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  1. One of the STUPIDEST things I have ever heard
  2. Doggie Door questions
  3. this makes me mad
  4. I'm about to go clipper happy!!!!
  5. Is she or isn't she?
  6. Wish me luck guys..
  7. OK guys, need advice please.
  8. Can a Mix Breed compete in agility?
  9. Best way to go about Rehoming a dog?
  10. Ever felt...
  11. Escaping the Yard
  12. Soul Mates and Rita Update
  13. Does a dog only have one master?
  14. stinky butt!
  15. Meh Dag just attacked a Opossum...
  16. Diesel attacked by a neighborhood dog on our walk today!!!
  17. Why do people live through their dogs?
  18. Is it possible for two red nose APBT to make a ?
  19. New Dog Park in My City
  20. Guy talking trash about the breed !
  21. Are all breeds as hard on toys as Pits?
  22. More questions, researching for my two strays...
  23. and this is what I love...
  24. ~Close CALL~
  25. Is this true?
  26. Things your pitbull ate
  27. Boxer Owner
  28. People are Crazy
  29. The darker side of dog parks: abandoned pooches
  30. BSL is BS!!
  31. To Breed, Or Not To Breed?
  32. Raw meat makes them crazy!
  33. Gone To The Dogs
  34. Only me.
  35. Picked up a puppy today
  36. Bullies Pitbull size ?
  37. Dog abortion
  38. Cruelty?
  39. found a stray today
  40. Does anybody else have this problem???
  41. Dogs VS Cats
  42. Co. Man turns hearse into Pet Limo
  43. Woo Hoo Finally got my Frenchie!!!!
  44. Ok, I am really upset!
  45. She caught a mouse!
  46. Abby shows the kids how it's done
  47. This Poem makes me think...
  48. Dogsitting
  49. July 4th question
  50. German Boxer?
  51. Cane Corso now recognized by AKC
  52. Just thought I'd share...
  53. Need a responsible walker/pet sitter? Look no further!
  54. illegal to keep dog on chain?
  55. Does anyones dog have shoulders like this?
  56. San Francisco Pitbull owners, help!
  57. dealing with STUPID IDIOT OWNERS
  58. Anybody care to hop on over and comment on this
  59. Gator Pits
  60. Dusty Chain Spot???
  61. bad night yesterday...
  62. FCI Peds
  63. Got rear ended two days ago
  64. It Only Takes A Sec.
  65. Dangerous Dog Hearings
  66. Scary guard APBT
  67. I'm back to work and Piper is not happy
  68. I simply love this
  69. My FIL is angry and worried about our APBT
  70. Dog DNA test?
  71. Anybody bundle up your bully?
  73. Here is one for the books!
  74. NEED HELP!!!!!!!! (American Bulldog).
  75. White pits??
  76. Match me with the puppy for me....
  77. Great and fully true information for your dogs and for you. Please read it.
  78. Foster kitten for adoption!
  79. Help me keep my pitbull
  80. Bull Terrier Question
  81. My dog is shedding so much does your APBT shed alot?
  82. Violet & Puddin passed, Lizzy & Rose aren't doing well :(
  83. Puppies seized during drug raid
  84. People that are afraid of their own dogs.
  85. AKC,UKC,ADBA,ABKC,ect..
  86. Which one would you pick?
  87. Pit Bull Puppy Fuzz??
  88. LV Area
  89. Helen Keller had a pit bull
  90. Put down 12 "pit bulls" today
  91. Rednose mixed wit American Pitbull ROFLMFAO!
  92. Walkin to da beat
  93. My APBT Hucklebutts! Does yours????
  94. Help me if you have a chance
  95. Are dogs capable of love?
  96. Debo made someone smile today!
  97. Bully Conformation? Is there a standard?
  98. Have you experiences...
  99. What does it mean when a dog does this? and does your dog do this?
  100. Ace scares people
  101. Rehoming your pit bull?
  102. Traveling with dog, Has anyone stayed here?
  103. question about break sticks
  104. Oh, Cleo.....
  105. another vaccine question (do we have any vets in house?)
  106. My pit was charged by a schnauzer today!
  107. Any pit and guard breed home?
  108. low cost vaccines?
  109. Going on a family vacation to niagra falls
  110. S.O.S. AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER & Others Races in BSL
  111. the new pet policy, ugh, breeds have been added
  112. another person educated.... yay
  113. do papered dogs have to have a purpose?IYO
  114. On the fence for fostering
  115. Dog left in hot car **UPDATE**
  116. 2 questions
  117. whats a good guard dog breed?
  118. Rant and maybe need ideas (long)
  120. It's getting really frustrating >:[
  121. my burglar alarm
  122. She is going to be in another contest...yay! Need Ideas
  123. Good Dog Rescue?
  124. We have a new member coming, look at the dog he was going to buy
  125. News on Bandits parents
  126. my family hates me!!!
