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  1. another off leash story with happy ending
  2. which you think is better
  3. What kind of Bully do I have? Please help identify.
  4. 3 weeks of boarding...
  5. Weekend events
  6. anyone
  7. blue eyes
  8. "But he doesn't act like a Pit"
  9. what color
  10. Best quote to represent the American Pit Bull Terrier
  11. cool video!
  12. Pitbull
  13. Some suggestions!
  14. a mystery
  15. Our Boy Roscoe
  16. Nothing to do with a pit, but I just found a dog :(
  17. Giving blood
  18. FREE Kitten/Cat
  19. Breeder Rant
  20. What is it??
  21. my tyra and the new pups
  22. i have a urge
  23. Found my new pup
  24. Pardon me, Miss. Your dog just drank my beer.
  25. Owner of Indy!
  26. Update on Bella
  27. Funny Story
  28. Outbreak In Brooklyn
  29. Stupid Aggressive Dog
  30. looking for nice graphics...
  31. This makes me hot!
  32. APBT with Holland Ancestry
  33. Dogs owned by specific races and cultures
  34. need a favor
  35. OMG - so tempted to pull this baby!!
  36. I forgot Logan's birthday!!!
  37. So where are the educating links? Someone needs a lesson help me educate these people
  38. Tactfully handling negative encounters with random strangers
  39. ty, ACS Policies Upset Family
  40. Dogs: The Police Snouts
  41. Bubba won't be charged a vicious dog!
  42. How Long Have u Had ur Dog(s)
  43. The police man who allowed his dogs to die...
  44. D-boy the apbt hero
  45. Careers for Vet or Techs
  46. I hate my job right now.....I'm almost in tears
  47. Does Your Veterinarian Need to Improve Communication Skills?
  48. Adoption Fees....
  49. Not a winner!
  50. Logan is in the doghouse
  51. Help getting to my blog page.
  52. Blind border collie gets has own guide dog
  53. How Many Times a Week Do You Walk Your Dog(s)
  54. Tinkerbell + Water = bad bad news
  55. Grant the Library Dog Rocks the Parade
  56. sad (non pitbull) news, Dearborn, MI
  57. Got a couple nice compliment yesterday
  58. Someone was gonna get in trouble!
  59. What is the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test and how do I use it?
  60. Pit Bull banning in my town!
  61. Interesting Pittie website (some images are graphic)
  62. musical food bowls...
  63. Should We Bring Our Pit Bull To PetSmart?
  64. this is so heartbreaking.....
  65. So, I took Destiny to Petsmart today, and I got in a fist fight....
  66. BSL-Is Your Dog Safe?
  67. Breeding Our APBT'S Ourselves
  68. Stories About Your dog swimming
  69. Our Dogs' Names, A-Z
  70. Bubba's Missing
  71. Thor's Story
  72. What do you think?
  73. Approaching 2 years...Diesel Grows Up!
  74. another possible pit bull mix
  75. Scar on his nose!
  76. need help with puppy transport
  77. My Calendar Cuties For 2009- 2010
  78. video of odie and red
  79. what is "rainbow bridge"?
  80. Great selling ploy :(
  81. He lost fingers saving his dog from gator attack - TODAY Pets
  82. Basic BSL ?
  83. Dog drags baby into woods
  84. Ideas for concrete yard
  85. People Aggressive APBT's
  86. Your Dogs Breed Age and Weight
  87. Standards
  88. Short and Athletic Or Big & Bulky
  89. What Made You Interested In APBT's
  90. New puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!
  91. My day....yesterday.
  92. Police dog attacks woman
  93. i found a stray...is this a pit or a pit mix?
  94. Oklahoma couple skins puppy
  95. "Gentle, loyal family dog"
  96. Pet Deterrent bashes Pit Bulls
  97. Interesting Journey...Your First post on PBC!
  98. WINNERS CERTIFICATES...1st Annual PBC Internet Dog Show
  99. Go tell these people about bsl!!!
  100. UKC question
  101. Just a random question?
  102. Does your guy/girl pout when they're in trouble?
  103. NOLA-Police Dog Tore Up Car Before Dying From Heat
  104. Lets Try Again
  105. How much pit is in this dog?
  106. They act as if they cannot see well
  107. Hazel had her first spat
  108. Getting ready for new additions.
  109. Chokers
  110. Another good day at the park
  111. how old is my dog?
