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  1. Parvo pup surrendered
  2. My pet factors it's tail..Normal for pit??
  3. my 3 month old 40 lb orange
  4. Support coach!
  5. Seemingly APBT breeders are BYBs.
  6. Foolish Dollar! (and more education)
  7. Upgrade on GG, after being shot....
  8. Grasp Hole?
  9. The only real e-vet around is shut
  10. Control?
  11. First 24 hours
  12. So just how ruined is the pet?
  13. HSUS pet preventing advertising point
  14. Pets on airplaines
  15. Ok... Like we shall get Darby.. so it's looking.
  16. AmBully issue
  17. Which type best for protecting?
  18. My I and pup were infected!
  19. Fat
  20. Could it be more straightforward to Contribute to the ASPCA or something similar to PetsAlive?
  21. Must having a pitbull be illegal
  22. With Pet As Her Co-Pilot
  23. What're your Top preferred Dog types?
  24. Insurance for Hole Bulls / Florida
  25. Pet perhaps not utilizing the package
  26. Logan person caught in animal cruelty situation
  27. You're wondering what?????
  28. do pitbulls mind split up?
  29. Charlie WON!!!!!!!!!!
  30. Looking Google images
  31. Dingoes might be world's earliest breed of dog
  32. 'I offered that pet'
  33. Getting My Pet Hiking
  34. Happy xmas
  35. 10 most harmful pets
  36. Reckless FOOL on Judge Judy
  37. NM-puppy abused.
  38. Dog clean
  39. Anybody seen this site??
  40. Pet physiology
  41. Aged person at the veterinarian
  42. i think i did the best thing!
  43. Do you consider that pitbulls are better with children then every other pet
  44. Is this an on a "Hotel Dogs" Movie address?
  45. Hole bull reveals in Pa/NJ
  46. We've a brand new member coming, consider the dog he would get
  47. people in the ny region please help!
  48. Some thing great :)
  49. Request to help keep M Vick from actually playing soccer again
  50. Severe Reality( difficult lesson learned) EVERYBODY else study
  51. Goren gets large lol
  52. D-boy the apbt hero
  53. Call me CRAZY.
  54. Resting Q's @ Bella and Diego
  55. Significant the others and breeding..
  56. Afghanistan: Blast at pet battle eliminates 3, injuries 26
  57. why cant i respond?
  58. Puppies as animals.
  59. Issue on HA
  60. Study on locating
  61. Boogieman Enthusiasts
  62. watchdog/redboy jocko
  63. Typical Lifespan of an APBT?
  64. Would a dog be put by you down to be silly?
  65. PA-Animal reaction group things as much as support animals in times of crisis
  66. what do you consider she's?
  67. It's Official!
  68. Ok and so I am likely to get it done. I'm likely to get one. But what can you suggest.
  69. Poor information :(
  70. Austin is tremendous dog pleasant!
  71. Need a guard dog for small house
  72. Cool Issues My Hole Bull Does
  73. Previous operator ended over......
  74. Hennessy got one for the type.
  75. Help!!!!
  76. Dont know why my fish behaving different.
  77. How fishes will move toward getting oxygen in lake?
  78. Therefore where may I adopt a dog in the town?
  79. Prepared to deal her pet for baby clothes.
  80. Tired of the stereotypes
  81. Puppy
  82. What's this?
  83. Does anybody here foster?
  84. You might have observed this but I still had to generally share :)
  85. This weekend is shown Bringing home 2 Champions by mid FL/Sunshine St ADBA!
  86. Spring rods in illinois
  87. Cups is killing herself.
  88. dog fight in SC
  89. PSA: BOARDING - don't forget!
  90. New House
  91. Yummy!!!!
  92. Pet people!
  93. Breeders VS Saves VS Shelters
  94. Just how much can you spend??
  95. Patterdale/mutt came ultimately back, big shock.
  96. Pets used as Shark Bait!!
  97. crop or number crop?
  98. When you have a DA pet to the veterinarian where other dogs are what do you do?
  99. Searching for title suggestions...
  100. Reproduction procedure
  101. Still another line
  102. Ok i published on hear yesterday and today its removed?
  103. what do u do to help keep r home clean??
  104. HI from Seattle's Most useful Sets
  105. Pitbull makes front cover of a firing magazine
  106. Most useful Breed for kids
  107. Are terriers similar to cats in mousing?
  108. XL American Pit Bull Terriers???
  109. HSUS pet preventing advertising point
  110. Detroit Dog Shop "The Bully Depot"
  111. Timid puppy
  112. Pet Present In Fridge Throughout Foreclosure Research, 1 Caught
  113. pit bulls in new york
  114. Personally I think so guilty!!! Number destroy shelters and houston or conroe
  115. They're placing the base to us this is the way we struggle back...
  116. How to not split up a Pit Bull battle
  117. Dogmen accountable for adding to BSL
  118. Protection on its last leg
  119. Just how much "drive" must I be wanting?
  120. BSL-Is Your Pet Secure?
  121. Hole it Forward
  122. Still another dog.. (the bad news)
  123. Sacred CL Crash
  124. Some one plz help!!!!
  125. Only 2 of 85 pets ousted from S.C. Angles
  126. Do you consider my pets' use way too many collars?
  127. Puppy
  128. makes your face rush!
