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The original question seems to suggest that the questioner is worried only about his/her own salaat. What about the other musallees? Is the salaat of others not important? Also if the imaam is distracted by some mobile ring or music it could render his and the whole jamaats salaat invalid

I think it is vitally important that one does not disturb the concentration of fellow musallees by allowing the mobile to ring continously. A ringing mobile may or may not affect the concentration of the mobile owner but definitely annoys other people..I can vouch for that..

The most distracting ringtones I've heard during salaat are usually the naats or indian songs people put on their phones. I know many people like the naats/nasheeds but these are much more distracting than a bell sound for example. Songs as ringtones are pure haraam anyway so a true believer wouldn't have them on a mobile anyway

What we should remember is that when in a masjid we are there to pray in front of allah(swt) so it is important that worldly distractions such as mobiles are silenced otherwise it is hugely disrespectful.
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