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  1. hero dog saves women!!
  2. Rescued/Found a Coonhound - needs to be trained - help
  3. make a trading card for your pitbull
  4. Bulldog Couponing
  5. Kandi @ 21 Weeks
  6. You know you are losing your mind when....
  7. How do you advertise your Kennel?
  8. Does anyone take their dog to the dogpark??
  9. New Apartment
  10. Things one should consider before going from a single dog family to a multidog family
  11. Shepherd Folks...Would you say she is a purebred?
  12. Pit Bull Pets online forum - did it go away?
  13. How to get my 6 month old apbt to listen inside and outside?? HELP!
  14. Adding a new puppy to our fur-family
  15. Weird stuff my dog does...
  16. Todays fun walk
  17. Am I allowed to get my dog into sports if she isnt ped?
  18. So, umm..yeah. I took a pup.
  19. Can you be the Crazy Dog Lady AND the Crazy Bird Lady?
  20. fighting dogs
  21. can female get pregnant by two male dogs
  22. Breed discrimination!!!!
  23. Wonderful Experience!
  24. Perils of living in the ghetto with a rescue
  25. One question..
  26. Just Curious
  27. The stupidity of some people...
  28. 8 ways to survive the dog days of summer... for dogs.
  29. How will she cope???
  30. I need help on facebook
  31. The Champ is here!!!
  32. Need advice & a trainer!!!
  33. Josie won't stay inside anymore! ugh
  34. This weekend at PAWS - Name your own adoption fee!
  35. So proud of my girl!!
  36. doggie habits that lead to sore owners..
  37. Reggie and Iggy GREAT DOGS BONDED! Trained great with small kids!
  38. just a dog
  39. Is this Safe?
  40. Something that happened to me at the vet...
  41. School Project
  42. My LittlenShmeeber!
  43. Mandatory Microchipping?
  44. Gonna sound horrible...but cat has to go
  45. Kamakaze Puppy,ledges and concerns
  46. Pissed off!
  47. Moving...
  48. (NY) Stolen bulldog
  49. international travel with a pitbull
  50. 3 Skinned Dogs Found Beside Kentucky Road
  51. Diabetes-Smelling Dog Sniffs Out Low Blood Sugar
  52. Dog Head Size Reveals Strength, Speed: Study
  53. pit bulls and parrots?
  54. Dog Tested.
  55. Possible referral.
  56. MiniBullTerrier: Apt Dog? On his own ok?
  57. looking for recomendations---not for me
  58. Why does my female Pit Bull mix whiz all over?
  59. A view from the outside..
  60. BSL project help
  61. How can I control star's da
  62. Los Angeles Animal Control officers get new leeway in labeling vicious dogs
  63. dose my dog look like an american bulldog
  64. Great movie ending
  65. This is My idiot
  66. Does this dog seem dangerous to you?
  67. Great, positive items about pitbulls in the mainstream press!
  68. Foster Help!
  69. Favorite dog commercials
  70. Neck fat
  71. No longer man's best friend: Computer replaces the dog as our faithful companion
  72. I thought A few of you could use a laugh (extreme but harmless stupidity)
  73. READ my puppies PEDIGREE.....
  74. Hello
  75. pitbull ban
  76. A Very Important Question
  77. Vote for ethel!!!
  78. Dog bit neighbor
  79. Boris is getting neutered will he change? i am worried :(
  80. Need Help with Rude Boy
  81. Renee- by popular demand
  82. Breed of the Month: American Pit Bull Terrier (From the Nylabone site)
  83. Question about Culling.....
  84. How can a simple zipper pull do so much?
  85. Join the Project Bully Nation for FREE!
  86. narrow headed... not minded
  87. is it just me or should this alert me to possible theft of my dog?
  88. Question about wire crate
  89. Guinea Pigs for immediate adoption. Pennsauken NJ
  90. Gummy Bear..
  91. Wet weather boredem!!
  92. Would You Rescue This Boy?
  93. Craigslist strikes again (for good this time)
  94. So proud of my Slayer.
  95. Wondering What to Expect from Those Who are Experienced
  96. Help
  97. Teeth + hand = OUCH
  98. Pound pup Paco saves the day
  99. Desi Needs a Foster/Adopter ASAP
  100. Anyone in las vegas can help???
  101. what style APBT do you preffer?
  102. Post spay depression
  103. It's offical...
  104. Majority of Americans own pets.
  105. I has a happy
  106. I am pretty sure Slayer is the jealous type.
  107. URGENT: Need foster/rescue by 6pm! Borderline Bottlefeeders! or face euthanasia.
  108. Oliver needs your thoughts!!!!!!!! Also pictures are included :)
  109. Is a pitbull even a breed?
  110. CICI the gentle wonderdog!!!
  111. Adopt me, please!
  112. Legal Question? Opinion's wanted.
  113. BSL/Pit Bull Joke - Sad but True
  114. Drunks n puppies
  115. Need advice.
  116. Been thinking about adopting a pet? This is the weekend to do it!
  117. Angry with my Aunt
  118. Register My Pit Bull
  119. *sigh*
  120. Facebook debate on chaining
  121. Here is Symba my new pup..
  122. question on showing pup
  123. Why Do I Even Bother?
  124. Something interesting I learned today.
  125. LOL will it ever stop?
  126. Dogs swimming = dog fighting
  127. cat needs a home
  128. dont you just love neighbors
  129. Study Shows Pet Ownership Has Psychological Benefits
  130. age???
