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  1. Going to cause you to all mad at me.
  2. National Bully
  3. Fitness / Walking / LIGHTWEIGHT Draw Funnel - Which 1?
  4. Believed it was interesting
  5. Some one help me
  6. My Pup is just a Hellion Today
  7. Could it be possible the "Dogmen" are around romanticized?
  8. Imagine he didn't hear
  9. Pet planets pet preventing subjected
  10. An ill street dog bites my daughter.
  11. POOR Fight....Advice
  12. pitbulls.org on myspace
  13. Nicknames
  14. He's here!
  15. Deaf Hole Bulls
  16. Whats up with AADR?
  17. Can a Cat be eliminating worms?
  18. Save your self the hole
  19. Micro-chipping
  20. KLBJ Hole Bull Bashing
  21. Formally launched raja and willow today
  22. Do a Pit Bull be wanted by me?
  23. Efficiency versus Producing
  24. Ya, no.
  25. Child And Pet Security Port!
  26. Attempting to be considered a better ambassador.
  27. Why do people do that!
  28. Is/Are Your Dog( s) as Moody as My Pal Child Rowdy??
  29. Partner doesn't need still another pet for atleast 9 or ten years, perhaps not ever. Support!
  30. Is my dog a pitbull blend?
  31. Calif. Siblings block in make an effort to rescue pet
  32. Auburn, CA "Pit In" Protest Sunday 1 p.m.
  33. Why would you possess an APBT?
  34. Where's your dog's place?
  35. ? on small puppies
  36. Petsmart grin picture competition
  37. Looking for advice....
  38. Support needed seriously to transfer my puppy to UK from Thailand
  39. Seven days!!
  40. My personal favorite music for my two babys....
  41. UKC, AKC and ADBA picture assessment chart???
  42. I come here today with unlucky information
  43. Christmas Puppy Catastrophe
  44. Wootness in a Brand New competition
  45. Hole Bulls Are Educated To Fight( Please Describe)
  46. Favorite chew toy/bone?
  47. One Difficult Hole
  48. Irritated
  49. mating pitbulls
  50. Whenever we kiss them what experiences a pets mind?
  51. New puppy! (sorry no photos yet...)
  52. My pitbull (first one!)
  53. London Region SPCA Pet Get a handle on hits again
  54. Pet Vet in the region
  55. Exactly what a cry baby
  56. could vote be pleased by you for my Poohpa??
  57. 2 pets chance
  58. Still another line
  59. one large water dish
  60. Issue?
  61. Pets could be fruity...lol
  62. anabolic steroids for dogs??
  63. Gonna have a birtheday party!!
  64. Help me select a funnel shade for Bogart
  65. Issue about my mothers' mutt
  66. Please help! Frightened 2 walk my dog now!!
  67. Exactly why is it that correct national pitbull terriers are very difficult in the future by?
  68. Certification issue
  69. What other names or nicknames do pitbulls called by people?
  70. Property owner Insurance providers that address APB?
  71. does it ever reach you??
  72. And the prejudice remains
  73. Oh my goodness - you've to see this!
  74. Does my used woman search more amstaff, fighter, am pit bull?? Guidance?
  75. Just how much "drive" must I be wanting?
  76. What to do? My canines (dogs) battle one another?
  77. How is it possible that birds sleep in standing position
  78. Fortune played a role.....
  79. Would you simply not care?
  80. Nice Lacey searching for her Cagney
  81. Hinx Development?
  82. Are bullies fan and large?
  83. Hole Laboratory Blend?
  84. I'm straight back!
  85. Duke Thomas and kissing...
  86. $1,000 Reward for Information in Death of Puppy
  87. Im likely to cry!!!
  88. Being Fully A Pet Woman Can Raise Your Threat Of Destruction
  89. The National Terrier..A Type title change...
  90. Neighbors Hole Pup RUH-ROH!
  91. Exactly why is bad Candie a target???
  92. That made me laugh!
  93. A new home is needed by this cute kitty. (His mother recently handed away.)
  94. at what age do they...
  95. South Philadelphia Veterinarian Rec
  96. bloodlines,breeds
  97. Understanding how to be considered a Pit Bull
  98. Adorable story=)
  99. How did you select your pet
  100. Pet Dropped
  101. Dog and Cat in Love! LOl!
  102. Pet hopes needed
  103. This is actually the posture in his straight back ivwas speaing frankly about
  104. Gameness
  105. Wouldn't you think it????
  106. Ahhh.
  107. Bukra Is Throwing Ass!!
  108. Buddah's Back ground
  109. Only a bit
  110. Team Or Not??
  111. Debating...
  112. Run Pet Care - philadelphia metropolitan dog treatment professionals
  113. Mich craigslist pet. Lovely
  114. Welsh Corgi????
  115. Cats perform Patty Dessert
  116. crippen is in the building......
