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  1. Question??
  2. Puppies and Events
  3. Ear battle crop question
  4. What length leash do you prefer and why?
  5. "What kind of dog is it? ..... oh ....." - short rant
  6. Growly face
  7. Going On Vacation for 2 weeks
  8. Who's At Fault?
  9. Red, Blue, Black Noses
  10. remind me to never read stories on petfinder
  11. spring pole/flirt pole
  12. Olive decided she doesnt want to be a mom
  13. whats the average size of a 15 week old pitbull?
  14. how to get tree sap off of fur?
  15. Ca APBT Assoc on facebook
  16. Opinons please
  17. Does my dog look full blooded or mixed?
  18. Leads with double locking feature!
  19. Should I let them keep him? Would he be better off?
  20. Companies that fund HSUS
  21. Companies that support the H$U$
  22. Question about my moms' mutt
  23. Dog being deemed vicious
  24. Too Thin or Just Right?
  25. Shelter on its last leg
  26. Happy 2 years beautiful puppy!
  27. Hello, this is the owner of Defendpitbulls.com...
  28. Do you believe there are no bad dogs, just bad owners?
  29. Bubba and Nelly <3
  30. My neighborhood is full of aggressive dogs...
  31. Cesar Milan
  32. Not a Pit Bull Question but a general dog question.
  33. I cant believe this isnt a "pit bull" attack.
  34. Nothing like a public display of aggression
  35. Assistance dog?
  36. Just pulled out a tooth!!!
  37. Breed hate
  38. My dogs
  39. Unfair!
  40. pit bull over mastiff
  41. I don't know what to say! Help
  42. Bulls across America and Canada Calling all owners, get in the game
  43. Anyone watching P&P at 9pm?
  44. The only e-vet in town is closed
  45. Southerners (or anyone) Are you familiar with this rescue?
  46. Hybrid Dog Breeds??
  47. To Love a Pit!
  48. Wolves as pets.
  49. This weather ,what to do?
  50. Registered name help/ideas?
  51. I had to say goodbye to two dogs
  52. 2 Male Pitbull Mixes
  53. MISSING - Please keep an eye out!
  54. animcal control rescue adoption notice-does this sound ok?
  55. Dog Breath
  56. What breed is coco??
  57. Narrow mindedness of people (VENT)
  58. Puppy Size
  59. Neighbors GSD out again!!
  60. Does she look Bow Legged to you?
  61. When will my puppy become territorial?
  62. Was wondering why breach?
  63. Experienced Human Aggression
  64. Deaf Pit Bulls
  65. Dog Adoption Event at PSPCA!!!
  66. moving to boston- horrible email i recieved!
  67. How do you say goodbye?
  68. Investigators fight dogs to stop dog fighting?
  69. Found out something tonight..
  70. Ace is here!!
  71. Is my dog a real red nose?
  72. what breed is my dog?
  73. I come here today with regrettable news
  74. Are you mean? (Mini-Rant)
  75. Getting a new pit puppy...
  76. The strangest thing
  77. Poor dogs that have to die because their owners didn't get them fixed :(
  78. Finding my dogs "mix"
  79. Ncrc
  80. Got to love the 4th, but I think its time for better renters insurance. Dog advice
  81. My Smiling Girl Bodacious was on the Cover of the Trentonian Newspaper Today
  82. You gotta let a dog be a dog LOL
  83. I got a new puppy (well sorta)!!!
  84. Its happened. Its a sad day.
  85. Grr Frustrated yet trying not to show it
  86. GA: Pit Bull FOUND
  87. Cooper is loosing teeth
  88. at about a year old. how much more does the pit bull have left to grow?
  89. UK: Obese Bull Terrier seized and sent to ''fat farm''.
  90. Coworker giving away 5wk old puppies
  91. What breed do you think Piper is?
  92. Update on Honey
  93. anti blue
  94. Donating Items to the Local Shelter, what do do with the ones they won't take
  95. I Found Your Dogs
  96. Dog turning on owner
  97. REALLY good (and informative) vid on ''pit bulls''
  98. If I'm a dog? What breed am I and why?
  99. Suggestions on what Ollie is mixed with?
  100. above ground pool
  101. Do dogs have nightmares?
  102. The people who defend our breed
  103. Where you buy your pet food.
  104. How did you name your dog?
  105. the reason why I LOVE my hickville town (sorry long post)
  106. Tess visits the home.
  107. Mary has officially
  108. Recommendations for books?
  109. Been thinking about getting a dog????
  110. Please Help My little Piglet
  111. Fear of the Truth
  112. Trying to name her.
  113. Trina likes the slide!
  114. Looking for info and help on two strays
  115. makes me so angry!
  116. Should I expect problems from having 3 pits in the same house?
  117. Bransens' Website is ALMOST Finished!
  118. foliage inquiry/tried to make a new friend
  119. He's here!
  120. can you make a dog want to be a house dog??
  121. vacatiooooooon!! with the doggies, of course.