  131. New Puppy
  132. PHILADELPHIA'S surrender shelter ACCT is FULL!!!!
  133. Weird Aggression?
  134. Weird Aggression?
  135. Cinder is Growing up
  136. Please Keep Patcheeno in Your Thoughts and Prayers...
  137. worth a watch....
  138. I love those moments when...
  139. I broke my dogs heart.
  140. Ear cropping HELP!!!
  141. guess he didn't listen
  142. Austin is super pet friendly!
  143. ERICA is looking for a home!
  144. Your daily exercise regimine
  145. Lost No More !!!
  146. Lost No More !!!
  147. Vanguard Bulldog
  148. Vanguard Bulldog
  149. Yes It's Official!!!! :)
  150. What kind of Collar would be best on this dog?
  151. What kind of Collar would be best on this dog?
  152. Bukra Is Kicking Ass!!
  153. Bukra Is Kicking Ass!!
  154. Vet wants to neuter my dog because he has a UTI
  155. Took my dogs to a dog park today
  156. I'm afraid BSL is going to come knocking on my door sooner than expected...
  157. Learning experience
  158. Is brindle dominant?
  159. crazy aggressive dog
  160. Bransen is 3 years old today!
  161. Looks like my dog will have puppies..
  162. "Hornymones"
  163. What are your thoughts on these 3 kennels?
  164. Average Lifespan of an APBT?
  165. Letting go..
  166. Panini the Snuggle Bunny Bulldog wants to love YOU! must find home by 7.11.11
  167. Some walks are riddled with idiots
  168. Illustrated ADBA Standard
  169. How is he still rearing to go (he's laying down staring at me)
  170. Nearly lost her yesterday!
  171. question has to do w genetics...
  172. What makes a BYB
  173. How Smart Are Animals? NOVA show
  174. Great USA Today Weekend magazine story from 7/3/11
  175. New law in Dallas, Tx
  176. Torn
  177. More "dog is too skinny" crap
  178. Happy gotcha day Peaches!
  179. Vet Check Up ♥
  180. 'Terrier Traits' Article
  181. The locking jaw and strongest bite myth.Where did it come from???
  182. Help from Canadians...
  183. Help! dog that bites way too much.
  184. Not sure how to title this
  185. Dogs and People Food
  186. recommendation for kiddie pools?
  187. life on the chain
  188. Found - lost dog
  189. Well, I'm getting Star back
  190. Food info to think about
  191. So, today DH asks a question
  192. Is my dog an APBT or Thai Ridgeback?
  193. Tulsa, OK
  194. just wanted to share...
  195. Happy 'Gotcha Day', Esperanza
  196. someone help me
  197. Woo hoo, Jack has a fence!
  198. For all those that thought Pitbulls were mean and nasty.....
  199. big dogs aloud
  200. Someone asked me.
  201. I love my dog!
  202. COOPER is still waiting to meet you :)
  203. some old pics i was shown
  204. books and info
  205. Adopting a 4 yr old female blue pit
  206. Responsible bully breed rescue practices:
  207. Do American bulldogs all have an underbite?
  208. The True Personality!
  209. Need prayers and good vibes!
  210. So the pits like Television
  211. Looking for information if anyone can help
  212. On a positive note..
  213. Looking for A Little Info
  214. Weird uncharacteristic behavior!
  215. Is this a miracle, was she repaying the favor,how ill she act once she sees me?
  216. What is your APBT Favorite play toy??
  217. Need Doggy Help.
  218. SC: Grand American Racoon Hunt Comes to Orangeburg
  219. Found orange male cat - Graduate Hospital
  220. Daddy brought home goodies!
  221. Rant!
  222. The Cycle: Evolution of a CL Ad.
  223. would your dog survive……
  224. Newfoundland Play Date wanted!
  225. New $4,000 Breed
  226. Metropolitan Vet Associates
  227. Gameness Syllogism
  228. About to make you all mad at me.
  229. Giving A Speech - Need Your Help and Input
  230. yesterdays walk
  231. Just a question cuz I'm curious..
  232. phone poll please call.
  233. Forums have been dead lately
  234. is there a deadline to register dogs with ukc
  235. Crates
  236. Advice on crate training an older puppy.
  237. Am I in the wrong?
  238. Pit Bull Rescue San Diego
  239. How to choose
  240. Had a dream last night..
  241. Example of why I can't really allow Star off leash.
  242. If there was ONE thing you would like uninformed pit bull owners to know...
  243. Emergency
  244. Rescue Ink shuts down
  245. A nice story for a Saturday afternoon...
  246. I think I may talk to my husband a little too much about this site....
  247. Alano Espanol
  248. I am not sure how I feel about this..
  249. I realize that I might get crap for this post..
  250. Reposted-Please Consider Adopting/Fostering Bing