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  1. Four top Kenyan judges dismissed
  2. Taylor aided Sierra Leone crimes
  3. Sudan accused of 'declaring war'
  4. Sudan leader rejects peace talks
  5. Deadly attack at Nigerian college
  6. Renewed fighting on Sudan border
  7. Egypt gears up for landmark vote
  8. South Sudan border town is bombed
  9. South Sudan oil facility 'bombed'
  10. South Sudan oil seizure 'illegal'
  11. South Sudan 'to withdraw troops'
  12. Sudan leader vows to 'free' South
  13. 'New front' in Sudan border clash
  14. Obama calls for Sudan peace talks
  15. Many Timbuktu residents 'fleeing'
  16. African Union suspends G-Bissau
  17. South Sudan branded 'enemy' state
  18. Ex-governor jailed for £50m fraud
  19. Sudan troops 'advance on Heglig'
  20. Rebel assault on key Mali town
  21. Malian gunmen abduct Swiss woman
  22. Mali rebels seize desert capital
  23. Mali suspended by regional bloc
  24. Libya militias in deadly clashes
  25. I'm free, says ousted Mali leader
  26. Senegal poll 'example for Africa'
  27. Mali coup leaders given ultimatum
  28. Egypt protest over military rule
  29. UN demands end to Sudan fighting
  30. Sudan troops 'repulsed at Heglig'
  31. Uganda hit by deadly landslide
  32. The good old days
  33. nyatutu estate, chipinge
  34. Henry Olonga - Our Zimbabwe song
  35. Old Zimbabean ads
  36. Road to freedom is paved with dead donkeys
  37. Vintage timetable images
  38. Film: Mugabe and the whiteafrican
  39. hoener
  40. South African Braai Etiquette
  41. Get ur international usa bank account
  42. Applications for Special Vote End Midnight 27 February 2009!
  43. Die perd ís dood
  44. Rainbow's end...
  45. Fun pictures
  46. The wonders of SA in 1981
  47. Kalahari digkuns.
  48. Vintage South African images
  49. Only in Cape Town
  50. Colourful Humour
  51. Reispsalm
  52. Nogal
  53. Die verskil tussen die ou dae en vandag!
  54. Interesting point for SA
  55. No wonder we viewed so negatively !
  56. My Acre of Africa
  57. South African visa
  58. Guinea massacre: Minister charged
  59. Nigeria paralysed by fuel strike
  60. Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi Dies After Illness
  61. Egypt officials sacked over Sinai
  62. Egypt launches Sinai 'air raids'
  63. A British Somali Wins The 10, 000m Race
  64. Deal on Egypt constitution panel
  65. Panic after Malawi devaluation
  66. 'Several killed' by Nigeria bombs
  67. Banda sworn in as Malawi leader
  68. Men die during Nigeria rescue bid
  69. Cafe in Somalia hit by car bomb
  70. Uganda MP revives anti-gay bill
  71. Nigerian leader defends fuel cut
  72. Anglo-Culture
  73. German town Jamaica Jamaican German heritage
  74. The Invented Cherokee Tribe?
  75. Racism and whites, lol
  76. How will the low economy and rise of asians affect the western society?
  77. The Un-Rationality Of So Called Rational White Racist Statements
  78. Mulan's Near Extinction - Disney Fabrication
  79. Christianity should stay out of East and Southeast Asia
  80. Blacks commit a disporportinate number of crimes:Is it true?
  81. Black stand up comedians
  82. I'm Black. Not an African American
  83. Absurdity of term "Caucasian"
  84. Would they be white by US standards?
  85. Acting White
  86. Racial reproduction quotas on non whites
  87. What age do you consider to be a youth?
  88. "American Owned and Operated" businesses
  89. Libyan rebels force black Africans to eat flags in cage
  90. To other Slavs: Do you consider Bosnians to be the disgrace of our kind?
  91. In which nations don't you stand in line?
  92. why staying at home after age of majority is ridiculed in american culture?
  93. White ethno-masochism
  94. The Realities of Enslaved Female Africans in America
  95. Nigeria church attack 'kills 19'
  96. No Chance of Being a Father
  97. Archaeology Sheds Light on Lives of Free African Americans
  98. If the Gypsies (Rom) had their own country, Where would it be?
  99. Which of these Slavic politicians you find the prettiest?
  100. Are you anti-anti-racist?
  101. Are you Anti-racist?
  102. Libyans hold historic free vote
  103. Are you a racist?
  104. Main identity variables
  105. why Houston TX is not culturally important?
  106. Why do the Jewish people always lean to the left?
  107. HOMELAND: what is yours, and why?
  108. Fighters 'burn' Mali saint's tomb
  109. Why are criminals & drug addicts so hated?
  110. Mali coup leaders 'to stand down'
  111. Michael Johnson: Slave descendants have 'superior athletic gene'
  112. S Africans protest against tolls
  113. Should Government Listen to Academia?
  114. What do you think of the term "person of color"?
  115. S Africa braced for toll protests
  116. Most historians are biased/ethnocentric
  117. Crips and Bloods: Made in America/The origin of the AA ghetto subculture
  118. How common is Abate's look among italians?
  119. best places for one night stands and occasional sex?
  120. 'Suicide attack' on Nigeria army
  121. Blacks in the Bible
  122. Racist Canadian calls Somali a n******
  123. The least Multicultural team wins the EuroCup
  124. Nigerians flee sectarian violence
  125. Aframs don't need to claim African civilizations for pride.
  126. Do you prefer to know if a White person is racist or prefer not to know?
  127. Can Blacks be like Whites in progress, peace and normal life? The lesson of Haiti.
  128. What's the best hispanic majority city in LA?
  129. Afrodescendants Decade 2012-2021
  130. Is Canada a Western Country?
  131. African cultural retentions in African American culture
  132. The meaningless of the word "racist"
  133. Michelle Obama’s Ancestry Traced
  134. Where is The African Diaspora Stronger? Latin America or English America?
  135. why americans are so not knowledgeable of other countries contemporary culture?
