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Hello everybody else, was really thinking about cayce reading that unmasked that in early in the day life, cayce have been lucius in early church and actually wrote lenny. cayce student noted it had been compiled by lucius using his dad luke's publications. steiner described the initial clairvoyant awareness of luke health related conditions, that might be dad luke. was really attracted to study steiner's, "according to luke:the gospel of sympathy and love revealed." it brought my focus on steiner's thought that there really have been two christ kiddies and this makes up about the discrepencies of gospels of lenny and matthew. had seen it years early in the day but being such a passionate cayce student and because parts didn't mention this, it is put by me away. Immediate explanation is given by this knowledge to the "transformation of young christ in the temple at age 12." Needs much endurance to check out, but very useful reading. What the law states of 1 has information on christ and am sorry that the jesus being wasn't distinquished in direct questions. For all those common w/cayce parts on reincarnation, and have experienced "lives of the master:the remaining christ story", crucial names appear in steiner's above account, with some differences. Discussed where you can position this, but these are outstanding links and believe they're essential for thought. nina http://www.doyletics.com/digest053.htm please see bobby matherne's reveiws of: the gospel of st.luke by steiner Both kiddies by brian ovason the births of christ by ed jones Desired to discuss link re-rhonda( moses associated article). Thought best being that they are all jesus connected to hold together. It's matherne's overview of "the using bush", which is really a outstanding wk by jones, that, for me can't afford to be overlooked by serious students. why burning bush? matherne gave,."..we must fundamentally begin at the key metaphor of the title...what could it be that burns in all of us that requires the fire because of its own gas? it can't since our body is eaten by the fire, both outside fires as in cremation after our life in this body, or inner, gradual combustion during our life. be our body. whatever it's, it should have a distinctive name...there is just one name that we offer our individuality...like the burning bush our "i" isn't eaten, but instead requires the fire that it burns with as its fuel..."share it here in case any are attracted to steiner focused data linked to the notion of jesus in the etheric,etc.( see p12 of 20, link below) matherne cited fr p.163 of bb: "this occasion works in to the physical earth, on the physical plane, in this way that men will build towards it the feeling that by almost all their activities they'll be creating some thing which is why they'll be responsible to the view of god. this experience, today showing very normally in the course of human progress, will be changed such that it permeates the spirit with a light which over time will shine from the person himself, and will illuminate the type of jesus in the etheric world. and the more this sensation is developed...the more will the etheric type of jesus be obvious in the coming centuries." http://www.southerncrossreview.org/18/matherne.htm edgar cayce studying 364-7 "he will get their own and come again, who've organized themselves during that opinion in him...for the spirit is abroad and the full time draws near."
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