  117. Reproduction Our APBT'S Ourselves
  118. DROPPED DOG: How to proceed if your dog is lost by you
  119. Where you purchase your dog food.
  120. Is lovebirds needs more sleep ?(
  121. Is it legal to keep parrot in home?
  122. The Bottom Wiggle..
  123. Professions for Vet or Techs
  124. Non-working types
  125. I believe I'm ready
  126. LoLa's first playdate
  127. Bad appearing barking while playing??
  128. State's New Bear Pets Frighten Bears Back To The Woods
  129. What's our dog's breed???
  130. May-June 2010 - It's ultimately out...
  131. some previous photos i was proven
  132. You'll never think what they certainly were selling at Marshalls
  133. Which of those may be the most dangerous?
  134. Great information
  135. Omfg >.<"
  136. The press SUCKS!
  137. Guidance - who pays?
  138. The key reason why I REALLY LIKE my hickville city (sorry long article)
  139. Pet Walkers/Dog Caregivers?
  140. Pet Enthusiastic about Monster
  141. Is this typical?
  142. Only a pet
  143. DA and pet shelters
  144. Picnic pools
  145. Presenting my brother's new recovery CANDY!!
  146. One of my fish canít eat just because of my other fishes.
  147. My dog (Doberman) not listen my orders.
  148. How will you know?
  149. Documents
  150. Nizmos K9 Offer Outfit Contest!!
  151. Exactly what a morning... Need certainly to port
  152. Am bullies
  153. Songs//Your pets
  154. Concern about my soon to be puppy documents
  155. Crufts begins today!
  156. People first
  157. Cropped Ears
  158. Agree or Disagree?
  159. It's within their Blood-or-Throwback gene compells dog to get the "bull by the horns"
  160. How did hole bulls turn into a 'trend'?
  161. threatened to bite?
  162. Your preferred groomer
  163. Quinton
  164. Lovely apbt good with other pets and kiddies enjoys people really nice
  165. Based on some one I understand
  166. Need tenants insurance, can some one help?
  167. A Little of suggestions about contributing to our bunch?
  168. Combining APBT with STOMACH
  169. Xmas pine fundraiser for Atlanta Bully Rescue
  170. The delights of craigslist....
  171. Protection on its last leg
  172. Cold temperatures walking?
  173. How high is the pet?
  174. Moist climate boredem!!
  175. Why would you possess an APBT?
  176. Anybody buying pit bull pleasant position around Philly?
  177. Is the location 'hole' pleasant
  178. Only Venting
  179. Dog Pictures at BONeJOUR
  180. Historic image
  181. Global Journey with Our Pets - Anybody Here Have Knowledge With It?
  182. How to not split up a Pit Bull battle
  183. National team or pit bull terrier
  184. SBT in the combination?
  185. ok.. Silly question about shade
  186. Preferred Dogman ever and top pets
  187. No destroy shelters-Kill shelters?
  188. cats and sets
  189. Are you able to help me determine the type?
  190. NM-puppy abused.
  191. Dessin Protection Needs Your Help!
  192. please help me out men
  193. Plenty of photos of my children
  194. What The....
  195. Multiple Tasking
  196. Irritating remarks
  197. Moving your pets
  198. How to teach the dog and what food is good for them
  199. We are going and i've some concerns
  200. Da
  201. How do I tellif your dog has been microchipped?
  202. South Jersey Fat Draw
  203. Mix-breed Issue
  204. Would You Reside In Detroit
  205. Is the pet a combination? In my opinion so because......
  206. Purina Busy Bone Dental For Small/Medium pets perhaps not recommended for doll breeds??? Why?
  207. Girl Attempting to sell her Individual Intense Hole Bull (Craigslist)
  208. Pup mind creases
  209. I'm unsure how I experience this..
  210. Anybody in illinois or near by
  211. Burns Off blood!!!!!
  212. Pleased Gotcha Morning Woman!
  213. Blame the Pitbull or the Human Poll? VOTE HERE!
  214. My Calendar Cuties for 2009
  215. Only when i thought I'd noticed it all...
  216. omg had to generally share
  217. Something I believe Ohio got right...
  218. Your distinctive pet names.
  219. Pitbull love.
  220. Not really a Staffy but I do want to carry him home? Just how to persuade husband?
  221. Center breaking
  222. Still another pet battle today
  223. Taking a look at some puppies!
  224. what shade
  225. I suppose prong collars are BAD...
  226. Kids can be left by dog bites with emotional scars also
  227. Omg grrrr
  228. Discover the pit bull sport?
  229. Unusual Recovery Necessity
  230. that puppy in the mirror
  231. Oh My Goodness, Men! (Awesome information and an issue)
  232. my alarm system
  233. Please vote for Jack!
  234. Bulls to be pitted by new
  235. To people who're conditioning/keeping your dogs...
  236. Scentless Candles to advantage Shelter!
  237. "pit bull" post on wikipedia
  238. Supporting a friend...
  239. Harming Animals
  240. More pet issues
  241. PBC's Vacation Card Trade
  242. Pup Fever!!
  243. ukc or ckc?
  244. I understand you dislike these but what somewhat bully type you think she's?
  245. Would like to get another pup
  246. Issue about cages and dividers...
  247. Enhancing the pitbull picture
  248. does Trina appear part Weimeriner?
  249. Pleased Birthday Nick
  250. Please sign this application