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  1. What is my Dog
  2. After flirt pole play last night.
  3. what do yall think of this?
  4. Conditioning / Walking / LIGHT Weight Pull Harness - Which 1?
  5. Worried about cat and 'soon to be' pitbull, please help?
  6. Please tell me my dog isn't the only one who does this...
  7. Pilots N Paws
  8. What colors for bdd harness?
  9. Tape my puppies ears
  10. Is your dog healthy and where did it come from?
  11. My puppies ears
  12. Banfield...
  13. Possible Pit bull mix?
  14. Houston, TX area: Anyone know of rescue groups that could take a dog?
  15. Legal help for man denied service Pit Bull
  16. New York: Assemblyman and senator announce Dangerous Dog Owner Deterrent Act
  17. How to tell if a puppy is a 'razors edge'?
  18. This is cute
  19. Steady Progress...
  20. Any advice?
  21. feel bad but have no patience left today
  22. I hate idiots
  23. Your thoughts??
  24. Healthy weight?
  25. Advice please
  26. I'm so tired of..
  27. pedigree maker-i need help!!
  28. vicious sounding growling while playing??
  29. Eli /chinman boodlines?
  30. Will it ever stop?
  31. Most stupidest comment about my APBT Piper. How stupid is this woman?
  32. This ticks me off
  33. what ear crop style is this?
  34. Apbts vs other breeds in movies
  35. Achilles just ate a 1/4 bar of soap
  36. Update on how Piper is doing.
  37. max's first squeaky toy
  38. Does anyone here foster?
  39. Chevelle Update. *Pics*
  40. Merry Christmas....
  41. False pregnancy?
  42. How to start a dog on weight pulling?
  43. Maryland BSL Question
  44. A Terrible Day or How do you foster homes do it?
  45. first play dates
  46. crippen update !
  47. Well since we're here to talk about pits, here's my deal.
  48. ChipIn for Cobia (the Pit Bull I saved recently)!
  49. Collars
  50. Placing 2 dogs
  51. Some exciting news about the shelter!
  52. What's Your Comeback?
  53. Pet-Safe Ice Salt
  54. Just a Reminder - Ice and dogs are a bad combination!
  55. Dry, Hairless Skin patches
  56. Bear is officially one!
  57. Dog Bites child and Officer. Was a pitbull oh wait was it?!
  58. If you were a Dog what breed do you think you'd be?
  59. 6 degrees? Saved my buddies dog!
  60. Just had a huge scare!
  61. Question about Spaying / Heat
  62. *sigh* So, Buddy is looking for a home ....again
  63. happy ending to a nerve-racking day
  64. What do I do when a pitbull has nipped a child in the face?
  65. Have you ever been accused of Fighting or "Abusing" your dog?
  66. APBT pups
  67. International Travel with Our Dogs - Anyone Here Have Experience With It?
  68. how much dog food?
  69. Special girl looking for foster care or adoption
  70. Best APBT Bloodline & best ABD Bloodline?
  71. The APBT ! Modern Problems
  72. FOUND DOG - Maltese
  73. Please pray/send good vibes to Sunny, please.
  74. Rrrrrr!!!
  75. Puppy sounds vicious while playing..
  76. who wants to help me go shopping!?
  77. Please vote for Ember & Bo!
  78. Introducing 2nd male
  79. Dog insurance
  80. Byron has been abused and his owner arrested....
  81. Puppies!
  82. Thanks to all that suggested the flirt pole!!!
  83. Dog disguise kits for BSL
  84. running
  85. Would you divorce your spouse over...
  86. Which color collars?
  87. my cousins bully bit a kid today
  88. Puppy as Xmas gift?
  89. FOUND DOG - needs foster/forever home
  90. What the flying flip is this?!
  91. No Kill Shelter: Rehome HA Dog ??
  92. muzzles.
  93. Petey found a home!!! Still looking fora place for Buddy.
  94. How to motivate a dog to eat?
  95. What do you guys think Jas is mixed with?
  96. So I've come up with next years theme
  97. I've officially lost my mind....
  98. Poor wooty Pooty
  99. help :(
  100. I can't loose him...I just can't!
  101. Petey and Buddy video to cheer me up
  102. Are dogs ever Full....
  103. Differences in bullies vs pitbulls?
  104. Anyone use Ivermectin for heartworms/worms?
  105. Itchy Puppy
  106. Dangerous dogs sentencing guidelines proposed !!!
  107. Finalllyyy!
  108. Newbie...
  109. How long did you wait?
  110. Found a stray, need some help
  111. WOW, On the SUPER pricey dog food.
  112. Rant
  113. If my puppy ate a worm, how concerned should I be?
  114. Skin Allergies / Fish Oil questions
  115. Trigger- latest update, for those of you who are interested
  116. Just a question.
  117. need urgent help for my pit
  118. Prayers for Mikhail.
  119. question about my lucy
  120. I don't know what it is...BUT I REALLY WANT HER.
  121. LOST DOG! Southern California
  122. Please vote for Slayer?
  123. Sad local news stories in the last month....
  124. So when do they stop growing?
  125. You name my pup!!!!!!
  126. Has anyone heard of this dog??
  127. I have no idea what to do here....
  128. Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  129. Breeders VS Rescues VS Shelters
  130. No More Please!!!
  131. How Do I get a Pedigree?
  132. 2 nice visits to Petsmart in 2 days!
