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Default Large reductions in the pipeline for major restructuring is planned by German military;
Indonesia plans a significant restructuring of the little army. They would like to decrease their defense budget from $38.5 billion to $37.2 billion and slice the military power from 250,000 to 163,000, Indonesia really wants to save your self $4 million from 2011-2014 by restructuring their military and closing the draft. Would that work here? Our protection budget is $1 trillion and Congress gave $6 trillion to the Pentagon within the last 9 years. Canada's defense budget is $21.8 million for 100,000 soldiers. Germany's is likely to be $37.2 million for 163,000 soldiers, including 5,000 used in Afghanistan. It'd save your self $50 million annually, if our budget is cut by us by five minutes. Gates really wants to reduce 50 generals and admirals, Russia is reducing 200 flag officers and reducing their size of the army to at least one million by 2016. Army and our protection team has 2 million civilians, 700,000 companies and 3 million soldiers. Do we wish to continue being the world's policeman (since 1898 with the invasion of Cuba and the Philippines), or must we lower our size and prices to create our military more professional and nimble? Our 950 banner officials say they are able to not get enough competent American youth to serve; many have waivers for medications, felonies, and psychological problems. Based on the Ny Times, German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg unmasked plans to rebuild Germany's armed forces in what's seen as one of the most revolutionary military shake-ups since the conclusion of the Cold War (drop of the Berlin Wall in November 1989). The steps include closing conscription (the draft, dummies!), lowering the Bundeswehr, or military, to 163,000 from 250,000 and streamlining the control structures. The target would be to change the army right into a very professional and versatile corps. Mr. Guttenberg hopes that by lowering the standing army by not exactly 90,000 soldiers, he is able to find more and better-trained troops to assist in NATO or E.U. Global tasks. Mr. Guttenberg stated that at as soon as, despite having this type of huge army, the military can offer only as much as 7,000 soldiers to assist in five tasks at any given time. The bundle of improvements, which will contain shedding pounds the 9 split up military commands along with ending most of the 403 barracks, implies that Mr. Guttenberg will have the ability to provide more rewards and better pay so as to attract more competent employees. Despite missing powerful political support from the war-mongering conservative bloc, Mr. Guttenberg grabbed on Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble's savings intend to go ahead together with his protection changes. Under great pressure to locate reductions in their own ministry, Mr. Guttenberg said the German military would need to save your self around $4 million from 2011-2014. Well, what do you consider, sports fans? Must we fire 100,000 companies, or what, cut 250 flag officers and cut the defense budget by five minutes? Our senile Congressmen say we're at war, except they forgot to declare war. Our 950 banner officials say we're at war, yet 95% of these haven't visited Iraq or Afghanistan.
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