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Watched my first lot of footage courtesy of the Archive on the weekend.

Three lots of Cardies highlights from 1982 (games v South Freo, East Freo and Subi).

So many things to bring up:

1) Can't believe the change in West Perth from 81 to 82. I haven't seen any 81 games, but from everything I've read they were a rabble, especially in the second half of the season.

2) Love the hair styles!

3) I could sit and watch highlights of Stephen Michael play all day.

4) Chris Stasinowsky - What's the deal with him? I know he switched to South Fremantle, and then ended up at Perth, but was he a bit of a hothead or something? Look as though he was a skill level above most on the ground.

5) The WP v EF game? I take it this was the infamous game at Leederville that's spoken about? That Ben Jager elbow to David Rankin's head was pretty disgraceful. It was probably in retaliation to whatever broke Brian Adamson's jaw, but still not excusable. Did he get weeks for it?

6) Ken Judge - Odd seeing him run around in a sleeveless jumper! Great skills though.

7) Kevin Taylor - I'm completely intrigued by this guy. Not sure whether it's the red hair (I'm a fellow bloodnut), the mo' or that amazing left foot of his, but his career fascinates me. That goal he kicks in the dying minutes of the game is great.

8) Helmets. Showed my wife the helmet that David Court was sporting back then and she cracked up. Great stuff.

Also - quality of the footage was great. Awesome work!
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