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Default Al-Qaeda:"France Justifies Jihad"
Mightn't be too bad when the jehadis overcome that cesspool call the vatican. Who knows, it could actually enhance the human rights report of the vatican!! I'm Catholic, and your declaration betrays the Catholics who uphold Israel and will work hard to alter the church's views on-the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And let's perhaps not overlook Jews being in bed with Muslims in Middle-Ages Spain, which resulted in Christians rage from the Jews. Muslim Leaders haven't, as the Church and other Christians have apologized time and time again for items that they've done and actually not done. And there's nothing wrong with the human rights of the Vatican. I congratulate them for maintaining Judeo-Christian morals at the same time when many Christians and Jews have neglected them. As rest of Eurabia for France and the, there's a part of me that shouts Schadenfreude. Nevertheless, I actually do understand that if italy or the EU falls to islam, all civilized world is likely to be confronted with a danger unlike any the world has ever seen. Europe gets the lowest Church work on the planet. Europe could be punished by God giving them to their opponents. That stands as a warning for America. They require to begin paying their respects to Allah, if Europe refuses to bend before the God of Issac, Abraham and Jacob.
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