  127. why own more than 1 dog?
  128. Tell me about the doberman?
  129. Petunia just gave birth...
  130. Foster Kittens!
  131. The single most over priced puppy..
  132. Last Chance Highway
  133. What is he!?
  134. We lost our AC
  135. mini pit
  136. BYB's have no limits
  137. If you have a weak stomach don't watch this, policeman shoots bulldog
  138. Fiapbt & iadcro news boletin
  139. Tell me about the ridgebacks??
  140. cat grooming
  141. people... i HATE people! (or at least the ignorant ones!)
  142. Dog anatomy
  143. GREAT SCOTT! What is he?!
  144. It's official!
  145. one big water bowl
  146. Pitty prison
  147. Adding a new pet to the house
  148. Name ideas?
  149. apbt poem
  150. Suprise
  151. What to do in case of stray dog?
  152. Purse Dogs
  153. Your inlaw/family animals and their lack of training!!!!
  154. Not appropriate for a baby to wear
  155. This cute kitty needs a new home. (His mommy recently passed away.)
  156. 'save them all mentality'
  157. I'm freakingo out...
  158. cesar milan is so convincing
  159. Anyone here know anything about Cane Corsos?
  160. My social butterfly
  161. Adoption
  162. game dog?
  163. Be afraid, be very very afraid!
  164. Beautiful
  165. Criminals
  166. HA! At least someone agrees..
  167. haha
  168. Mollie's Nana and Krista.
  169. Do they ACTUALLY not trust pit bulls?
  170. New Trend?
  171. You and your dog
  172. Can You Find the pitbull
  173. Ever think we're one step forward and two steps back?
  174. Ok... so it is looking like we will get Darby...
  175. Any cat takers?
  176. Mugs is killing himself.
  177. Older dog becoming less tolerant?
  178. tosa inu pups for sale in vegas
  179. DNA Testing...your thoughts
  180. What are some future names you have picked out for your future dogs?
  181. Ambully and APBT
  182. Fellow forum goer's, I need your help.
  183. Is your dog DA?
  184. Pit Weight
  185. I just found a dog
  186. Vent
  187. I lost a posting...
  188. Breaksticks, a must for all dog owners, not just apbts.
  189. Proven dogs to proven people
  190. Therapy Dogs and Schutzhund?
  191. Dogs and Kids what a fun combination, every day is an adventure
  192. What does your flirt pole look like?
  193. Retractable Leashes...
  194. Blue Brindle: Opinions
  195. Good News, AC on the way
  196. stubborn pit bulls...what to do
  197. My next dog should be a JRT
  198. Insurance for Pit Bulls / California
  199. Going to look at a dobe puppy.......
  200. Summer heat-Should I clip?
  201. Feeling bad
  202. It's Me or the Dog
  203. i thought this site was going to be reliable until....
  204. What came first the APBT or the Bulldog?
  205. how to deal with the cold looks?
  206. Whats your insight
  207. threatened to bite?
  208. fingers crossed
  209. Vaccines???
  210. I feel so guilty!!! No kill shelters and houston or conroe
  211. Those in regular suburbia homes, what do your backyards look like?
  212. Petfinder makes me want to smash my skull in!!
  213. Well.. it wasn't a pit bull! PLANE MAKES EMERGENCY LANDING AFTER DOG BITES
  214. Growth pattern?
  215. Local mall to allow dogs to see Santa, wonder if...
  216. Dogs And Xmas Trees.
  217. Westminster Dog Show!
  218. Crazy stuff
  219. My New Puppy!!!! Help with names....
  220. Snow Dogs! :D
  221. The Problem with Humans
  222. Hey, Robyn!
  223. Not sure and confused
  224. breed id
  225. stressful few days
  226. I thought this was pretty cool...
  227. An Afternoon with Bullies
  228. birthday!
  229. plz help
  230. Crating (or caging) is "cruel"????
  231. 4 dogs..Oh My!
  232. Our Boy Gucci
  233. Where did you get your Pitbull?
  234. Found ANOTHER puppy.
  235. I need help (online ped set up)
  236. Always be prepared!!
  237. A Pitbull Hitter?
  238. People who need a good smack in the mouth
  239. A dog wanders onto your property
  240. Sometimes I wish TV wasn't invented
  241. Really bad stomach ache
  242. For Entertainment Only
  243. Happy Birthday, Umah.
  244. Strong Female names?
  245. How did you come up with your dog's name?
  246. Evolution of a pet ad on craigslist
  247. Vote for Billy Boy!
  248. Puppy Suckling
  249. Soothing daily routines.
  250. Do let your dogs kiss/lick you?