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  1. Where did you get your dog and why?
  2. Inside the cat and dog meat market in China
  3. Hey guys
  4. I can't even believe it!!
  5. ATL area morning show: "Pit Bulls' jaws lock."
  6. The Truth about Pit Bulls
  7. another great "pit bull" song... LOL!
  8. Phila Pet Hotel and Villas
  9. You will not BELIEVE what this rescue has done now
  10. Ever wonder why some are so opposed to the Animal Rights Movement? Here ya go
  11. Animal rights group costs earthquake victims aid
  12. Uneducated bully owners
  13. Dog Found In Freezer During Eviction Search, 1 Arrested
  14. Logan man arrested in animal cruelty case
  15. Family of Cleveland Heights woman bit by dog believes Rottweiler is hero
  16. Sleep TIGHT!
  17. My new Little Pup
  18. Dogs should not be kept out side in all kinds of weather! Please support this new le
  19. why does size matter?
  20. Foster dog romancing my dog
  21. Response to Bully Pit thread
  22. Bloodline
  23. Playing to rough ?
  24. Read this
  25. bloodline
  26. Playing Chase with other dogs
  27. Who Knows Anything About IDA
  28. brinde APBT
  29. What award would you give your dog(s)?
  30. My pup has some very big ears for a puppy
  31. They want to put in a community dog park?!?! You have got to be kidding me.
  32. Interesting conversation at work
  33. Just Adopted, but confused
  34. What to make of the situation? blood was drawn
  35. powers gravedigger?
  36. Hi everybody
  37. I saw the saddest looking dogs today (chicago)
  38. Dog's age..
  39. How do you know when they've had enough
  40. dumb people !!!!
  41. Help?
  42. Serious Car Crash with 2 pitbulls on board
  43. Registry
  44. Multi Tasking
  45. New dog/vacation question
  46. turning 2!!!!!
  47. how old should he have been
  48. New to this site question
  49. What is an S.P.C.A?
  50. Which of which..
  51. a whole bunch of question
  52. Need help, adopting tomorrow
  53. Dogs And Cats Sold in Petsores in Illinois
  54. Pit bulls saves owners lives
  55. playdates
  56. Traveling with your dogs. Do you ever leave your dogs in the car alone?
  57. Barking dogs could be euthanized under new ordinance.
  58. looking for pitbull friendly aparments in chicago..
  59. News Article - Most AGGRESSIVE dog breeds
  60. new boerboel site
  61. HSUS volunteers leave over fake Law Enforcement Badges/ Ethics
  62. Kinda funny.
  63. I don't understand some people.
  64. Oh how nice it is to be greeted by a happy dog
  65. DNA Dog Testing: More Questions than Answers
  66. Am Staff Owners? Where are you?
  67. Want to adopt a couple of cute ferrets?
  68. My Pit bull attacked a Cobra in the front yard
  69. Doggy water safety tips
  70. Would anyone consider this a gamebred pedigree.
  71. Wasn't sure were to place this
  72. Abda???
  73. Judge Judy talking outta her ass
  74. going on vacation
  75. Insurance Companies?
  76. can a dog be a service dog for severe depression??
  77. It's videos like this that really tick me off
  78. hello all
  79. BSL for Chis & APBTS and...
  80. to take or not take the dog
  81. Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road - Dog Trainer Version‏ (joke)
  82. Can she be DA towards only females?
  83. CGC testing questions
  84. Our dog amazed me
  85. AAA names Kia Soul as “Top Vehicle Picks for Dog Owners”
  86. Huntsville,al vets
  87. how did u get that name?
  88. Lab/pit mix?
  89. Dog Chastity Belt
  90. Tired of telling him off
  91. hes only a puppy
  92. Large
  93. Lottatore Brindisino
  94. no respect
  95. Rc cars/trucks and pitbulls
  96. Is there a reason Destiny humps Tyson?
  97. Protectors?
  98. :rips hair out: "It's all how they're raised!"
  99. Ukc?
  100. Officials: Pets as dangerous as texting to drivers
  101. Moving to Farmington New Mexico
  102. Who among here have some gamedog books collection?
  103. Interesting article Cesar or Victoria training your dog
  104. so i come home and find,
  105. BSL Idiots
  106. My dogs got skunked last night
  107. Skidish Bull Head
  108. Puppy stage or Adult stage?
  109. white apbt question
  110. Keeping control of my dogs
  111. Are these conflicting commands?
  112. physical specimen
  113. Military having to give up pets?
  114. Why do YOU think a human aggressive apbt should be PTS.
  115. Performance vs Producing
  116. opinion on a dogs weight
  117. Stupid Things Said About Pits
  118. Grapes!!!
  119. You're asking what?????
  120. Are you a believer in a "Come to Jesus" moment?
  121. Is this the first sign of issues. I hope not.
  122. did anyone catch this story about a "pit bull" named Snoop from nyc???
