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Default The Muslim Students Association and the Jihad Community
Two days before 9/11, Al-Talib co-sponsored a at UC-Irvine to recognition Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, a.k.a. H. Reputation Brown, former Minister of Justice for that Black Panthers.32 A highlighted guest speaker at this occasion was a Black Muslim called Abdul-Alim Musa, Imam of Masjid al-Islam in Washington, D.C.33 Said Musa: AaA'WeAaare suggesting about apartheid the following in The Usa. No apartheid of the 1960s, but an apartheid at this time today. You're fighting some one that's exceptional in criminality and Nazism, when you battle Old Uncle Sam. AaA The American criminalizer sic may be the most skilled oppressor the world has ever known. AaAAaA34 The November 2001 release of Al-Talib highlighted three full-page, shade ads requesting contributions for the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), the Worldwide Relief Foundation (GRF), and the Benevolence International Foundation (BIF ).35 30 days later, all these pseudo-charities could be turn off by federal agencies for financing al-Qaeda and Hamas terrorists. The Muslim Students Association of UC Berkeley says that its objective is to help AaA'those wishing to recognize, enjoy, and exercise their Islam without diminishing their morals and beliefsAaA; to teach non-Muslims AaA'about the myths regarding Islam and the Islamic method of lifeAaA; and to AaA'foster a cultural group for Muslims.36 But MSA-UCBAaas pursuits extend well beyond problems associated with individual development and training. Its constitution clearly says that certain of its main goals would be to AaA'develop activism of Muslims on college and within the community.AaA37 It regards two of BerkeleyAaas Muslim school people Aaa Hamid Algar, who is just a advocate of the Ayatollah Khomeni, and Hatem Bazian, who has required an in America Aaa as role models, and its web site makes specific reference to both.38 Algar particularly works directly with the business, and appreciates its assistance for Wahhabism, the doctrine of jihad as holy war. In his 2,000 book, Wahhabism: A Vital Essay, he appreciates MSAAaas connections to revolutionary Islam: AaA'Although the MSA steadily varied its contacts with Arab states, formal acceptance of Wahhabism stayed strong.AaA39 Algar further notes that in 1980, MSA UCB printed a translation of documents by Ibn Abd al-Wahhab, the 18th century founder of Wahhabism, which continued to end up being the principal state sect in Saudi Arabia. And he calls attention to MSAAaas part in-the development of the Islamic Society of The United States, which Islam student Stephen Schwartz explains as AaA'a department of the Saudi religious militia running to enforce Wahhabi submission on all American Islam.AaA40 MSA-UCB includes a record of violence toward university speakers who make an effort to reveal the problems of revolutionary Islam. For instance, the Israel Action Committee and Berkeley Hillel collectively asked Islam student Daniel Pipes to deal with the Berkeley student human anatomy on February 10, 2004. On the morning of PipesAaa speech to a market of around 700 Berkeley individuals, some 50 to 70 members of MSA-UCB joined up with the Berkeley chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine to stop him by interrupting his speech and over and over repeatedly calling him a and a AaA'Zionist.AaA University authorities fundamentally needed to remove the demonstrators from the auditorium.41 Within the same month, the sixth annual MSA West Conference was hosted by MSA UCB. The featured speaker with this occasion was the once anti-Semitic Abdel Malik-Ali,who angrily denounced AaA'the Zionist JewsAaA and declared that AaA'neo-cons are Zionist Jews.AaA42 After reading aloud a magazine report about Jewish leaders who feared that the Iraq War may result in an backlash, he said: AaA'Let the backlash begin.AaA43 During the week of October 22-26, 2007, the David Horowitz Freedom Center kept Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week (IFAW) actions at the Berkeley campus within an attempt to teach individuals about the grave risk that radical Islam presented to the planet. MSA- UCB organized a competitive week of activities entitled AaA'Peace Perhaps not Prejudice WeekAaA that opened with a testing and discussion of the movie Ghosts of Abu Ghraib, which portrayed American military personnel as barbarians wanting to brutalize helpless Muslims for activity. By showing this movie, MSA-UCB communicated a definite message: The actual danger to mankind wasn't Islamofascism, but AmericaAaas egregious disregard for human rights. Among the featured speakers at Islamo Fascism Consciousness Week was Nonie Darwish, the author of Now they Contact Me Infidel; Why I Renounced Jihad for Israel, America and the War on Terror. Darwish, whose father was the top of the fedayeen, the very first terrorist team to attack Israel, was increased in a conventional Muslim house in Gaza. She described the destruction of females under Islam, that light emitting diode her to renounce the religion. MSA-USB people over and over repeatedly interrupted her conversation, calling her a and a At some points, the interruption was so loud that Darwish couldn't talk. University authorities had to get rid of the demonstrators in the auditorium.45
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