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  1. wiggly love insect buying house
  2. Ok... So it's looking like we shall get Darby...
  3. 2 Week Turn Off Essential?
  4. My first apbt for you personally non-believers. R.I.P Atilla
  5. No way! Pet moist dream!??
  6. Do Boxers come under the "Pit Bull" class?
  7. Support?
  8. this makes me angry
  9. petsmart catastrophe! I cant believe the reaction......
  10. Pitbulls Could Be Support Pets
  11. Does your pet snore also?
  12. My Buster's a wha??
  13. To Euthanize or To not Euthanize
  14. Some Level Information
  15. *SIGH* Puppy temperature
  16. Considering a rottie.
  17. Pew, still another bathtub currently
  18. Prepared to deal her pet for baby clothes.
  19. I've a couple of questions.
  20. Reproduction Our APBT'S Ourselves
  21. Issue about giving
  22. docking of tails
  23. My dog includes a tattoo???
  24. I believe he's a bully.. ??
  25. Do you know the signs and symptoms associated with rabies within four weeks aged pup?
  26. Tips on how to connect using with my doggie?
  27. Issue regarding registry
  28. Why do we are in need of the image to exhibit the punishment?
  29. Likely to Get My Woman in several Hours!!
  30. National Bandogge is just a Designer type. Seemingly.
  31. Doggy Child Care for Pitties
  32. Merrick corporate office.
  33. Only a little anxious
  34. Red, Blue, Black Noses
  35. Fido's casting phone! PWEASE!
  36. Please help my dogs.....
  37. What snout must I get??
  38. Shoes?
  39. Dog of the month
  40. Thanks to any or all that gave my information, my deposit was got by me back :)
  41. Stay Indicates Stay
  42. what type is my pet?
  43. Please vote for Jack!
  44. Seeking to bring a dog to home and some advice is needed by me
  45. does your pet "talk"
  46. 300 a fixed dog to be bred by dollars.
  47. What would you all consider this...
  48. Anybody seen this site??
  49. What do you consider?
  50. 9th January 2012 - Nestle to simply help animals & homeowners slim down - (Reuters)
  51. Probably the end of a period
  52. What would you say when.....
  53. What health checks must certanly be completed on the APBT
  54. Would you sleep together with your doggy?? whats r view on sleeping with animals
  55. Election for ethel!!!
  56. The Nebraska Humane Society is implementing out bully types
  57. My Loved Ones Sets were chance & Killed by Nashville Authorities
  58. The "D" term
  59. What happened to 'Demon'
  60. How previous to spay
  61. Need Photos
  62. Obviously I'm a racist?
  63. I trained Bella....**updated video**
  64. How my loved ones has been suffering from the pit's poor name
  65. To Euthanize or To not Euthanize
  66. Ways to get pine drain from hair?
  67. Different Bully Relatives
  68. My dog reaches a great fat, right?!?!
  69. Today Brutus Got Something Special!
  70. Has anybody noticed.....
  71. Crating (or caging) is "cruel"????
  72. Bubba's Lacking
  73. gettin a brand new puppy.
  74. Preferred pets on PBC...other than your personal :)
  75. Once Your Pet includes a flavor 4 blood....
  76. Caudillo Dogo hero
  77. Your Views Please..
  78. Today these pits were got by us at the office.
  79. Pair Concerns
  80. Searching for title suggestions...
  81. Even more Dutchy documents
  82. Concept Tune (For Fun)
  83. Their dogs are ever got by anyone in a journal, calender, an such like. ??
  84. My Dad's Yorkie Dropped in Pontiac, MI, Hopes Please
  85. again pitbulls as guard dogs
  86. A Craigslist Success Story - surprise!
  87. Hearing docking
  88. Person charged with fighting veterinarian after pet dies
  89. Izzy has become my foster. :/
  90. Cage for my Pitbull
  91. "Fact versus Fiction"
  92. bluetick coonhounds?
  93. Did anybody see today's Ellen display?
  94. Just how to cope with the cold looks?
  95. GG is having surgery afterall...
  96. You've to be kidding me?
  97. A few of the likely purposes which unfortunately may lead to excessively overly anxious during pups? When will I solution it all?
  98. Please vote for roxy today! And crosspost!
  99. Meg did a great job representing the type today.
  100. Study on Pit bulls?
  101. Observation!
  102. Stop/Protest a free of charge Pet Preventing Sport Application
  103. Harmful Pet Proceedings
  104. Election for Harley
  105. Please HELP with abbreviations!
  106. Pups and Politics.
  107. Ugh, bad Lucy
  108. Review my 2 month old puppy's routine
  109. Ike doesn't fail in the end!
  110. Collars
  111. Could be bad, might have been worse
  112. Throwing pets
  113. Xmas wishes.....
  114. Chokers
  115. It was in the....
  116. The Champ is here!!!
  117. So how exactly does your loved ones experience you Pit Bull?
  118. Home Pets?
  119. Needed seriously to observation, again lol
  120. inbred puppies?
