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Counter Strike is still very popular in the internet cafes here. Ragnarok and other online role playing games are also popular. Here is a recent news article:

Quote[/b] ]Korean online games nab share of Thai market

BANGKOK - Ragnarok, a popular South Korean online game, is winning over a large number of fans among gamers in Thailand, according to a report by the Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency's (KOTRA) representative office here.

The office said on Tuesday that 58.9% of those polled in a gamers' survey cited Ragnarok as their favorite cyber game.

The game, by South Korea's Gravity Corp, was able to attract gamers in Thailand by going local and upgrading its service infrastructure and game story line.

In particular, the company offered a Thai-language version of the game. Up until now Thais had to cope with games that used English as the primary language.

The local version of the popular online game, which has a large following in China, Japan and South Korea, also features an ancient Thai kingdom, which the company said contributes to greater interest in it.

The KOTRA office in Bangkok said that besides Ragnarok, other Korean-made cyber games are also doing well.

(Asia Pulse/Yonhap)
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