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  1. I FINALLY get to go on vacation, with the dogs!
  2. I'm confused about this site....
  3. update on bandits owners
  4. i saw the saddest sight today!!!
  5. The IDIOT I met on our walk today
  6. pitbulls and babys Im concerned
  7. Not a Staffy but I want to bring him home? How to convince hubby?
  8. My Pitbull-hating dad Stole my Dog!!!!!
  9. How many times do you breed your dog?
  10. Looking to find a Staffordshire Bull Terrier/JRT mix or a SBT/Lab mix...help
  11. To License or not...advice needed
  12. Irie!!!!!!!!!! Wtf
  13. I thought I was over my dog's death.... I guess not
  14. I don't know what to do, adopting a second dog
  15. PAWS shelters overrun - please help
  16. Is it harmful to just let the dogs fight it out?
  17. Pit Boss TV show?
  18. Does anyone get DOG SPORT MAGAZINE???
  19. Someone help me with this..
  20. Apartment Hunting
  21. Competence Test for Dog Owners
  22. Are these dog biting stats true
  23. Cant figure out dog breed
  24. Breeding question
  25. A Nature Documentary Looks at the Impact of Dogs on Man's History
  26. A fight broke out
  27. Ideas?
  28. R.I.P to a working dog.
  29. s_thompson - legal help
  30. Just for laughs
  31. when will people learn? really...
  32. Your Dogs play things.
  33. Say what???????
  34. 15 Chihuahuas Get Free Flight on Virgin America
  35. Ricochet
  36. SO PROUD of my B!!!
  37. Buying raw food for cats
  38. Who does your Dog Look Like?
  39. Posting pics?
  40. Too funny..
  41. Duke Thomas and kissing...
  42. Duke Thomas wanting all of moms attention...
  43. im back, but with bad news :(
  44. Chain Weight, Conditioned Weight, Catch Weight??
  45. Zephyr, the high-flying dog
  46. seriously depressed and need helpful advice
  47. Im a foster mommy!
  48. Warning- Graphic Pictures- Poor Honey!
  49. Origin....true or false??
  50. Have questions about this pit bull puppy my family is thinking about adopting...HELP
  51. Went to Petco for rabies shots
  52. Why chain when you can do this??
  53. Pissing without lifting
  54. yay! it was a good day!
  55. bullhuahua?
  56. My co-worker received a lovely text message this morning.
  57. Feeling Good
  58. Anyone have any great techniques for fleas?
  59. Neighbor afraid of dogs
  60. Looking for new gear
  61. Dual registry
  62. I have changed my mind! :)
  63. Sink or Swim....He swam!
  64. simple question
  65. Starting your own bloodline.
  66. Idiot dog owners
  67. Another dog fight today
  68. i am going to become a breeder, here for extra advice.
  69. Idiot goose
  70. How does everyone feel about crating?
  71. Isn't this a great quote about pit bulls?
  72. Pit Bull Artwork
  73. sun tan lotion?
  74. Caged pup put out with trash
  75. Now that the puppies are clearly dog aggressive...
  76. WTf, email!
  77. Anyone heard of these Truhn dogs?
  78. My reasons for wanting a pit bull, my fears of owning a pit bull. other things to...
  79. Why you don't do bitecases after 9pm...
  80. Unsolicited positive reinforcement
  81. Oh Goodness
  82. Vacation spots were your pit was allowed
  83. Anything I can spray on the dogs for bugs biting their ears?
  84. Is this inbreeding?
  85. She just "has that aggressive look."
  86. Is there any way to tell as a puppy what the dog will look like as an adult.
  87. ADOA news
  88. Dog broke its tether and came at us!
  89. These dogs are so smart!!!
  90. No tape ear posting
  91. Patriotic Pet Parade- June 12th
  92. Another Cragslist Post
  93. anyone else have a faker?
  94. *sigh* Missing another gathering
  95. American Boston Bull Terrier?
  96. A pit bull puppy from the shelter how big will she get?
  97. Puck is sleeping!
  98. Cats with F.I.P.
  99. Question about rabies observation period
  100. i think ive heard it all now!
