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  1. some funny dog related humor
  2. Dog & Pedigree
  3. Please consider adopting/fostering Marcus
  4. black pitbulls
  5. American Pit Bull Terrier
  6. why is my pitbulls ears suddenly standing up
  7. Stuck between a rock and responsible owners
  8. Sometimes it is not the Pitbulls that have to be trained, it is the public.
  9. everyone doing it
  10. What is this dog?
  11. What kind of dog is Koda?? (:
  12. Do I have an American Pitbull?
  13. Adba - akc - ukc
  14. I need your help in the worst way
  15. What might my pup be mixed with? What about yours?
  16. Time for the guess what my dog is game...
  17. Tell me if this makes sense....
  18. Getting papers for my APBT
  19. Does the vet muzzle YOUR dog???
  20. A Tri Merle????
  21. A nightmare made reality
  22. Angry in Vermont, stupid owners
  23. New pics of Maximus
  24. Do pit bulls scar really easily or is it just mine?
  25. this is so true
  26. Hello. I'm sure many don't remember me, but thought I'd update on my "rescue"
  27. why do i even bother?
  28. More Gov Interference and Regulation
  29. Me being a dick, yes, but I'm sure it was for her own good...what do you guys think?
  30. Pure bred papers
  31. Post your favorite dog memes!
  32. Mc Donald's ad about pits
  33. having a discussion about history of the apbt
  34. im coward...
  35. Dog in the City tv show
  36. New beginnings after a tragic loss?
  37. Grrrrr!!!!
  38. Multi-Breed Anti-BSL poster from FB
  39. Naughty Pitties... What has your dog destroyed?
  40. Moving
  41. My new puppy
  42. No pedigree
  43. WELL, KISS MY A$$!!!!.... MORE bad news....
  44. Time Each Day Focused On Dogs
  45. I desperately need a watch dog. My pit bulls are worthless watch dogs.
  46. Is it Right to correct someone else's child for improper behavior around your dog?
  47. Urgent-Please consider adopting Chaz
  48. Sad day for us here
  49. Look at this handsome man!
  50. Appreciate the advice but Im getting a 2nd one afterall..
  51. Sad news about Wallace
  52. How to break up a fight without a break stick
  53. How to break up a fight without a break stick
  54. Something that has bothered me for a while
  55. Something that has bothered me for a while
  56. Dogs in the bed - questions
  57. what makes an am bully
  58. I need a drink and a break from this dog
  59. Urgent at ACCT-George has until 8:00 tonight
  60. How big is your dog?
  61. Please Vote for Boom & Stealth...
  62. How spoiled is your dog?
  63. How Does Your Dog Act When He/She Is In Trouble?
  64. American bully or APBT?
  65. Question for those of you that tie your dogs out
  66. Urgent at ACCT-Henriette
  67. We will have two pit bulls for a week, any suggestions??
  68. Guess what I got!! :D
  69. a great help !!
  70. Never realised before...
  71. Cost effective fencing.
  72. Urgent at ACCT-Florence, has until 8 pm tonight
  73. estrus in a bottle
  74. Cat Found
  75. My dog is missing
  76. Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal and Rice Recall
  77. today. a mix of rant and brag
  78. Poodles and basset hounds, too!
  79. Oh boy, he's a digger...
  80. The World Is One Big Salad Bar
  81. Leash and collars??
  82. Leashed dog vs. Unleashed Dog - Who would be at fault?
  83. Pet Peeve: "staffy" vs. "amstaff"
  84. whats that about blue dogs? warning: semi-graphic
  85. concerened
  86. Thoughts on Boxers? (I know not APBT related)
  87. Man, you guys weren't kidding!
  88. dogs need help...
  89. Dog related home repairs..LIST EM!
  90. How can I tell how old a stray pit bull is?
  91. How do you keep people from letting their dogs approach yours?
  92. Got the most amazing deal today!!!
  93. Free Stacking
  94. becoming a trainer.
  95. Bear's Keep
  96. leash
  97. Urgent at ACCT-Jake
  98. On Today's Episode of "What The Hell Were They Thinking"
  99. PHILLY Animal Control is FULL! Now is the time to foster or adopt.
  100. Moving to Sunnyvale...or at least trying
  101. another small question
  102. Goren's walk
  103. Cassie's day at the River
  104. What breed of dog is your dog mistaken for?
  105. The Greatest Compliment!
  106. Rant- Surrounded by 3 loose pitbulls, while walking with Buddy!
  107. Auction to raise $ for 12 yr old cancer patient and family.
  108. My turn for a off leash encounter
  109. How does your dog wake you up to go out?
  110. Single Registration?
  111. will harley (pitbull) always be great with eve (doberman)