  129. Just how long have hole bulls experienced your lifetime?
  130. Need some data from Lake Worth and West Palm Beach, FL
  131. Super Important...neck size
  132. What's the strangest thing that
  133. Charlie WON!!!!!!!!!!
  134. How do I get my family to hear me about my pet?
  135. Civil Dialogue?
  136. Look what I made =)
  137. My good reasons for seeking a bull, my doubts of having a pit bull. Other activities to...
  138. Master Matches a Stick Corso
  139. APBT or AmStaff? - What's my recovery woman, Summer?
  140. Found pet - female hole
  141. Am I a hypocrite?
  142. First Pup Handles Country
  143. Some one was gonna enter trouble!
  144. What's a "pit"?
  145. A mouse was caught by her!
  146. Request to help keep M Vick from actually playing soccer again
  147. Why are people so cruel?? I was rescued but think about the rest??
  148. Crate Packs are $85 10/16-11/1
  149. Can anybody tell the life cycle of caterpillars?
  150. Is worms like tape worm harmful puppies?
  151. Cytology testing in dogs
  152. The Bottom Wiggle..
  153. Those of you without meters - where do you get your pet for exercise?
  154. Showing Ears Yes, Number? What design
  155. Hello trainers, did I mess up?
  156. Climate the surprise with a brand new pet
  157. Dave...you're a dumbass!
  158. Dog Insurance
  159. "Peanut Butter Terriers"
  160. Why "Pit Bulls"?
  161. Life Journal Addresses
  162. What are the tips for brushing dogs teeth?
  163. I dont get free time because of my pets, so that want to sell them.
  164. What are the basic training for owning a dog?
  165. Seeing Judge Joe Brown
  166. pros and cons of leather training collars
  167. Some thing for my dog to complete
  168. What arrived first the APBT or the Bulldog?
  169. Great Pet Recovery?
  170. Obviously I'm a racist?
  171. Found a wayward, need some help
  172. Does your pet bark significantly?
  173. Feel annoyed are you able to give your opinion please.. to me.
  174. Vick information
  175. Actually felt...
  176. I simply place in to offer
  177. What's the most crucial attribute
  178. Inbred or not???
  179. Fed up with showing him off
  180. Charlotte, NC Animal Care and Get a handle on won't follow out sets.
  181. Whats the absolute most excessive, grossest point you've done for the pet?
  182. Would really like your views on River
  183. Used recently at the beach
  184. Good Locations To Simply take Your Pet in & Around Phoenix
  185. I got my Daisy to the park today.....
  186. Contribute a Raffle Product to Aid Philly Strays!
  187. pitbulls all over the world
  188. Hearing issue
  189. Follow a Pitbull and Look on a Brand New Pet World Display! (La)
  190. Great go ultimately
  191. Have you been kidding me!
  192. Puppy "Seatbelt"?
  193. Body bank?
  194. Support with pitbull bigotry
  195. Going to Boston with a Pitty
  196. do pitbulls have webbed feet?
  197. Thanks pitbull-chat.
  198. Gassy Question...So Strange
  199. Ya'll ain't gonna think this..
  200. Bright Doberman, Z-factor, but "are perhaps not albino."
  201. Rocks are eaten by my dog.
  202. How will you cope with people that are rude and unknowledgable about sets
  203. Is the dog a great swimmer?
  204. For enjoyment an out of curiousty
  205. Tone woods for string places
  206. How perhaps you have recognized your missing friend?
  207. What would you say when.....
  208. Unfortunate ending to an excellent time
  209. Feeling of self?
  210. bloodline
  211. does it ever reach you??
  212. MI citizens, please be careful
  213. why that one type?
  214. My Labrador Retriever Hero.
  215. my fiance went and ordered a...
  216. Just how many years of pitbull knowledge have you got?
  217. Implementing a 4 year old female orange hole
  218. In the centre of the battle!
  219. May anybody help???
  220. inside prison correct television
  221. Nizmos K9 Offer Outfit Contest!!
  222. That makes me warm!
  223. What's the breed....
  224. Báo cáo t*i ch*nh, quy?t toán thu? 2012
  225. Dogscopes (Dog Horoscopes)
  226. Only reveals
  227. I've waited for this for such a long time!
  228. My possession rights
  229. Residing in a truck with a pit bull? yes or number?
  230. On different forums. why I hate the topic of Bulldogs.
  231. Actual Orange
  232. Trip to finish Dogfighting
  233. Support with a title!
  234. She is missed by me
  235. The Issue with People
  236. Veronica conquered Grammy's sofa!
  237. What kind of animals or pets do you ?
  238. Feeling type of guilty...
  239. My shock new foster!
  240. "My dogs are most likely pissed..."
  241. Adorable Cat?
  242. Holiday time?
  243. That which was this magnificint Animal? Demonstrably a bully
  244. any 1 learn about the regulations in italy
  245. Why Dogs Attack their owners. (works this time around) Funny
  246. Rufus The Canine Good Citizen - Highlighted
  247. Discomfort with prong collar?
  248. Training our children
  249. Not able to find line.
  250. Pet Groomers