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  1. My pit bull boy up for Dog of the Month
  2. Gotcha
  3. Taking your "pit bull/s" freely outside the home or just keeping them home?
  4. What is a Pit Bull Owner?
  5. Should I rescue?
  6. Dog that took bullet found
  7. Ok you all are going to think im stupid.
  8. Jesse James Dog Fighting Scandel
  9. Why is it that
  10. The truth behind dogsbite.org
  11. So I fight "pitts".......and now i breed them too?
  12. how to understand pedigree.
  13. After all she's gone through she still pleases.
  14. Dog attacks police car
  15. Doggy Companion/Friend?
  16. byb in fla steals chihuahua puppy
  17. Runt....what else do they call the other pups
  18. Other ways to socialize your dogs ?
  19. Maybe another baby?? :)
  20. They told me he looked like a boxer..
  21. Canada City Changes tack to cut dog deaths
  22. Writing an editorial on pit bull bans...
  23. Successful Education!
  24. Will she be shorter or taller?
  25. I feel awful :(
  26. Blue on blue breedings
  27. Random things you dogs are scared of
  28. No more dog parks for me EVER!
  29. This little pup died in my arms tonight....
  30. docking of tails
  31. May 1 pinups for pitbulls event at Graveyard in Atlanta
  32. I'm a little confused, microchip...
  33. Stupid Cat
  34. How fast can you make it to the gate??
  35. My heart dog :)
  36. Homeless People's Pets Aren't Homeless
  37. People like this shouldn't be allowed to own dogs
  38. Myspace
  39. So.....Someone had emailed me looking for a "blue pit", send him to the rescue?
  40. "Pit bulls and children do not mix"
  41. Pit Bull License???
  42. Is my dog a purebred?
  43. Puppies and power tools
  44. Sometimes I wish my dogs were more aggressive: I'm sure I'll get criticized for this
  45. Coffee bandit.
  46. Grant the Dog: Coming to a TV near you!
  47. Dog Shoots Hunter
  48. My dad HATES pitbulls....
  49. vets in Md.
  50. what is "LILAC"
  51. "Werewolf" Wolfie Blackheart Severed Lost Dog's Head, Boiled It, Put Photo on Web
  52. Playing Tug
  53. YAYYYY! New Ambully foster! Warning:You'll fall in love!
  54. Ridiculous vet advice.
  55. Mad!
  56. Why do people insist on adopting out dogs like this?
  57. Recommendation of Pittbull Training Class in Chicago?
  58. Stupid dog
  59. Found emaciated dog on Tasker and Juniper
  60. Is this normal? - place for weight pull competition
  61. Help Natural Balance® Make History!
  62. Who can help me in Arizona
  63. Police K9 killed.
  64. And on the third day, he rose again.
  65. Another "Best of CRAIGSLIST"
  66. Yummy!!!!
  67. The things dog chew.
  68. Human sweater for a dog
  69. Our new buddy Klause!
  70. HSUS - Where does the money go?
  71. HSUS, ASPCA,etc Opinions
  72. Hundreds Of Dead Animals Found In Philadelphia Home
  73. Bayron Reyes Lopez Kills Dog, Streaks, Pours Coffee on his head..
  74. Animal abuse in Atlanta caught on tape:
  75. I really didn't think it was that bad...
  76. Update on "spay/neuter the hsus" initiative
  77. My sister - a rant about her being a dog owner
  78. which one
  79. Owners that had their dog killed by police - is there a group for them?
  80. Bark for Beer!
  81. Couple infected by rabies after taking in puppy
  82. Loose Dog today
  83. I had a huge story typed.
  84. Why socialization and caution are so important
  85. Do dogs love?
  86. So excited!
  87. Can You Trust Your Dog?
  88. Bodacious Joined the "Family Business"
  89. WTF are these dogs supposed to be? I've seen pretty bad pics but this is ridiculous
  90. Posted by a myspace friend.
  91. Rescues working w/breeders?
  92. pedigree
  93. I'm so glad I found this board!
  94. Alone time!
  95. My poor pillow.
  96. A dogs noseprint ??
  97. Doggie Urns
  98. Ceasar Millan
  99. FUNNY. CL post about BYBing
  100. Sweet find
  101. How young is too young to be on a chain...
  102. found this ad on CL *pit bull-related*
  103. They Just Can't Understand
  104. Welcome to Renae's Pet Motel?
  105. It's a Pit Bull Thing
  106. Petplan Insurance and the HSUS
  107. Fun Christmas with the dogs
  108. What this forum has done for me...
  109. Veterans, shelter pets meet with Pets2Vets
  110. Christmas Gifts
  111. Pitbull nominee in state dog poll (vote for faye!)
  112. New Dogtown Airing
  113. Our Outing Today....
  114. Micheal Vick. ( cross post)
  115. Calif. brothers drown in attempt to rescue dog
  116. MY donation today to a local shelter
  117. My christmas 'foundling'
  118. Off The Chain Gave Me Nightmares
  119. how many actually keep yard dogs?
