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  1. I Miss My Sons Pit Bull
  2. Don't use CHEAP CRAP to contain your dogs.
  3. Help with coat color ID,blue,fawn bluies,or blue seal?
  4. Yup, friends suck
  5. Can Anyone Post A Picture Of A Fawn Colored Pitbull With A Lavender/Blue Tint?
  6. Shelter needs cat food asap.
  7. Moral Question!?
  8. does it look like a pit bull??
  9. 6 month old GSD has parvo, can anyone help at all? Please read....
  10. Emma the cat.
  11. my dogs and the t.v
  12. 9/14/2011 - calling all foster parents! Help is desperately needed at acct!
  13. Blue dogs and allergies
  14. Floyd Boudreaux Lawsuit
  15. Feeding a puppy adult dog food...is it okay?
  16. Pit Bulls. Originally bred for fighting or Bull baiting?
  17. Anyone actively involved with a local dog park?
  18. Dog is digging under the gate
  19. Puppy Eats to fast
  20. How would you handle this situation. DA dog with clueless owner...
  21. Your dogs and pillows?
  22. Is dog insurance worth it?
  23. I really do hate people...
  24. Luigi is a dog ignoring champ!
  25. when is my pups head gonna split/pop?
  26. hahaha. Stupid dog LOL
  27. Training really pays off
  28. Any info on these dogs
  29. Could have lost Torque this evening..
  30. Please excuse this hormonal break. **Rant**
  31. supertarded
  32. wtf...?
  33. Not her, too! *RANT*
  34. dumping dogs
  35. Your coconut will kill you before a "pit bull" does
  36. Your coconut will kill you before a "pit bull" does
  37. going to look at this pup today
  38. Please talk me out of it.
  39. Let's rename Izzy!
  40. people dont surprise me anymore
  41. Diesel's pedigree (Razor's Edge / Gotti)
  42. My mutt got into a fight!
  43. Really, did this just happen??
  44. Not feeling well
  45. Need Help/Advice
  46. Sick of the stereotypes
  47. Microchipping?
  48. Microchipping?
  49. I would like to know what color my pit is exactly!
  50. I would like to know what color my pit is exactly!
  51. My girl Toxic!!
  52. My girl Toxic!!
  53. Livid with the S/N clinic - what to do?
  54. Livid with the S/N clinic - what to do?
  55. What kind of pitbull is this???
  56. What kind of pitbull is this???
  57. Abandonment Issues???
  58. Abandonment Issues???
  59. Answering a question about dilution from another member...
  60. Answering a question about dilution from another member...
  61. Bsl proposed in ct
  62. Bsl proposed in ct
  63. Does your dog bark much?
  64. Does your dog bark much?
  65. What should I do?
  66. I lolled
  67. New to Pit Bulls!
  68. We Found Housing! :)
  69. Spring poles in illinois
  70. Queen Bee
  71. $1,000 Reward for Information in Death of Puppy
  72. Had a huge scare
  73. Who knows Rottwielers?
  74. This dog's ears...
  75. Favorite chew toy/bone?
  76. Bloodline research - any online resources?
  77. Possible Play Date
  78. Why is poor Candie a target???
  79. Poor Nick. Darn fireworks
  80. A lil help here..
  81. Missing pit bulls in SW Michigan
  82. Gameness
  83. Cesar Millan clone!!! AAAAAAA!!!
  84. Please id this mix!
  85. Indiana Considers Sanctioning Animal Cruelty
  86. Anybody know muzzles?
  87. Lets find out if a ABPT can play nice with a Greater Swiss Mountain dog
  88. it felt so good i have to share...
  89. If you won a million dollars??? what would....
  90. What does "game" mean?
  91. Any Ideas About Our New Addition?
  92. ANYONE that went to Morganton, NC show! PLEASE READ!
  93. Seattle area
  94. Best Breed for children
  95. Dog magazines
  96. Chain setup
  97. Do you let anyone else walk your dog(s)?
  98. White Doberman, Z-factor, but "are not albino."
  99. could have ended badly
  100. Hiccups.
  101. I Need Help
  102. Bite Sticks
  103. Dogs and Beer..
  104. Just introducing my dog Zorro!
  105. How on earth can people handle this overpopulation?
  106. APBT Books
  107. Star caught something for the first time
  108. soo fujkin pissed!!! :'(
  109. outdoor kennel idea
  110. Aren't you scared they'll snap???
  111. Lost dog!!! Please share!!!!
  112. any one know or heard of doom crue kennels
  113. Greenies Contest! You vote for mine and I'll vote for yours!!!
  114. Vet recommendations
  115. Counter surfer starts fire
  116. hello you guys i am back once again and i have a story.....
  117. Lost and don't know what to do...
  118. frazzled nerves
  119. How old would you guess Jade is?
  120. Proud of my boy.
  121. chain spot or kennel question?
