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Default Six killed in an assault outside U.S. Consulate in Istanbul
From information article: Three unknown gunmen and three Turkish policemen were killed Wednesday in a assault on a guard post at the principal entrance of the well-fortified U.S. Consulate in Istanbul that authorities described a "terrorist" work. Turkish authorities released a large-scale analysis on-the incident.( UPDATED) The attack was "an apparent work of terrorism" targeted at america, the country's ambassador to Turkey said. "It is sufficient to express they're terrorists who completed a cowardly and dastardly assault from the U.S. diplomatic mission and Turkish authorities. Our two nations remain together in-the battle against global terrorism," Ross Wilson informed reporters in Ankara. The three attackers leaped from the vehicle and opened fire at law enforcement gate around 11:00a.m. (0800 GMT), officers told journalists, adding they also fired shots at the building. The security forces came ultimately back fireplace, killing all three gunmen. Wilson said protection procedures were beefed up at the consulate in addition to at the U.S. embassy in the consulate and Ankara in the southern town of Adana, near which a significant Turkish air base is usually utilized by U.S. Plane. Both White House or even the U.S. Secretary of State didn't expressly mention the assault directed at the U.S. Condoleezza Rice talked "deep regret" on Wednesday following a assault. "I realize that some policemen were among people who died and we very much appreciate what really was a very quick and correct reaction from the federal government to try to cope with the security situation before our consulate," she informed reporters aboard her airplane as she flew from Sofia to Tbilisi. Asked if she'd any info on perhaps the U.S. consulate was the goal of the assault, she said: "We don't know." She added that she'd perhaps not yet been in a position to examine the problem with Wilson. Early in the day in Washington, the White House condemned the assault, but wouldn't discuss whether the consulate was the goal. AUTHORITIES WAS FOCUSED The attackers "directly" focused law enforcement post away from high-walled U.S. consulate within the area of Istinye, Istanbul land Governor Muammer Guler said. "There is not any question this is just a terrorist attack," Istanbul Gov. Muammer Guler said. Police discovered the perpetrators of the armed attack, Guler informed reporters after visiting injured police officials in a local hospital, introducing all present research suggests that three of the attackers who were killed throughout the attack were of Turkish origin. Guler additional police were in search of the attacker who left the world and said the assault was taken by the police security program (MOBESE). Guler claimed the wounded police officer and the driver of the police tow truck weren't in life threatening situation. Turkish Interior Minister Besir Atalay stated that no body has claimed responsibility for the assault away from consulate. "We have discovered that the vehicle was utilized in the assault and have decided the registration plate number. Witnesses stated that three attackers got out-of the automobile, while still another stayed inside. As well," Atalay included he might be hurt. Istanbul's main prosecutor Aykut Cengiz Engin said the enemies were armed with guns and shotguns. Forensic groups were observed examining a shotgun on the floor. The assault happened right away from high-walled consulate compound in Istinye area. Guns and weapons were taken at the picture following the shootout, which lasted about five minutes. Engin also said this really is "a enemy attack." "The 20-25 year-old enemies used pomp motion shotguns and handguns within the assault. The assault was performed by four people. Among the enemies left the world in the automobile found in the attack," he told reporters. Yavuz Erkut Yuksel, a, told CNN-Turk tv the enemies emerged from the automobile and amazed the guard. While covering his rifle and shot him within the head," Yuksel said "one of these approached a policeman. Guler said two of the enemies were Turkish people. Authorities were seeking a next assailant who apparently fled in-a vehicle. CONSULATE TEAM The vehicle, explained both as white or gray, was influenced with a last accomplice who went down following the assault. The security forces launched a significant search for a helicopter and the automobile was over flying the region. A U.S. Embassy speaker said there have been no reports of deaths among American consulate workers, but couldn't verify Turkish press reports of deaths and accidents. "At about 1-1 a.m., one or more attacker opened fire on the Turkish authorities guard article region near the principal entrance for the consulate," the U.S. embassy speaker said. "We are getting the right measures" and co-operating with law enforcement. The safe U.S. consulate building was constructed after Islamic militants associated with al-Qaeda completed suicide bombings in 2003 that specific two synagogues, a bank in Istanbul and the British Consulate. These episodes killed 58 people. On the European part of Istanbul the consulate occupies an imposing structure on a slope in Istinye, a largely residential neighbor hood across the Bosporus Strait. http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/english/h...id=244&sz=6473
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