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  1. The ASPCA has really outdone themselves
  2. Define HA please??
  3. this shocked me! looks like fannie
  4. What should Apollo's UKC name be?
  5. Animal Journal Entries -- This is why cats are evil :D
  6. Home owner Insurance companies that cover APB?
  7. What I've learned/taught on PBC forum. Share
  8. Steve Irwin and Sui and her final chapter in life :( so sad
  9. Famous "pit bull" dogs
  10. horrific incident
  11. Something that made me happy :)
  12. This just made me so angry
  13. APBT book recommendations?
  14. I am so upset
  15. How do you all travel with multiple dogs?
  16. if a rescues states that its a 'pit' rescue..what do you think they rescue?
  17. What would you do? Contract question.
  18. Pet car insurance?
  19. Drunk man tries to operate on dog
  20. How does your dog inspire you?
  21. Just a question about shipping dogs to the US
  22. BURNS blood!!!!!
  23. Help!!!!
  24. Lily's Community Service Award
  25. Contemplating getting my puppies ears cropped, could use some advice
  26. Pet Insurance
  27. 4 Pitties and Pine Tree Sap
  28. Planning a road trip?
  29. what kind of blood line's do you run
  30. Think I offended my neighbor. Oh well.
  31. Should I allow/disallow pup to play rough with other dog? (pics)
  32. Perscription Cat Food
  33. Some More Crappy News. :/
  34. not dog related in the slightest but.....
  35. Here's another old picture with what looks to be a bully breed.
  36. AmBully/mutt on the cover of Dog Fancy "APBT" issue
  37. *SIGH* Puppy fever
  38. Big news
  39. Ride to end Dogfighting
  40. Hog Hunting With Dogs-Where is it legal?
  41. Hog Hunting With Dogs-Where is it legal?
  42. Just something fun ~ List your dogs names. The Project Bully Dogs Names are Tucker Br
  43. dog bite discussion with physical therapist
  44. Fannie and the Min Pin-she did so well surprisingly.
  45. Common Sense Prevails!!!! =)
  46. Anxiety leading up to trial day
  47. Oliver- how to deal with a lifelong kennel dog- HELP
  48. weight pull registrations??
  49. Is your dog too smart for his/her own good?
  50. I need to find something...
  51. I have a question
  52. pit bull/bull mastiff mix
  53. Our 8 1/2 yr old English Mastiff plays with our 14wk old mix.
  54. Question 2
  55. Question
  56. Dog aggression towards certain a certain breed?
  57. victorino's triple legit
  58. Question About Tattooed Dog?
  59. Do APBT genetics drown out any others?
  60. 4 Pibbles, Me, My Fiance
  61. Trunking (Dogfighting in Cars)
  62. Expect your PB to fight
  63. Near Pittsburgh? Taste of the wild sale Fri!
  64. Wilder's Red Satan
  65. Purchase or Adopt?
  66. What does your dogs name mean?
  67. COOPER is looking to steal your heart
  68. Humping!
  69. How would she behave?
  70. 8mo real leg issue?
  71. Couple of Bulldogs: 1905
  72. What's up with him?
  73. Rosie earned her CDC today
  74. Rosie earned her CDC today
  75. For those with 1-2 year old dogs, RE: Crating or leaving alone in home when gone?
  76. Trouble with fetch
  77. Trouble with fetch
  78. What are your thoughts on the name......
  79. What are your thoughts on the name......
  80. The Things You Hear In Hospital...
  81. The Things You Hear In Hospital...
  82. This is just SICKENING!!
  83. This is just SICKENING!!
  84. What do I do
  85. Crate: wire, plastic, or wood?
  86. Need some help
  87. How does he look?
  88. Neighbor IS a BYB!!!!
  89. What to do when a pitbull attacks another dog?
  90. They have invaded my game!!!
  91. Help finding new home for our Boxer puppy
  92. Funny things you have learned about your dog today
  93. nylabone opinions
  94. So your dog isnt papered
  95. Is/Are Your Dog(s) as Moody as My Buddy Boy Rowdy ??
  96. foster program for dogs of those incarcerated?
  97. The next time someone asks me...
  98. Does anyone know....
  99. Democrats or Republican?
  100. Dog,its whats for dinner
  101. -Rant- What would you do?
  102. Yup... Name suggestions.
  103. Question about how BSL would affect a mutt
  104. Why a pitbull?
  105. dog license?
  106. dog license?
  107. There must have been real evil in this man
  108. Oh my god....Last Minutes with Oden...
  109. My surprise new foster!
  110. Cropping Ears Yes, No? What style
  111. Pit taken during home robbery today.... found!!
  112. Pit taken during home robbery today.... found!!
  113. saw the most adorable pit so i decided 2 volunteer cnt wait to work with her
  114. Catahoula Leopard Dog
  115. Soooooo, There's a lady at my job....
  116. What type of American Bull dog is "Chance" from the 1st "homeward Bound movie"????
  117. What's in a smile?
  118. Pet Event at Ryerss Museum
  119. A Question For Rescue Workers?
  120. what kinna dog is this
  121. "Pitbull" on Americas Cutest Dog 2010
  122. AmBully question
  123. girl next door
  124. Daily Work out regimen, What do you think?
  125. Hey you experts, answer me this....
  126. Anyone have a good site to order collars?!
  127. Stinky Lugz
  128. Dead pit bulls...
  129. Need help quick please
  130. New
  131. new pup???
