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  1. where to take a cat to be spayed, NW Phila.
  2. "pitbulls" in movies.
  3. Richard F. Stratton's Books
  4. Need help finding owners of pit bull dog pics
  5. Awesome Therapy Dog Experience
  6. Fat ***!
  7. Good lordy, you're dumb!
  8. coat color changing?
  9. puppy age
  10. New Foster Puppies With Pics
  11. German Shepherd owners.
  12. To jacket or not to jacket?
  13. Omg grrrr
  14. Man Accused Of Experimenting To Create 'Superior Breed'
  15. new animal planet "Pit Boss" show
  16. clearing up a misunderstanding
  17. Snow wanted
  18. Hearts lift, then break for lost autistic boy-Dog Stays by his Side
  19. American Bully bashers
  20. service dog
  21. Is she a Pit Bull??
  22. Re-homing my dog ): VENT
  23. My dogs are weird!
  24. And the ignorance continues
  25. Does my adopted girl look more amstaff, boxer, am pit bull?? Advice?
  26. Chevy went for his first walk today
  27. Misuse of authority: Dog warden deems dog vicious
  28. IADCRO & FIAPBT -- End the Law BSL against Pit Bull in Puerto Rico.
  29. Animal Cops Dog Fighting Episode
  30. My dog killed a cat tonight...I need some advice
  31. Family...
  32. petsmart disaster! I cant belive the reaction......
  33. Have you ever had to save your dog?
  34. Dogs that do the darnedest things
  35. Do You Leave Your Dog Unsupervised With Other Dogs?
  36. Lightning kills dog
  37. truth dont need papers
  38. We are home..
  39. Question...
  40. Owners could get fined for their dogs barking
  41. Ewing Animan Shelter to "destroy" cats next week
  42. insane dogs after bathtime
  43. Bsl essay help!
  44. WTH! Piranha pits?
  45. New friend.
  46. Looking For an untraditional Tri Chocolate female
  47. Does she look like a pit bull?
  48. moving
  49. Last Chance!!! 7-11-2009 @ 12 Noon CST to enter the 1st Annual PBC Internet Dog Show!
  50. what does BYB mean to YOU?
  51. Dog Obsessed with Dragon
  52. Insurance company needs our input!
  53. weird habits?
  54. Chihuahuas from Hell
  55. Only 2 of 85 dogs ousted from S.C. bases
  56. Please Help!
  57. VA-Prince William SPCA Opens Pet Food Pantry
  58. Proud of my girl
  59. looking for suggestions
  60. how big are they gonna get
  61. what should i do?
  62. Phoenix Is a Hero!
  63. Veronica's Easter Story
  64. Thanks and What about weight pulling?
  65. Now I've seen it all
  66. BlueNose pit...
  67. Met another pit bull owner
  68. dog on my door step this morning
  69. well trained dogs are aparantally very rare around here...
  70. Wow! Chickens have a lot of feathers (grr, dogs!)
  71. went to our first puppy class
  72. Truly amazed
  73. post
  74. Found low on a fridge!
  75. Letter to God from Dog.
  76. just thought some would like to see how rambo has grown
  77. HAHA saw this on yahoo...
  78. Craigslist forum post-would like your opinions
  79. My last will and testament for my dogs
  80. the owners of TANK, ODY, and BARRY
  81. Would you?
  82. Winning people over!
  83. would have been a perfect picture
  84. first time dog owners - puppy necessities
  85. New pics
  86. oaky here's the thing...
  87. Supporting the Breed?
  88. Want to own a APBT? Get used to giving up.
  89. I am sooo angry......
  90. what? Pitbulls are best breed ever!
  91. Whats Up With Boots ?
  92. Spay day USA – Information on spaying and neutering
  93. Celebrity Dog: Jessica Biel and Tina - Her Pit Bull
  94. Aren't people special?
  95. omg, still shocked
  96. UGGH need to vent!
  97. Animal shelter rules
  98. (from other forum) If dogfighting was never banned, could you be like the original...
  99. Top-notch vet care
  100. He needs help. What should I do?
  101. Vote?
  102. Do I Go Home Today? (poem)
  103. Dog bite
  104. question for people who have there dogs on chain set-ups
  105. Are APBTs...
  106. Bloodline?
  107. my dad is NOT a dog person..
  108. Ellis passed his CGC!!!!!!
  109. Advice on loose Pit Bull during our walks
  110. Shorkie pups?
  111. Crazy pics
  112. question on dog selection
  113. trunking,anyone ever heard of this?
  114. Vick news
  115. Tomorrow is IT....
  116. what should I do? very long read!
  117. Watching Judge Joe Brown
  118. Treat Equal.
  119. We gotta hunt for idiots and kill them!
  120. Pet Portraits at BONeJOUR
  121. What is wrong with people?
  122. Wondering what others do when it rains?
  123. Any Ideas for homemade pitbull tuff toys
  124. Wichita KS APBT owners
  125. Urgent apbt owner in reynoldsburg ohio needs help!
  126. Freakin Neighbors
  127. My pit bull may have saved my life
  128. all around educatonal apbt book
  129. what is the breed....