  123. Right or wrong?
  124. Do you think this is "humanizing"?
  125. Recon snapped...
  126. Socrates was attacked
  127. Grumpy Pants
  128. Need PA folks feedback..
  129. Why use a 30 ft. rope as a leash?
  130. Tricks ??
  131. If given a chance...
  132. Busy body neighbors!!!
  133. Another bad situation, but could have been worse!!
  134. wow... this is so not my week
  135. Fence Size
  136. warm fuzzy story for a change
  137. Kudzu & Bro will be featured on the Braves game tomorrow night!
  138. Proud of Peyton, but not parents...vent story.
  139. Is my dog at fault?
  140. Concerns about Bella's scars
  141. The "Pit Bull PC Police"
  142. what color?
  143. Animal Planet Investigates "Gang Dogs" ...
  144. What is a "Barbie Collie"?
  145. Two stories from work, one great, one stupid!
  146. 2 females or 1 male 1 female
  147. grrr.... idiot owners!
  148. And Man Created Dog
  149. Another doomed Pit Bull and its life has barely begun yet. :(
  150. Question
  151. "If you don't want the dog i'll take it" rant
  152. My t-shirt helped saved this puppy, what did your shirt do?
  153. any ideas on what she is?
  154. Anyone still inerested in Micheal Vicks dogs?.......
  155. I think it might have been a mistake.
  156. Canoe Trip!!
  157. FOUND DOG - needs foster
  158. Was going to post this with the other Fat dog photos...
  159. Some say the "runt" is the best pick of the litter
  160. Poor Rhys
  161. ugh, I hate asking this (Need help on Show)
  162. Do you think my dogs' wear too many collars?
  163. Errol
  164. Define "a proper chain setup"
  165. Justified or Ridiculous?
  166. Finally!! We got to bring Jude home!
  167. To all dog lovers
  168. Top 10 Best places to live in the USA for Pit bull Owners?
  169. My little girl has her own personal Guard dog.
  170. Crazy
  171. My puppy and I were attacked!
  172. Neuter: Spay or Castration
  173. Ah, no! I've become one of those crazy dog people.
  174. Homeowner insurance frustratioin
  175. Omg
  176. Male vs Female
  177. Petside.com poll: Dogs are Santa's favorites
  178. Can anyone help???
  179. Fox Fursday - Baby Anteater
  180. Do you think it's cruel to leave a dog home alone all day?
  181. Ignorance at its finest. I pray this person never owns an APBT
  182. What do you get for the best pup in the world?
  183. Do you have a lot of nicknames for your dog?
  184. I have a few questions.
  185. wat would happen
  186. Have you ever ...
  187. Great Pyrenees...? (OT)
  188. He said what??
  189. special adoption requirements because of breed
  190. Eye Color
  191. now even my parents love mt APBT
  192. The latest news on lovable heartworm positive rescue, Skeletor...
  193. This scares the CRAP out of me!
  194. Do your dogs make weird noises while sleeping?
  195. Goren's great vet visit
  196. what IS my dog, exactly
  197. Oh my dear lord...how to handle this?
  198. Dear Foster, please pop out your babies.
  199. Update on Floyd And Ziggy
  200. Question regarding animal abuse/neglect
  201. whats so wrong with long legs??
  202. Finding out what Josie's made of!
  203. the day i adopt an apbt puppy
  204. APBT on Dogs 101
  205. Dog comes home... after 7 years!!
  206. Bad Doggie Alert! Skelly chewed up an ink pen.
  207. The world would be a better place if...
  208. Poll on retrieving
  209. What do I really have here?
  210. 12 week old puppy ears
  211. Pit bull Haters on Craigslist
  212. AKC Canine Good Citizen Passed :)
  213. pitbulls save chihuahua from a coyote
  214. Met why the breed is going down the shitter....
  215. For those of you who live in/near canada.
  216. Gamedogs of Present vs. Gamedogs of Past?
  217. I didn't know purple was a pit bull color!
  218. Where to get turtles?
  219. Retarded dog?
  220. if YOU were bringing in another pit bull in to your home
  221. bully or pit
  222. is this dog a blue fawn or red nose?
  223. keeping them cool in the heat...
  224. dogs on top of dog houses?????????
  225. Anyone else live in a Ban city?
  226. Crash Barks TOO Much!!!
  227. bully haters?
  228. so proud of my girl!
  229. Vote for PAWS! ($20,000 prize)
  230. Indicitive of Dogfighting Things
  231. Oh, God. Is this even..SAFE? Lord, help us.
  232. IF you have an Atwoods near you...
  233. We have the neighbor's dogs (semi-vent)
  234. Is it better to have a male/male home or a male/female?
  235. Is there a way to know if your dog is mixed with APBT or SBT?
  236. Olive updates
  237. just curious
  238. Am I the only one
  239. pit bull/bsl static cling bumper stickers
  240. 2 males?
  241. Anyone who owns same sex APBTs...
  242. Don't Get A Pitbull
  243. let the bashing start
  244. I need help from you all
  245. Adopting a pit bull
  246. Spring pole vs flirt pole
  247. Thinking of getting a new puppy....
  248. I was told?
  249. Enforcement of leash laws?
  250. Poor Irie! Lost her best friend