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Default Chicken born with four legs in India

Chicken born with four legs in India

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September 04, 201210:36AM

Four-legged chickenExperts say the four-legged chicken coul

Experts say the four-legged chicken could have its genetic defect corrected with surgery. Source: Supplied

A RARE four-legged chicken has been discovered in rural India where it happily lives with an extra set of limbs.

The five-month old creature was born with polymelia, that is an extra set of limbs, in the Northeast village of Kitam. It has two normal legs and an extra set of what appear to be suspended legs that dangle from behind.

But experts told CBS News that surgery could correct the defect.

“Polymelia is basically a genetic deformity. It happens during development of embryo and sometimes not only in chicks but other animals also this happens and it's not a surprising thing but it happens very rarely,” said local veterinary expert Arjun Adhikari.

“If it a major vital organ, it needs a major surgery otherwise limps and all we can take out with minor surgery and they can survive for their normal life,” he said.
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