  112. NEW! Improved! Foster Dogs for Adoption!
  113. CO~Free Spay & Neuter Clinics
  114. help me figure out her mix
  115. Judges,prosecuting attorneys violating laws to discriminate against pit bull dogs....
  116. Had our first play date today
  117. BSL,CGC,SAR and service dogs
  118. I brought Ginger to Petsmart yesterday
  119. Happy did something terrible.....twice!
  120. I swear the Media just can not help itself...
  121. What is your favorite?
  122. The dogmen of old leave you with this...
  123. Foursome enjoys new leash on life
  124. Went to petsmart today
  125. Master Pit?
  126. Profiling
  127. Trees beware...
  128. Homeowners Insurance with American Staffordshire Terriers
  129. Quick Question?
  130. People Want Me to Pimp out my Dog Rant
  131. I don't understand people
  132. Got a bully puppy, hope he doesnt kill me!
  133. Anyone have good pitbull poems for my site? Here is mine.
  134. Woman needs info on bait dogs
  135. Dogo branseno
  136. Harassed by a Chihuahua...
  137. Did you previously believe the hype about pit bulls?
  138. Now that you've had your doggie around for a while..
  139. TMZ Article
  140. please help me out guys
  141. Dog Lost
  142. New pup (second hand though :sigh:)
  143. How Protective is your pit?
  144. sitting on the fence
  145. When is it time for Another?
  146. Results of the "1st Annual PBC Internet Dog Show"
  147. Pit bull Love from utah
  148. I don't get this "test"
  149. New puppy
  150. Paws up ! All Pet Airline hits the skies
  151. seriously depressed about our local AC
  152. Is THIS animal cruelty?
  153. how to introduce baby to dog?
  154. questions about online pedigrees
  155. Service Dogs
  156. HI!!!! Very exciting news!
  157. Leaving my puppy at the family house.
  158. Does tractor supply let you take your dog inside?
  159. dumb craisglist lady playing the race card
  160. GOPetPlan - Philly Pet Insurance (Fetch Insurance Co)
  161. Getting Registration For My APBT
  162. Thank you pitbull-chat.
  163. UKC certificate of DNA analysis
  164. What is our dog's breed???
  165. Nyc speaks out against bsl and supports "bring bruce home" campaign
  166. Is an APBT the right dog for me? (excersise and winter)
  167. apbt breeders in MN?
  168. We did it! - new CGC !!!
  169. Goofy Dreaming Noises
  170. Pocket Pits/Bullys
  171. Help with playing ball
  172. sad story
  173. I want
  174. Bad Pit-Bull Owners!
  175. state says no BSL but some cities have it
  176. Rottwieler breeders?
  177. Undershot Mouths??? Inverted Canines???
  178. my new stereotype, and petsmart adventure
  179. Read it and weep- my blood runs cold!
  180. The Official Defendpitbulls.com thread!
  181. Cassius Needs Friends
  182. potential pit bull owner needs advice!!
  183. Neighbors are going to call AC.
  184. Your Opinions Please..
  185. "Pitbull Breeder"
  186. What type???
  187. renting with pitbulls
  188. Can't a girl just watch a movie? (semi rant)
  189. Whoever Said Bully Breeds Are The Only Breed To Use The Spring Pole?
  190. Auburn, CA "Pit In" Protest Sunday 1 p.m.
  191. Jack Russell Terrier Funny(Is this cruel)?
  192. Who was it? (Dark dog with black collar and blue rhinestones?)
  193. How Do We Make Rescuing Better ?
  194. Can Y'all Help Me.....
  195. OFA Certification
  196. Louisville Kennel Club Important Court Decision
  197. giving our dogs something special....
  198. Ruby fights cancer
  199. Breed restrictions in San Antonio?
  200. I would be so mad!!
  201. Does your SO get jealous over your dog?
  202. Pregnant Cat - Stray
  203. BYB?? Not sure..
  204. Celebrating dogs with jobs on Labor Day
  205. Has Anyone Ever Seen Rear Dew Claws on an APBT??
  206. BYB's excuses
  207. I dont know what you are talking about
  208. Catahoula Pit mix
  209. Sign Petition to Stop Dog Fighting
  210. Check out This Gamedog Forum!
  211. Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions
  212. uh oh BATHTIME!!
  213. what should I refer two of my dogs as?
  214. I think I might have 2 possible pitbull puppies
  215. Doberman Pincher
  216. Question?
  217. Anyone want a dog?
  218. Check this out
  219. pets mart continues (something i forgot to mention)
  220. Before we're gone...
  221. Litter sales?
  222. Heroes
  223. What to do about Kitty?
  224. Sheep in wolves clothing.
  225. What do you guys think of my pup?
  226. We met a littermate!!
  227. My girl just got attacked by a bully at Petsmart, I am beyond pissed.
  228. Couple quick questions
  229. Dexter 9 mos Hippo or Normal Size?
  230. VERY patient pitbull
  231. I'm sorry.
  232. Hello! - want to breed
  233. Ever adopt a second same-sex pit? Did they ever make-up & how long did it take?
  234. Day at the park
  235. Traveling with Your Pet: The AAA PetBook New Edition and Photo Contest
  236. postal carrier
  237. Puppy Social!
  238. Dogs dumped on island turn to cannibalism
  239. advice please
  240. Another Amazing Night.. Then It Turned To Hell
  241. Boundaries?
  242. Anybody read the Pitbull Placebo?
  243. Fear and Loathing in San Antonio
  244. I complained ... Dog took the hit
  245. Dog fighter busted.....Now I am bottle feeding 2 of the pups
  246. They call it puppy love: Honda's dog-friendly Element
  247. Hennessy took one for the breed.
  248. my pit got away from husband & hit by car
  249. Puppy Mills
  250. West Auckland "menacing dogs"!!!