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Default US. Military resumes murder strategy on Al Qaida. (Pt 1)
This must continue!!!!! This kind of matter is going on periodically for the previous 5 decades, but only in Afghanistan and Iraq. Pakistan and Waziristan will always be off limits. No further. We have to study on the targeting of individuals like Mugniyah in different places, and do the same. Wherever Al Qaida is, they must be hunted down. I actually do not care if it's a hit, or even the old fashioned type of murder that got out Mugniyah. There must be ROOM for the Taliban and Al Qaida to full cover up. The guidelines should change, Israel thought it out, and we're just starting to "get it" again. Let's only hope the diplo-monkeys and civillians, don't start crying about that material.
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I doubt there is much of Al-Qaeda left anywhere now. Better off worrying about Iran, or the Pakistani government itself as threats to your freedom, if there are any..
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