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Default al Zawahiri and his ilk insult Islam.
Al-Qaida No. 2 Urges Attacks on Israel, U.S. Friday, March 24, 2008 3:30 AM CAIRO, Egypt -- Al-Qaida deputy chief Ayman al-Zawahri named on Muslims in a brand new audiotape launched Monday to hit Jewish and American goals in retribution for Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip early in the day this month.
LOL, I am killed by these bozos. Like probably in most movie they've actually released, didn't bin packed and zawahiri already contact for jihads for different issues already. I can claim that I noticed this all before, some jihad against Israel and the UNITED STATES for various issues against Islam, perhaps hundred times already. Then when they call for jihad and no body listens, they only calls for it again and again and again. Maybe they expect that from time to time, some outcast Western Muslim, while attempting to go back once again to his origins and, at exactly the same time, discover some meaning in his life, may go out and destroy some herself in addition to innocent people. It's getting tougher to call this war on terror a war. These horror team leaders have no power, they've no power. All they've is just a long chain of problems. The modern world can be more stopped by them no from changing the Arab World then US warplanes could be stopped by them from ruining their small Arab horror military they delivered to Afghanistan. The WTC episodes was a catastrophe for al qaeda. One would genuinely believe that they'd be ashamed to help keep calling for jihad. It just shows how helpless they're.
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