  120. Bank of Hollywood
  121. Denver's dog laws can make for a ruff day in jail
  122. How proud can one person be before they burst?
  123. For to look the video and enjoying it with the Christmas celebration. FIAPBT
  124. My dogs breed
  125. Happy
  126. Twas the Night Before Christmas (pitbull poem)
  127. For to look the video and enjoying it with the Christmas celebration. FIAPBT
  128. Name help for new pup....
  129. doggy heaven??
  130. Tibetan Mastiff
  131. Dognapping on the Rise: How to Keep Your Pets Safe
  132. Pet Finder
  133. No kill shelters-Kill shelters?
  134. Polluting Pets
  135. Educating our kids
  136. Norris heading to Michigan :)
  137. venting..
  138. We rescued a litter of 9 pit mix puppies....
  139. Who runs your house?
  140. Polluting Pets
  141. Check these Baby shirts out I saw at Target Today...
  142. what have your dogs destroyed?
  143. WHAT THE! Seriously people? dogfighting?
  144. What the heck is a CUR?
  145. Poop!
  146. Seal colored pitbull
  147. Winter activities
  148. Why are you here?
  149. Morning dogs
  150. advice on keeping pup outside
  151. run in with irresponsible dog owner
  152. Our local dog bites
  153. today I found something out and want some help...
  154. Doesn't want their kid around 'pit bulls'
  155. Craigslist
  156. My dogs almost have a Pomeranian for lunch
  157. What is the most important characteristic
  158. Dave...you're a dumbass!
  159. What a day
  160. Adba
  161. My Poor Pup was traumatized
  162. The Bully Kutta
  163. St. Roch
  164. Pitbulls,Springpoles,Laws
  165. Missing, injured dog finds her way home after a week
  166. "Hero" Dog Takes Bullets During Home Invasion Robbery
  167. what is a pitbull mastiff
  168. Another stupid person
  169. A Dogs Comprehension Of ''Time''
  170. Strange Rescue Requirement
  171. The Best Walking Partner: Man vs. Dog
  172. Help! having some trouble!
  173. website tom garner
  174. What does it take to be a good owner?
  175. In shock.
  176. Another Christmas Poem
  177. Treasure Coast Dog Helps Save Baby's Life
  178. UC Doctors Fit Therapy Dog With Digital Ear
  179. Wild Dogs Turn Green From 'Toxic Waste'
  180. Vermont Supreme Court To Decide What A Dog's Love Is Worth
  181. Holiday Giveaway!
  182. Oh boy, you have to be kidding me..
  183. Your opinion on these dogs
  184. Suuuuuuuurvey about your poochie!
  185. Grrrr..... I Hate Stupid People!
  186. What goes through a dogs mind when we kiss them?
  187. People!
  188. Unique Names for my new pup
  189. Look what just walked into my yard.
  190. If Rudolph was a pitbull...
  191. One down
  192. To put down or not? (Non-APBT) HELP!!!!
  193. What would you do ? (Hypothetical Scenario)
  194. How are We Going To Keep 2 Dogs Apart
  195. From Ohio. Any and all advice is appreciated.
  196. God bless his heart
  197. Too smart for their own good
  198. NEW Puppy! Any pointers?
  199. Boston,MA warning
  200. Lost boy's dog walks beside casket
  201. what's for dinner?
  202. Murdoc Update!
  203. Hahaha...he "saved" me!
  204. I need some advice
  205. HELP! Cant find a place to live with my pit!
  206. MVV-High School Students Need Your HELP!!!(No money is involved)
  207. Guarding
  208. Need quick advice
  209. Chako Santa Paws 2010 shelter visit with Santa Savvy
  210. Howling
  211. dog tails
  212. trespassing
  213. Any of yous know these dogs? LET ME KNOW ASAP PLEASE!
  214. Pit Bulls & Parolees.
  215. A visitor!
  216. Cat Groomer
  217. One more reason to hate the holidays
  218. What is Your Dog's Favorite Toy
  219. Suprised
  220. Asthma and dogs
  221. when Im able to walk Goren again "kinda venting"
  222. Vote for Dover.
  223. Goren is getting big lol
  224. Pit bull awarness in ky
  225. Tater is dead....what happened to my dog??***GRAPHIC PHOTOS****
  226. FIAPBT & IADCRO - Madrid, September 11, 2009 NEWS BOLETIN
  227. Been thinking about this all day
  228. Weezer Nab “National Geographic” Dog Photo for “Raditude” Cover
  229. Weird situation. Look alikes! :O
  230. another (bully, APBT, etc, bulldog, lovers) forum to check out
  231. Pit Bull Terrier [Mix] In Need Of FOREVER HOME
  232. Pit Bull Terrier [MIX] In Need Of Home
  233. camping
  234. Pit Bull United Blog
  235. i need a favor from a apbtonlinepedigree user
  236. Quick question
  237. Looking for goods and services donations for Pit Bull Awareness Day event ...
  238. Dog Doors Dangers
  239. hello everyone
  240. Great site
  241. Any Hawaii people here ?
  242. Hey Mollie's NaNa
  243. I tell ya, some people...........
  244. Dogs will be dogs, and humans must accept that
  245. canine dwarfism.
  246. Finding a couple dogs???
  247. Ginger the Wonder Dog
  248. $67,000 short to fight Ontario BSL law
  249. why cant i reply?
  250. Obama: Down to Two Breeds!