  122. ACCT IS FULL AGAIN! Here are two Fab dogs who need rescue, foster or homes ASAP!
  123. Weather the storm with a new furry friend
  124. Neighbor Situation
  125. Thats a lot of dang chicken
  126. Alright I'm getting pissed
  127. *RANT* Hip/Elbow radiograph debacle
  128. Dog prayers needed
  129. Collar,scratching and what to do?
  130. Friends who suck as dog owners and breed fanciers. (rant)
  131. Saltwater Fishtank-Red Slime Algae
  132. Really dog social?
  133. pit or dog quotes
  134. Please vote for Out of the Pits!!!
  135. Wandering Cat
  136. Enter Bark's "Show Us Your Pet's Healthy Smile" Contest!
  137. Vets' Lack of.... Common Sense?
  138. Bully max!?!?!?
  139. Sprinting effects?
  140. Re-did my website :)
  141. This isn't happening.
  142. East Coast Earthquake
  143. Hawkeye. Mourning a hero. WARNING: Emotionally charged picture..
  144. Need to come up with a registration name!
  145. She finally turned on.
  146. Why do My dog loves strangers
  147. Found this poor little thing :(
  148. What does your dog do all day at home?
  149. Need help/advise on travel..........
  150. Regression?
  151. Slammed on brakes to avoid a fender bender and my EBT flew into the windshield
  152. Question ...
  153. Project Bully is looking for fosters like our FaceBook Page!
  154. How long to fleas live?
  155. Big Dogs vs. Little Dogs?
  156. First Day of New Diet
  157. Hope I did the right thing
  158. gay tail at 8 weeks?
  159. Socializing your pet with new dogs
  160. The more normal response I have to people being stupidly scared...
  161. just need a little help i got a 12 week old pup
  162. This looks fun!!! Check this out!!
  163. FOUND: Young black cat - Sedgeley Dr. Fairmount Park
  164. puppy weight and puppy animal agression?
  165. Help!! stray dogs
  166. Silly mutt
  167. Good on ya Serenity
  168. Sick of dogs in this town..
  169. Mythbusting
  170. people food????
  171. ear question
  172. New "big girl" collar :)
  173. Just a wshful thinking..
  174. Does anyone know of any dog friendly condos/cabins in Gatlinburg TN or nearby?
  175. That dog sako to
  176. That dog torque
  177. OMG Really?
  178. Turning On
  179. she chewed out of her crate!
  180. Dumb question about breeds.
  181. What's your dog's "color"?
  182. FOUND: Small White Dog (Spitz Mix?) 8/15 at 10:30pm in Roxborough
  183. Stolen Corgi in Grand Blanc, MI
  184. a fun day I had (rant)
  185. Puppy Fever... again/still? WTH!
  186. New puppy punking my year old dog.
  187. So I found this new breed on fb (I'm being sarcastic)
  188. Didn't expect to see this..
  189. Difference between Dog Agression and Poor Socialization
  190. Bark Collars.
  191. Extremely DA dog..
  192. Just saw this on CL,..
  193. Pro-tethering websites
  194. How tall is your dog?
  195. FOUND: male Spaniel dog by Emlen and Mt. Pleasant Streets in Mt. Airy
  196. Ear Croping question
  197. How much "drive" should I be expecting?
  198. Pit bull breeder wanted
  199. Piranha guard dog... WTF?
  200. Its settled we are getting Sasha microchipped!
  201. Apparently APBT breeders are all BYBs.
  202. "Is that a pit? Is he mean?!"
  203. My family visits/holiday with my bullies
  204. Hannah saves the day
  205. Wallace Documentary - The Rise of an Underdog
  206. Wanna playful grey kitten???
  207. Pit bull in heat? excercise?
  208. white pit changing colour
  209. Join the Project Bully Rescue Network on FaceBook
  210. Cropped Ears
  211. Shameless begging
  212. Ears ?
  213. Who is right the registry or the owners
  214. Dense dog...
  215. summer treats for the dog
  216. AC corrosion
  217. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm a coward
  218. How much are you willing to spend in a dog?
  219. Those of you with Mutts. What do you say when people ask what your dog is?
  220. Star done turned on me today
  221. When you say "pitbull"
  222. Cats as Actors?
  223. What Would You Do? If Anything?
  224. Please 'lIke' Otis
  225. Need Dog Cage!!
  226. WOOHOO, now which microchip do I get?
  227. Romeo wants to love you! Could you please save him? URGENT!
  228. Romeo wants to love you! Could you please save him?
  229. Neighbor's Dogs!!!!!
  230. Eye Color
  231. Eye Color
  232. Help save Ace from death Friday
  233. Help save Ace from death Friday
  234. Educated Guess and Confusion in the UK
  235. My local newspaper
  236. My local newspaper
  237. Pit bull Rentals in San Francisco
  238. Assistance in locating breeder please
  239. Oliver may be PTS please help!
  240. what is this?
  241. Is it too late to change his name?
  242. American Bandogge
  243. Do you consider yourself pack leader
  244. I LOVE my vet
  245. Sweet, blind kitty deserves a home!
  246. Semi-Feral Cat with Matted Hair
  247. Pigment Question?
  248. puppy terrified of car rides
  249. It took less than two weeks...
  250. Kelpie x GSDs?