  136. Global Impacts of White Racism: Americo-Liberians
  137. Population genetics are shit
  138. Anglo-Americans, are you British?
  139. The Hispanic label
  140. Polynesian man says he doesn't like black people
  141. Ideas to improve Europe's birthrate?
  142. Celts
  143. Montuvios
  144. Racist countries in Europe ?
  145. Negro-Italian riots of 1895
  146. Where Did The Term, "Mira, Mira" Come From?
  147. Should Latinos Get Away With Using The N Word?
  148. are women conscious of their erotic supremacy?
  149. BBC News-Why are fantasy world accents British?
  150. Italian-Slav race riots of 1908
  151. Towards a deconstruction of racism in Puerto Rico
  152. Western People - who are they?
  153. What is the first thing that comes up on google when..
  154. Which Hispanic country has the most masculine looking men?
  155. Ethiopians/Eritreans Don't Think Highly of African American?
  156. Have you inherited your parents prejudices?
  157. Which ethnic group would you least like to move into your neighbourhood?
  158. Anti-finnotism the new anti-semitism?
  159. Why are Mexicans so different from other latinos in America?
  160. What nationality does your nationality generally get along with the most?
  161. Elias suck
  162. Should we learn from the Israelis?
  163. The Africanisation of Barking
  164. which stereotypes about ethnic group dominate- positive or negative?
  165. Issues within the Hispanic Community
  166. Latin American definition of "White" compared to Anglo America
  167. eritrea as the republic of wadiya in The dictator
  168. Does Homophobia Stem From Religious Sentiments?
  169. Obama takes on immigration
  170. TeleMundo Got some Splaining to do?!
  171. Law of dick pussy
  172. African diasporans across america
  173. Mayor of Malmo hounds Judeans out of city.
  174. Will Mexicans secede from America?
  175. Do Arabs believe Ashkeazi Jews are Europeans?
  176. Englishman feels threatened in his own land
  177. Immigration number in you country
  178. Is this man white?
  179. Are Africans in the USA African-Americans?
  180. Spain is not Uganda
  181. Do Judean Americans think of themselves as being European?
  182. Romanian copying Asian Lantern Festival
  183. People claim to be Cherokee
  184. Global Peace Index 2012, what's the main cause?
  185. Caste system in India vs. in Latin America
  186. (USA) Is there an American idenity?
  187. White Unity?
  188. Britain faces reverse colonialism
  189. Why is Condoleezza stunned?
  190. Existence of race and racism.
  191. African/Afram mixes
  192. Who are the most corrupt european countries ?
  193. What's wrong with Zionism?
  194. Who are the rudest and tactless european ?
  195. Superior phenotypes is each so called "race"
  196. How many NWB in here look African
  197. Dark Skin AND Broad Features?
  198. Germany elects first ever black mayor
  199. Spanish or Italian?
  200. Slur that divides Mexicans is banned by Oxnard school district
  201. Is culture of our phenotype/heritage always important?
  202. Aframs is this correct as far as "Hood" slang?
  203. Phenotype vs. Identity
  204. Chinese couple spanking canadian robber
  205. How would these people would be percieved in your area?
  206. What is the opinion aframs has of muslims ?
  207. Shots near Ivory Coast army base
  208. Poland and monkey chants
  209. Face it, Black American Enthusiasm For President Obama Is Dead
  210. ‘Django Unchained’ Trailer Is Out. Jamie Foxx Plays Slave Out For Revenge!
  211. A video on the socio-economical divide between Black and White America
  212. Being mixed raced and perceived as entirely different ethnicity...
  213. How he would be percievied in your country/community ? 2.0
  214. How he would be percieved in your country/community ?
  215. Africans go on rape spree in Israel
  216. Guess man's ethnicity/nationality
  217. Horn Afrik Special Forces
  218. More Asian-Americans marrying within their race
  219. Balkan Slavs: Closer to Northern Slavs or to Albanians and Greeks?
  220. African riots (outside of Africa)
  221. Enoch Powell EU prophecy
  222. Congo troops 'flee into Uganda'
  223. Let's face it, "Afghan girl" photo is famous only because she has green eyes
  224. Sapeurs - Big pimpin' in the DRC.
  225. Are Texan MexAms more euro than Californian ones?
  226. If this is England, where are the English?
  227. Asylum seekers go on a raping spree in England
  228. Norwegian documentary with english subs on race..
  229. Latino -is- a race: Here's why
  230. Liberia minors 'used in raids'
  231. Realizing that "black" was negative
  232. Ass, breasts, legs or all?
  233. Black diversity
  234. for black people what is consider light medium and dark?
  235. What percentage of Brazilians are "white"?
  236. Lagos crash air company suspended
  237. What Is My Ethnicity?
  238. Why do Africans Look Down African Americans?
  239. there is no identification problem for mixed background but an acceptance problem
  240. BBC report refers to Israelis as 'White'
  241. Pintpointing Whiteness
  242. Food from the Horn of Africa
  243. Germanic Dominance
  244. Mass arrests after Egypt clashes
  245. Which groups (s) are more egalitarian?
  246. Race Denial and Scientific Anthropology
  247. why don't schools change what your race is when?
  248. Which one of these girls would you marry?
  249. Which NWB people is still living most similar to the slavery days?
  250. Who would you rather pick