  133. Bull Arab x or Pitbull x?.
  134. Bull Arab x or Pitbull x?.
  135. Urgent..what should I do??
  136. What would I do without my dog?
  137. Dangerous Misconceptions in this Forum
  138. Does This Merit Calling the Vet Immediately?
  139. Does This Merit Calling the Vet Immediately?
  140. Sasha broke free!!!
  141. sooooooooooooo frustrated. PLEASE HELP.
  142. at what age do they...
  143. How old is he REALLY
  144. Welcome to Mississippi, Baloo!
  145. I know I can't save them all BUT...
  146. Do apbt's come from am staffs
  147. Lazy or bored?
  148. Help save my dog
  149. Bummin :(
  150. Lost our Dog
  151. FOUND A SMALL MALE DOG at the corner of Rowland and Brighton on Sunday Dec 4th around
  152. You're right, Darla Mae is NOT a Pit Bull
  153. lol...someone did'nt graduate Kindergarten XD
  154. urgents adoptables available at the PSPCA
  155. Help! need to go buy a chain today
  156. What better place...
  157. My dog isn't the mean one at the Dog Parks
  158. Pet wash
  159. mostly garbage dog food
  160. Grooming Specials in December at Central Bark!
  161. Week two of training
  162. What a GROWL
  163. Success!
  164. what do you think of this breeder ?
  165. weight pulling
  166. This Is Sad!!
  167. i think my pitbull is learning some bad habbits
  168. How Did You Come Up With Your Dog's Name(s)?
  169. Diesel at around 5 months old - such a pretty boy
  170. Creating a buzz
  171. not quite as worried
  172. Blueprints for a homemade mill?
  173. I am so irritated right now...
  174. Crate for my Pitbull
  175. We Have A New Visitor And I Am Wondering If This Is Playing Or Fighting? Video Inside
  176. Break Stick from Deer Antler?
  177. breeders
  178. This guy is an idiot !!!!
  179. I think I found a photo of my dog on google images...
  180. BSL Thoughts
  181. Opinion on these two
  182. Bully or Apbt?
  183. old picture that brings back memories :(
  184. puppy fever
  185. your opinion?
  186. 2 yr old rescue pitbull play biting too hard
  187. What Do You Think She's Mixed With?
  188. What breed is this pooch ?
  189. UKC Champion and Grand Champion Bloodlines question
  190. Size question, how big are dachshunds (for a coat)
  191. Musty smell?
  192. Would you breast feed puppies?
  193. violit 5 1/2 month update(pic)
  194. Thought I'd share a true survivor.. for Thanksgiving
  195. Working with a bleeding heart?
  196. Any ideas on how to convince someone to put a aggressive dog down?
  197. How did the lab score better than the apbt on the atts test?
  198. Night time walking
  199. Conformation 101
  200. Is my dog being playful or dominant. Advice?
  201. Sit Means Sit
  202. Have you gotten or are you planning to get your dog a very special Thanksgiving treat
  203. Looking for a photo on here....
  204. Pit it Forward
  205. inbred pups?
  206. Anyone know a good amount about dog body language?
  207. Ignorance...I was there once...
  208. My new Colby bloodline APBT! :)
  209. Very Tired of Poorly trained KIDS.
  210. Your opinion on the Canis Panther
  211. Sad Pity story from the UK
  212. Smarter than the average bear
  213. I hate irresponsible owners.... (Playdate cancelled)
  214. Oh Craigslist...
  215. Pedigree/ pictures help??
  216. Here is Confu the Dominican pitbull :)
  217. Never to be forgotten... My Taja
  218. Registering an APBT
  219. I want it! I want it bad!
  220. Trinity went to a new home :(
  221. Shekinah could use your help
  222. Best way to find a good petfriendly rental house?
  223. Happy 2nd birthday, Aija!
  224. What physique do you prefer on a pitbull?
  225. EllasLeads/Stillwater?
  226. Need Ideas For Making Things A Little Easier!
  227. Team work
  228. It finally happened....first run in
  229. Just to smart!
  230. "OFF THE CHAIN" - Documentary on Dog Fighting and the APBT
  231. What do you do when you encounter an off leash dog?
  232. Indoor Exercise
  233. Local Rescue needs help
  234. silent heats?
  235. crippen is in the building......
  236. Goren the Hunter
  237. Anybody else have a dog that won't let you watch "The Haunted" on animal planet
  238. Regardings to Prince George County in Maryland
  239. Weak moment. Meet Ike. (A stray)
  240. Tear jerker end BSL video of Pit Bull pics
  241. Would you put a dog down for being stupid?
  242. I am having a problem..
  243. The Media Reports a "small dog" attack...
  244. Sako brag :D
  245. The "Free" Dog
  246. wtf is this ?!
  247. Suing in Civil Court over Nuisance Barking?
  248. Fido's casting call! PWEASE!
  249. Please pray for Bonnie :(
  250. Dog Breed Selector