coup plotters 'a minority'
  244. Nigeria: 90 Youths 'Executed' in Jos Unrest, Says Report
  245. Guinea: Who Holds Power After Cont's Death?
  246. Mugabe insists 'Zimbabwe is mine'
  247. Mugabe 'willing to watch people die'
  248. South Africa: New Party Announces Leader
  249. Ethiopia misses Somali deadline
  250. Mugabe 'a stain' on Zimbabwe