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Default Name footballers who were rellies, school mates, neighbours, teachers etc...
Who did you know, were related to, played footy with, went to school with, lived across the road from etc...... who went on to play WAFL or VFL/AFL?

I'll kick things off, I'm repeating myself to a few people here but here goes.

Alex Hamilton (East Perth mid to late 70's) - was my phys ed teacher at John Forrest SHS.

Phil Kelly (East Perth dual Sandover Medalist) also a phys ed teacher for a short time at JFSHS.

Alan Johnson (champion Perth and Melbourne wingman in the 70's/80's) - second cousin, never met him but my mum grew up with his mum. I wore his number 20 in juniors.

George Mavor (EF backman in the 50's/60's who played state footy i think) - his brother David was a close uncle. Real shit stirrer when EF knocked us off. Still going strong.

Bill Dempsey, Joe Fanchi (super boot) and Frank Margaria. (All WP champions) - my old man was good friends with these old WP champions from the 60's and 70's who came to our house on a few occasions in the 70's and 80's. I probably didn't appreciate the football royalty i was surrounded by back then. One night Frank (uncle Frank) Margaria took to a Perth scarf i had with a pair of scizzors and had me in tears. The cheeky bastard then got the WPFC to send me a WP junior membership. I think i took to that with a pair of scizzors. Now you Garlic Munchers know why i hate West Perth!!

I can't think of any footballers i played with or against that went on to league level but a few that were a couple of years younger went on.
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