  132. Disappointed
  133. Next time im not pulling my dog off a neighbors Mutt
  134. Happy gotcha day Gottie!!
  135. Lab owners come here
  136. How the heck to get rid of a rat without hurting my dogs?
  137. Working papers
  138. shelter question
  139. Pitbulls and Parolees Ques
  140. Morning Chuckle
  141. Veiwing dogs as money in the making
  142. What to do when that "Time" comes?
  143. The best dog food and Parks
  144. Dog during divorce- what would you do?
  145. Which would you buy a puppy from?
  146. The truth
  147. American Pit Bull Terrier and American Bully Video
  148. So my housemates one chihuahua is fa
  149. Help
  150. Why Condition?
  151. Absolutely disgusting.
  152. limits to dog kept in back yard?
  153. Really, so that mans almost everyone here has GOT to be a dog fighter
  154. Where does your dog sleep?
  155. I'm looking for sources
  156. Greetings from Chile
  157. I have to put Star down I'm very sad to say
  158. Feral(ish) cat in my house
  159. Microchipped dog euthanized, shelter did not contact owner about dog (pit bull)
  160. Georgia loves to retrieve........THE BOAT??
  161. $10 off order of $35 or more + Free Shipping on PetCareRX
  162. LOST DOG: What to do if you lose your dog
  163. AmBullys in Florida
  164. What exactly do you say?
  165. My dog ran away from me for the first time
  166. Pit Bull's and swimming
  167. Irie is MISSING PLEASE HELP- Boston *UPDATED*
  168. The Truth Behind the Headlines
  169. How much can a pitbull run?
  170. Going To Do This Next
  171. whose the vicious animal?
  172. New Philly law re: License and spay/neuter
  173. How has PBC changed you?
  174. What to do when your dog goes missing
  175. I broke down and am getting a foster
  176. My dog is so lucky.
  177. Pitty? Really? Come on!
  178. Can you spot my fence jumper?
  179. Question for Arizonan Dog Owners..?
  180. A little Sako brag..
  181. How Freakin Cool!
  182. Is this a pit bull or bulldog
  183. Rural to Suburban: No Pit Bulls Allowed, HELP!
  184. easy walk
  185. Why does dog nip at my hands??
  186. Am I missing something?
  187. black cat hit by car in center city, searching for owner
  188. Rescue Ink???
  189. Anyone know a good groomer?!
  190. True or false????? please read!
  191. Portland Oregon Missing Blue Pit Bull
  192. Is there Bully in him!?
  193. Bandit went missing
  194. help me find...
  195. Name Suggestions
  196. So close, yet so far
  197. I figured I'd share this photo, circa 1968, with you guys.
  198. How big was your puppy?
  199. They are trying to say my pit bull is dangerous
  200. Pick my dog's reg'd name!
  201. Happy Birthday Maybelline
  202. Missing Blue Pitbull Pit bull Bully Male Portland Oregon
  203. Happy 12th Birthday Patcheeno!
  204. youtube thread or something similar to show?
  205. AKC Registered name suggestions?
  206. And on the topic of rescues...
  207. beautiful apbt great with kids and other dogs loves people very sweet
  208. Just when you think you've seen it all....
  209. Is this dog related to the APBT??
  210. camping
  211. 7 Days...
  212. Tails Magazine: Local Hero More than Just Compassion
  213. name suggestions?
  214. Apartment available- pitbull/bully/any breed OK
  215. Dog went swimming!!
  216. Oy veyyy!!!
  217. Unable to find thread.
  218. rescued
  219. The Dogs of War
  220. What a way to start a morning
  221. you don't like kitties? well neither does mr. tito!
  222. the color of dog fighting; A Bad Rap Blog
  223. PTS or not?
  224. Rescuing versus buying question
  225. For those of you who bring your dogs to dogparks
  226. Insight inside a shelter....wake up call
  227. Do you have the dog you 'Need' or 'Want' ?
  228. what is the strangest thing that
  229. Why do..
  230. "Do not walk your dogs on this block. It upsets the neighbors."
  231. Dogfighting Paraphernalia Misconceptions
  232. Garner's Keep?
  233. My dog points it's tail..Normal for pit??
  234. UKC Vs ABKC Lawsuit?
  235. Luigi missed the part about pit bulls being stoic...
  236. Question for all the dog groomers
  237. Whoohoo!!
  238. what should i have done?
  239. Chihuahua Dog Hit by Car in Packer Park
  240. I saved a dog today..
  241. Apparently he doesn't know what "no" means (or spayed)
  242. Do you clothe your bully in the winter?
  243. How did you get into the breed(s)?
  244. King Leonidas.
  245. Help Piper win a Facebook Contest!
  246. JUST choose The Breed ! any type
  247. You may now call him.......... :D
  248. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
  249. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
  250. Harness or collar?