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Default The way the army ought to be lower
I've identified five goals of-the US military: (1) removing and repelling any attack (2) removing any long-range main-stream, nuclear, biological, or chemical hits on USA place (3) securing the boundaries and coastlines (4) catastrophe reduction (5) embassy protection and hostage rescue Observe that I've left "protect the interests of billionaire thieves who rape the US community left and right" from the record. With one of these five goals in mind, here are my recommended changes.
  • Looking in a globe map, it becomes quite apparent that the UNITED STATES has simply no valid reason to keep large standing surface forces. Consequently, the Military and Marines will soon be totally removed.
  • All speacial procedures forces (SOF) will be combined in to a specific SOF, for effectiveness, and will only be engaged in hostage rescue and embassy protection.
  • The CIA is likely to be disbanded in disgrace, using the worst offenders tried for crimes against humanity.
  • The National Guard will soon be assigned with disaster relief, according to normal, and with protecting the boundaries from possible terrorists and other undesirables.
  • The Coast Guard may avoid infiltration of our nation by other undesirables and possible terrorists, and continue to cope with historic problems.
  • The Air National Guard will soon be removed to be redunant using the Air Force. The Air Force and
  • the Navy may endure severe reductions. All international angles will be completely closed, and the Navy and Air Force will be lowered to a size appropriate to satisfying goals 1-2 without losing hard-earned taxpayer money.
  • The nuclear arsenals of the Navy and the Air Force won't be cut.
  • The GPS satellite constellation is likely to be preserved, alongside numerous observation satellites.
In case of an invasion, Navy and the Air Force, and, if required, the National Guard, may destroy the invasion force at sea (or at among the edges, if relevant). The nuclear strategy may carry on to own its prevention function. Hostages will continue to be saved, and embassies will continue to be guarded. Nevertheless, with no Army and Marines, and with a much thinner Air Force and Navy, countless millions of dollars is likely to be preserved. There will be simply no requirement for moronic conflicts, such as the people Dumbya began, and the National Guard and Coast Guard (along side customs authorities), will maintain possible terrorists from our nation. With the CIA removed, and with Pax Americana dead, our nation may once more possess the moral high ground. All defensive requirements becoming met, will be met under my suggestion, the hard-working people of our nation will no further be burdened with acutely wasteful military spending.
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