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cheers gasman this stuff is gold! escort cup was fascinating - collingwood wearing a different strip - something they (or eddie) became quite stubborn about later. the match between the garlic munchers and the mighty sharks was a trip down memory lane. crowds in those days, shame no one goes now - so much better when the crowd is evenly divided - there is not the same atmosphere when everyone supports the one team. kevin taylor was a brilliantly gifted player. pretty much won easts the 79 gf off that left boot. i think he was done for dd on the week of the 84 gf. by 1985 he was at swan districts and that was the last anyone saw of him. he was at fitzroy too for a while but his best football was for the sharks and the odd state game. chris stasinowsky sadly died quite young - i remember the priest at my school praying for him during mass.
Yeah, Taylor played for the black ducks in 85 & 86 before heading over to West Torrens in 87. Not sure how he went over there but I don't think the team were anything special. Got busted recently for breaking into his ex girlfriend's place and found guilty. Don't think he's been sentenced yet.

Amazingly, the 102 goals he kicked in 1979 was the only time he kicked over 40 goals in a WAFL season.
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