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The avatar of Balaram is associated with Krishna. It is a combination of Adhisesha and mahavishnu and hence he is the avatar of mahavishnu too. But, lakshmana is pure avatar of Adhisesha only, baratha the Chakra and Satrugna the conch. They are just born along with swami and hence they are all not considered as avatars. Other thing is somewhere people consider Buddha as vishnu avatar. Its called Mayavathar. Like a padabetha in many slokas, this also has to be acceptible. Vishnu took so many avatars apart from this dasavathar. Somehow they call only these ten.

Can you reject the following avatars are not the avatars of vishnu?
1. Mohini
2. Dhanvanthri
3. Shri venkateswara

and so many like this. Buddha is also considered as an avatar of vishnu to help shiva in tripura samhara.

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