  122. Dr Phil...and pit bulls
  123. Petition to regulate pit bull breeding combat dog fighting
  124. Man Convicted Of Smashing Dog's Head With Sledgehammer; Canine Survives
  125. Barking of canine BFFs turning into tweeting
  126. 6-year-old says no to gifts, donates to dog rescue
  127. Educational opportunity
  128. Beastiality-Serious Topic
  129. My four month old rescue....rescues me.
  130. Do I or Don't I
  131. Potential pit (from fighting stock) owner
  132. Pit bull Parade?
  133. Dog Training and Rescues-
  134. pleased to consult you
  135. Ideas for adoption days?
  136. What is Perro Loco?? It's a crazy dream
  137. Justice for Rudy!!!!!!!!!
  138. A few interesting numbers
  139. Anyone recognize this dog???
  140. Cane Corso overload
  141. D.D. update
  142. Moving to Hawaii and have ???
  143. origin
  144. My dogs not leashed
  145. need your thoughts on this one
  146. Greetings
  147. Doggy "Seatbelt"?
  148. Dog lost in accident finds her way home
  149. I am an idiot. (Possible new dog)
  150. What is wrong with merles?
  151. Zoe's hair
  152. What a night
  153. Taking in a half wolf?
  154. "she doesnt look like a pit"
  155. trinas head looks too small...
  156. So proud of Harley
  157. How big are Labs supposed to be???
  158. Where to live in San Francisco, CA
  159. Pa. man jailed, paroled for barking at police dog
  160. Man charged with attacking vet after dog dies
  161. Do pit bulls and bull breeds have thicker skin?
  162. Some working Patterdales
  163. Anyone seen the outer in laws show? About these pit bulls, its on now look!
  164. Gage
  165. Collar?
  166. makes your head burst!
  167. Watch out for your dogs...
  168. Getting a Cat (maybe 2?) - Advice?
  169. Hound-Mix Dog Spotted at Kitchen's Lane
  170. Finally!!!!! Some good news!!!
  171. Spike Collars/Harness vs Nylon/Leather
  172. pitbull terrier help
  173. Breakstick Vs Pepper Spray
  174. incredibul t-cup pitbulls must see! LOL
  175. Research links?
  176. The "Pitbull" Theory
  177. Why chain?
  178. Going to get my new pup tomorrow!
  179. How would you respond to this?
  180. Questions for those who chain dogs.......
  181. Are people really that thick???
  182. Any suggestion for dog puppy names?
  183. What breed is my new family member???
  184. Best feeling I've had in a while
  185. It's not the breed, it's how you raise them
  186. Looking for a Chihuahua forum
  187. You will never believe what they were selling at Marshalls
  188. trinas learning to swim!!!
  189. Just when you think anything more ridiculous could not be invented...
  190. the name game
  191. Once again irresponsible owners make the rest of us look bad
  192. Dog that changed Alabama cruelty laws dies
  193. Well Isn't that awesome to find out
  194. PETA ad showing dog with Hitler mustache isn't offensive
  195. What dya know.. J is useful...
  196. Bubba's Birthday!
  197. American Bulldog on "It's Me or the Dog"
  198. A word misspoken
  199. A little nervous
  200. Socrates saves the day!
  201. See if you can guess why...
  202. Florida Residents!! Please read
  203. This is what an APBT should act like!
  204. New problems in my area...
  205. Help Pit Bulls by Voting for Deuce!
  206. Wow, WTF really?
  207. Better Business Bureau: Missouri overwhelmed by dog breeders
  208. helping pitbulls
  209. Irresponsible IDIOT on Judge Judy
  210. Ugh!!! Keep your dogs contained
  211. One big fat lie after another..make it stop
  212. I thought this ad on CL was a little funny..
  213. Just got home from our walk
  214. Two 7-Week-Old Dogs Killed With Sledgehammer
  215. How F'n Irresponsible!!!!
  216. Is your dog a mix? I believe so because......
  217. They called the police - 'pitbull fight'
  218. Regarding my Multi-dog Home
  219. 1st Census For Dogs To Shed Light On Breeds
  220. Its been a year and I still dont know what she is
  221. Can anyone help me out?
  222. For craps sake...
  223. From a dog with no traning to this.
  224. Anyone else have this issue
  225. PitBull Blues
  226. vet ignored my request
  227. Hiding your dogs true breed when introducing them to the public?
  228. Humor in something not so funny
  229. I taught Bella....**updated video**
  230. The Emperor's Striptease
  231. New pit owner here.
  232. Another reason why I hate everyone
  233. Help me please!!!!
  234. setting boundaries
  235. MJ's placements in today's show
  236. dog attack
  237. Anyone in England with a Pitbull type Dog
  238. Dog conceptions Then vs. Now
  239. Apbts and Personal Protection
  240. Help Making A Decission
  241. Hair in between pads on feet...
  242. Soviet space dogs blast-off to animated immortality
  243. For ______ Sakes
  244. Please go vote
  245. Anyone in arizona or close by
  246. bad way to start off the day
  247. ok my friends pit??
  248. Vote for Bransen
  249. Yet another mind turn positive on the breed!
  250. Cleo "stacked"...need opinions!