  130. Anyone see Peoples court
  131. The HAPPY Act - H. R. 3501
  132. Finally!!!
  133. Dog fight.....and a garbage can.
  134. mr. pancakes killed something
  135. need hotlink to seattles best pits
  136. PNW People!
  137. leash laws.
  138. They’re putting the shaft to us – this is how we fight back...
  139. Homecheck needed in Beaverton, OR
  140. Need help!
  141. beautiful dog of unknown origin
  142. Fact or fiction
  143. When another dog charges...
  144. For Those of You Who Keep Your Dogs Outside
  145. A funny about Michael Vick
  146. Lost Red Stripe
  147. Wootness in a New contest
  148. Cat Found Duct Taped From Head To Paws
  149. story for Stars and Stripes
  150. Women's Humane Society Clinic
  151. Colors....Normal?
  152. Please vote for Pit Bulls in FL
  153. Please read and sign petition
  154. TX-Garland animal shelter illegally killed cats, dogs, records show
  155. Pit Bull Awareness Site (People Trying To Get Breed Banned)
  156. Guide dog charity, no dogs placed in 2 years
  157. Biting Goldens...
  158. Other Bully Cousins
  159. I met a Cane Corso pup today
  160. Irresponsible dog other dog owners
  161. NY-Ithaca’s Pioneers of Dog Waste Composting
  162. Mad Johnny Baa Lamb is here to save the pit bulls
  163. San Francisco SPCA Offers to Train Deaf Woman's Dog Over the Phone
  164. Am I the only one that gets to take their dog to work?
  165. Death by Gas Chamber
  166. Something to hold on to...
  167. Bruce?
  168. what is the reason for this?
  169. When the shelter says NO!
  170. Great Places To Take Your Dog in & Around Denver Colorado or Not?
  171. should I?..
  172. Are they APBTs?
  173. "Pit Bull"
  174. That sick feeling you get
  175. Screw You Money Mart!
  176. Fox 13 news @ 10 tonight
  177. This is soo true..
  178. First iadcro international congress in video (free) - primer congreso internacional d
  179. Everyone please vote on this....
  180. WTF? Locals React in Shock to 'Almost Perfect Pit Bull' Monster
  181. Is there anything we can do? (long post)
  182. NY-Mans best defense
  183. The pitbull placebo
  184. How to pick a puppy?
  185. Scary moment while walking my foster!
  186. Yet another ? About Color :o
  187. i hate it
  188. tail clipping?
  189. humaine society
  190. Whew! Crazy..
  191. Logan has made new friends four legged and two legged
  192. My pitbull knows that I am not feeling well...
  193. What am I missing about Micheal Vick?
  194. Great Places To Take Your Dog in & Around Texas, Enchanted Rock
  195. picking up 2 new males
  196. long shot
  197. Oh, the joys of owning puppies semi-rant
  198. Does this pup look like a bully?
  199. Interesting Old Magazine Excerpt
  200. I need HELP!!!! friends who dont think their pits are dangerous
  201. Vick story on Dr Phil
  202. Books?
  203. apbt vs. cow
  204. Peach State Video Check it Out!!!!
  205. Lovable pit bull for adoption
  206. found this today
  207. Update :)
  208. Vote for woot!!!!
  209. Neighbor shot & killed puppy
  210. what would you call his color
  211. Nancy Pelosi Tries To Dupe San Francisco with H
  212. Gaming? Dog Fighting?
  213. He is too small
  214. All puppies in their new homes!
  215. Teenagers
  216. these are the breeds I'm considering...
  217. i need help
  218. Funny topic cousins kid asked me LOL
  219. another moving question
  220. New pup! (sorry no pics yet...)
  221. Great Places To Take Your Dog in & Around Phoenix
  222. Someone lost a dog...and he found our office...
  223. Chloebugs is a growin =D
  224. Sadie is scared of a babydoll
  225. Why do we need the picture to show the abuse?
  226. Remembering the rescue dogs at the World Trade Center and Pentagon
  227. Why I hate the subject of Bulldogs on other forums..
  228. For you HSUS supporters....
  229. HSUS: How to spot signs of Dog Fighting.
  230. Weapon of mass destruction
  231. Quillez
  232. movie
  233. whats a good age(weeks) to pick up a puppy?
  234. Question about my puppy?
  235. Pit Bulls around the Farm
  236. What a proud weekend!
  237. What made you choose this breed?
  238. Pitbull attacks again... Vote no!
  239. 1.5 years and $55 later...
  240. would i be in trouble??
  241. I think this is just ridiculous...really...
  242. Anyone raise their pits in an apartment?
  243. Pit bulls and small animals... what have you got?
  244. APBT Owners are TRULY blessed!
  245. VICKtory to the Underdog - Pitbull MOVIE!
  246. TampaPets gathering
  247. Does your cat ever get very angry?
  248. Do any of your cats shed hair excessively?
  249. Are your window screen panels really secure?
  250. Do any of you have a tile floor with no rugs at all?