  112. Whit pup and the sun....
  113. What did/is everybody do with there dog this weekend?!
  114. Urgent-Needs out by 5 p.m. today
  115. Backpacking with dogs
  116. I am so proud of Serenity.
  117. Face Licking: The Obsession
  118. Is it a German Shepherd?
  119. An embarassment during nail clippings lol
  120. gorgeous, scared cat wandering 16-18th / Federal and Manton
  121. What will Ruger look/weigh as an adult?
  122. New vet, nice experience and advice wanted plus pics!
  123. My pup son of Santos.
  124. That was weird...in a good way. rehoming a dog/small world
  125. Urgent at ACCT-Chica
  126. A dog that bites should not play tug? Trainers, thoughts?
  127. My Pitbull with other Dogs..
  128. New rescue
  129. Well, that was unexpected
  130. Poor dog
  131. Getting a friend for Ruger. Good vs Bad?
  132. a spelling reminder
  133. Cat potty training
  134. Has Axle now become dog aggressive/ "turned on"?
  135. Dog Coat Color Genetics
  136. Anybody in Fl know of a good rescue?
  137. How do I acquire UKC Pedigree ?
  138. What is a modern dogman?
  139. Need something from you all :(
  140. What should I do?
  141. Another Very Urgent-Peachy
  142. Trying to find out what kind of bullys my pups might be
  143. REALLY?? contain your dog please?
  144. Cues that a dog is HA or not wired right
  145. Very Urgent-Please Consider Adopting or Fostering Janice.
  146. So.. Sam has some big ol boobs now.. can I change that?
  147. Does anyone else's pit display this behavior?!
  148. Ugh. KY BSL sucks
  149. How does your dog walk?
  150. 2nd Annual Petapaloosa Tomorrow - Ryerss Museum in Burholme Park
  151. The Color Term "Seal"
  152. Finishing with the bsl & dda
  153. Could my Pitt be in labor already
  154. This is weird
  155. My 18 year old daughter is allergic to Sadie's saliva
  156. Do some pits never turn dog aggressive?
  157. Movies about Pit Bulls & other dogs
  158. I hate that this happened and RIP Tiger
  159. dont get electric dog fences
  160. dont get electric dog fences
  161. Wow.. Talk about blowing my mind.
  162. Maximus @ 7 months
  163. Is my dog a Pitbull OR MIX?
  164. Stalker dog
  165. Oh Lord....
  166. Dog ran out of garage and attacked my boy. Wondering where to go from here.
  167. Building a kennel!
  168. Do you even know what a pitbull looks like?
  169. Stupid people
  170. The history of the American Pit Bull Terrier
  171. Found a dog today...
  172. Pitbulls and Spike Collars...
  173. Tethered Dog in Mt. Airy - any ideas on what else to do?
  174. Looking to rent Single family 3 bedroom home in Santa Clara County, CA with two PBT
  175. Country chain spots
  176. I never thought it would come to this....
  177. Maybe a AmStaff?
  178. Hilarious must read from FB
  179. Fixing up a kennel roof for Serenity's kennel. Help?
  180. Kennel Vs Zipline for Serenity?
  181. Urgent at ACCT-Jinx
  182. A tired dog really is a happy dog!
  183. Pit bulls and small(er) dogs.
  184. May be stopping by the HS..
  185. Can game bred dogs be good house pets
  186. Sako finishes his UKC GRCH!
  187. Aggrivated, close call..venting.
  188. Bringing a foreign dog into the US.. anybody ever done it?
  189. brantly and his bloodlines
  190. Documentarys?
  191. It's time for that daily walk.. How far,,, How old...
  192. Weird kids...
  193. A gentle request to all pet store employees...
  194. Game or not?
  195. I was snuggled off my own bed
  196. I want a dog rant
  197. So happy to have him back
  198. Scruffy was so good today
  199. Scruffy was so good today
  200. Just a few questions....
  201. Just a few questions....
  202. Dogs sleeping in your bed?
  203. Dogs sleeping in your bed?
  204. Anybody That Thinks I'm Different In Person........
  205. Anybody That Thinks I'm Different In Person........
  206. Sometimes I actually like my kid..
  207. Sometimes I actually like my kid..
  208. dog show in texas?
  209. Just wanted to say thank you
  210. Just wanted to say thank you
  211. stupid roommate
  212. Another dog related injury
  213. your favorite bully from google search?
  214. We are so blessed to have neighbors that love our dogs
  215. Does his snout look long to you?
  216. Why would you get a pet while stationed over seas?
  217. needs help finding a video posted awhile back!
  218. Pet food recall information
  219. Getting the dogs ready for a newborn!
  220. A dog is a dog is a dog.
  221. Please consider adopting/fostering Maggie May
  222. Love my new town!
  223. Why are old dogs so depressing?
  224. Art & Music for Tail Tonight
  225. Success!!!!!
  226. For those of you who buy galileo bones...
  227. Cute Video...dog's reaction to skrillex
  228. Fleas = tapeworms? Say whaaaat?
  229. Update!
  230. Ignorant People
  231. carla on pitbulls in australia
  232. pitbulls in Australia
  233. Dog aggression or asserting dominance
  234. Reading/re-search for a future well balanced dog
  235. Why is Chevelle doing this?
  236. Need advice please!
  237. Cleaning Supplies
  238. Poor Puppy left in suitcase
  239. Dog park alert
  240. So disappointed
  241. Pitbull runts
  242. Vicious killer puppy growls
  243. What can I do in this situation?
  244. 1870's? pedigree
  245. Animal planet's dogs 101
  246. Rude prick *rant*
  247. New & unblemished or used?
  248. justice for parrot
  249. Acct is 100% full for cats and kittens!
  250. Best Collar Supplier?