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great that the last 5 minutes of the 85 gf has been added to the archive. those two teams had some cattle. bomber peake, paul harding, mainwaring (rip & god bless), wrensted, peter wilson, barge lockyer, clinton browning, gererd neesham, mario turco, ron alexander amongst others for the mighty sharks and subi a team i just loved to hate as a 12 year old growing up deep in the east fremantle zone, i do admit, so many years later were wonderful ,fair and coached beautifully by haydn bunton jnr had many great players . keene, featherby,dwayne lamb,zanotti, neil & brian taylor to name but a few. it was a great game and the sharks were lucky to hang on in the end - if stephen sells had kicked truly late in that match it would have been a drawn match, but it was our destiny thank god. i think the gfs of that time for the wafl are of the best standard the comp has produced 79 to 86 great years it is such a shame what has happened to our is a real pleasure tho to watch highlights of a great time from this archive.
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