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Default The Wrong Method to Combat Jihad
The Wrong Solution to Combat Jihad Frontpage InterviewAaas visitor currently is Vijay Kumar, who's currently operating for that U.S. Congress as a candidate for Tennessee 5th Congressional District. The election comes on August 5 of the year, and the Overall Election is on November 4. He received about thirty days of the vote in Republican Primary, when he went before, in 2008. His web site is kumarforcongress.com. Visit his weblog at kumarforcongress.net. From information article: ..... FP: Allow me to request you this: World War I was won in four years, World War II was won in six years. But the issues and the Israel/Palestine haven't solved after 62 years. Why would you think? Kumar: ItAaas simple: Muslims don't want peace, they want cure. Once they come right into a so-called AaA'peace accord,AaA it's merely a tactic to purchase time to construct their place for final cure. That is by their very own creed: in IslamAaas system of AaA'ethics,AaA it's perfectly appropriate to lay to simple infidels. In the situation of Israel, the West never been one hundred thousand behind Israeli sovereignty. Both West and Israel have often just desired to obtain truce with all the Islamic nationsAaanever peace. It's an unlimited situation of appeasement that places Neville Chamberlain to shame. When I have mentioned before, and as history demonstrates conclusively and usually, Islam doesn't identify pluralism, and Islam never needs a peace with any non-Islamic people o-r states. They might provide truceAaaa short-term agreementAaabut never enduring peace when Muslims have been in a comparatively poor position. A cursory review of the agreements produced by Muhammad demonstrates at the same time that each agreement is just still another strategy toward control and final conquest. He established the standard for as a road to cure using agreements. Since that time, Islam is waging a continual battle for yesteryear 1,400 decades against every non-Muslim inside their reach. Within the last century, scientific improvements have expanded the reach of the Muslim world significantly. Anyone who thinks that itAaas suddenly planning to changeAaafor any cause, through any quantity of AaA'diplomacyAaAAaais both blatantly naive o-r delusional. Islamic imperialists have no wish whatsoever for peaceful co-existence with Israel. They would like to eliminate the AaA'Zionist Entity.AaA Incidentally, over the last 60 years, Israel has consumed greater than a million Sephardic Jews from Arab countries. The Arab countries, on-the other hand, will not digest two million Palestinians. ItAaas an unfortunate paradox that two million Palestinians are thought so important while at-the same time the putting up with inflicted upon 50 million Kurdish people by Muslim countries goes nearly un-noticed, unremarked. Muslims don't identify the to existence of either Israel o-r India. They merely consider hurdles to them to world conquest that require to be eliminated, no matter what it takes, no matter just how long it takes. Common Jihad is unlimited, unlimited battle from the infidel. It's been officially, coldly announced. For the Muslim, Jewish Israel and Hindu India are only substandard infidel nation-states that must definitely be introduced under Islamic control. and torn down Recall this: Kashmir was a Hindu area continuously for 5,000 years. ThatAaas over two times as long as the time that's passed because the birth of Christ. Islam went there being an imperial power, subjugated the neighborhood people, and conquered them, both politically and demographically, after 5,000 decades of world and Hindu peace. Ergo, currently the Kashmiri Hindus are refugees within their own property. They've been paid off to a group. It's perhaps not Kashmir alone. Today Muslims of India needs Mughalstan, the Land of Mugal kingdom. They would like to develop an state from Pakistan to Bangladesh which includes the whole of north India. Each year, we're spending Islamic homage to Pakistan, Egypt, and Palestinians hoping of keeping a tenuous truce. We're not necessarily giving them AaA'aid.AaA It's only Islamic honor to keep them away. ItAaas actually too easy for anybody to try and confuse it: Islam needs the whole world to publish. Israel and India are merely two hurdles or hurdles to that particular objective. When they could possibly get Israel and India to vanish from the face of world, Islamic UmmaAaacommunity, or AaA'nationAaA in-the greater senseAaawould be one single imperialism from Morocco to Indonesia. Then it'd be EuropeAaas change to become annihilated.
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