  121. Why socialization and warning are really important
  122. Pleased Gotcha Morning Nick
  123. Just how many years of pitbull knowledge have you got?
  124. OUR Protection - ACCT IS one hundred thousand COMPLETE! Of DOGS AND CATS! SUPPORT!
  125. Greetings Hole Neighborhood
  126. Concerns about online pedigrees
  127. Where's your pet when you are at the office?
  128. Article Your preferred "EASY" Pet Instruction Handle Formula
  129. pit bulls in new york
  130. Charlotte, NC Animal Care and Get a handle on won't follow out sets.
  131. A home is deserved by Sweet, blind kitty!
  132. Justice For Gage
  133. New Zealand Police Grab Siblings' Guns After 33 Pets Are Killed
  134. For Your Dogs are Kept by Those of You Who Outside
  135. Duke Thomas and kissing...
  136. Dropped pet
  137. Europe City Changes finish to reduce pet deaths
  138. Pets are incredible!
  139. Are your screen display sections really safe?
  140. Cinnamon the Wonder Dog
  141. Guys versus Females
  142. Min-Pin & Pit bull pup
  143. Vacation Providing Actually Likely to the Dogs
  144. APBT tattoos
  145. Does anybody know of any picture galleries that would....
  146. do Ampt have bent k-9 teeth
  147. May be the Game APBT getting extinct
  148. "Staffordshire Blue Nose"
  149. Cinnamon the Wonder Dog
  150. Why Dogs Attack their owners. (works this time around) Funny
  151. Leasing with a dog.
  152. Hi iam new inform me wat u people consider my pup
  153. Louisville Crate Membership Essential Judge Choice
  154. Stick Corso blend?
  155. New really and here interested in reality about BSL
  156. Any Understanding On the McCoy point?
  157. Nizmos K9 Offer Outfit Contest!!
  158. A puppy Xmas shock
  159. Need some hopes and good thoughts
  160. Harmful Pet Proceedings
  161. What's your pet doing AT this time?
  162. You know what today is??
  163. Today, I was happy to truly have a "dangerous hole bull"....
  164. Canis Panther
  165. Small Minnie pet continues TO BE waiting at ACCT for somebody to give her and get her home
  166. Do you consider dogs should obtain the same death rituals as an individual
  167. Her way home is found by dog lost in accident
  168. Personally I think so proud!! It takes only one!
  169. That scares the CRAP out of me!
  170. 2 legged pet walks upright
  171. Personally I think terrible :(
  172. Question:Has you pet or puppy actually touch you?
  173. How can these puppies turn to you??
  174. Ontario Hole Bulls Need Your Election!
  175. Have domestic pets in your house a great tension reliever?
  176. Is definitely an APBT the best pet for me personally? (excersise and cold temperatures)
  177. Anyone know one thing about that old and historic Pit of the photography?
  178. Don Sulliven "the ideal dog"
  179. Leasing in Norfolk Virginia with APBT
  180. I'm therefore beyond pissed off today, look at this!!!
  181. Dogo Argentino
  182. Happy Birthday to my best friend.
  183. Somewhat interesting.
  184. What color am I?
  185. How to proceed with dylan
  186. What type of blend?
  187. Does anybody else's dogs do that?
  188. He explained what??
  189. Natural beef makes them mad!
  190. :( we possibly may perhaps not get Diesel...
  191. Red attention!
  193. I actually do not understand what to complete, implementing another dog
  194. Whenever we kiss them what experiences a pets mind?
  195. 7 Days...
  196. some previous photos i was proven
  197. Anyone here choose a over a purebred?
  198. Beyond The Fantasy.... Film data
  199. Group work
  200. "You could usually place the pit bull owner..."
  201. Issue abot hole bulls documents
  202. Therefore freakin great!
  203. Issue?
  204. Is this actually true at all?
  205. Therefore frusterated with other individuals pets!
  206. Could I be told by anyone what type of hole is aspen
  207. Please indication request to avoid the killing of a harmless dog! Free Majlo!
  208. New space partner explained Lucy's endurance "frightens" him
  209. Pawsitively brave.
  210. My Calendar Cuties for 2009
  211. We destroy them and gotta search for fools!
  212. Pink nose hole?
  213. Title my pup please!
  214. Therefore Sad :(
  215. Understand what could be fun?.. A dog show!
  216. Issue
  217. Crosspost.....spay and nueter center!
  218. Can you divorce your partner over...
  219. Crisis In Aqua Dulce, Ca!!
  220. Outside crate concept
  221. Oh, my neighbors (bearxfoo, you will get a kick using this)
  222. One down
  223. Foolish pet
  224. Blame it on the dog...
  225. Immediate apbt operator in reynoldsburg kansas needs help!
  226. Orange eyed sets
  227. What've your pets ruined?
  228. Pet Chastity Gear
  229. Efficiency versus Producing
  230. APBT issue regarding power
  231. I'm embracing my pets close today
  232. Grrr often people believe they know EVERYTHING....
  233. Beautiful pittie top for several men were married by you available
  234. Strange Hostility?
  235. SBT in the combination?
  236. APBT tattoos
  237. Condition at the office
  238. Found Lilbit again LOL
  239. Why Do I Actually Bother?
  240. ..And she's frightened of Pit Bulls
  241. How will you get it done? (severe article)
  242. What happened to 'Demon'
  243. Very first time pet owners - pup requirements
  244. Just how many times do your dog bathed by u?
  245. What I believe right now...
  246. Pets off-leash
  247. Individuals are Crazy
  248. Please Support! Need Opinion on Pinpointing pet
  249. Love nearly died today.......
  250. My partner is dismissed