  101. FOSTER FAILURE! I am keeping him
  102. Let me show you what scares my dog that is a "aggressive breed."
  103. Wild Hearts bad for dogs - let him know!
  104. Fitting a harness
  105. Now I remember why Dante doesn't get scraps
  106. Rant about parents not watching their kids
  107. yet another reason dog parks are bad
  108. Seriously? A fist fight over a dog's breed????
  109. Floyd Boudreaux
  110. www.hsussucks.com-the new mafia
  111. Moving predicament
  112. Should my wife be doing this?
  113. negative comments from family and friends
  114. thought this was funny
  115. reallyyanks my sack
  116. ukc or ckc?
  117. Would a break stick be safe to use with a pit mix?
  118. Can a Terrier and a Rabbit coexist in the same home?
  119. Pits and kids??
  120. what do 1xW, 2xW mean?
  121. Pit Bull Rescue Semi Rant
  122. Should I feel bad?
  123. Great PodCast By Dave Wilson
  124. Adopt a dog -- Get a roommate
  125. AmBully, SBT, AST & APBT
  126. The APBT and kids
  127. am i letting him down?
  128. Stupid Dog
  129. XL American Pit Bull Terriers???
  130. ABKC legit?
  131. Vet wants to pull puppy teeth by 6mo
  132. Taking Beau "Boar Hunting"
  133. Do dogs smile?
  134. Need some good thoughts and prayers
  135. come chat now 928pm
  136. Bella bit me last night!!!
  137. What is a "Pit Bull" & is it exclusive to the APBT
  138. Going on vacation, should I take Sasha?
  139. Tips on moving?
  140. Would any of you stand against back yard breeding with me and honor this dogs memory
  141. Livid/hopeful/HAPPY?
  142. Dog injured in Brampton City Shelter Care??
  143. HELP!! Multiple sire litter but dam owner doesn't want to DNA
  144. Is She Too Skinny?!!
  145. Those embarrassing moments with your dog.
  146. gravel/sand in kennels?
  147. Hair on neck
  148. Opinions on AmBullies?
  149. Do you walk your dog in the rain?
  150. Guess what I found...
  151. First dog jog here
  152. just curious
  153. Opinions? Is he or isn't he?
  154. Dog hung himself
  155. Anything I should know?????????
  156. search and rescue?
  157. roxie loves her little buddy
  158. heart breaking!
  159. Dog Bite Journal is online!
  160. Find the pit bull game?
  161. My sister brought home a 6 week old Yorkie last night
  162. Husband doesn't want another dog for atleast 9 or 10 years, maybe not ever. Help!
  163. silly question - breaksticks
  164. Nala's days of freedom are over :o(
  165. Pit Bull has to take viagra to stay alive? Seems kind of strange
  166. Dog Hair
  167. awesome awesome awesome news
  168. Found it on google....
  169. Medical Pet Insurance
  170. Since Bob Stevens won....
  171. More Craigslist Crap
  172. H$u$ facts
  173. Early Signs of DA?
  174. Good News and Very Very Sad news
  175. Dogs and drugs
  176. Bandit was attacked..
  177. NKC reg
  178. Do you think Kiara is part Pit?
  179. Petland
  180. Conditioning and Keep Regiment
  181. bully section
  182. Question for those with multiple dogs on chain set ups.
  183. Omg i want this dog!
  184. Why is it that Rescues..
  185. intresting read
  186. Will the dog kill itself while on the chain?
  187. Need terms defined
  188. When will people learn?
  189. My favorite song for my two babys....
  190. heinzl dogs
  191. SiNiST3R & His Dog Travis, Help me learn about my Dog
  192. Does your dog like to tan?
  193. Whoever said pit bulls are bad with kids...
  194. Need Advice on Possible Rehoming
  195. Idiots!
  196. oh my..
  197. Cooper @ Balboa park with girl scouts
  198. What do i need to do to get papers for my dog?
  199. Dogs called "Pitbulls"
  200. All the stolen dogs: pausing to love my dogs even more
  201. almost had Chihuahuas for breakfast
  202. Should I be concerned about my dog being stolen?
  203. Stolen pitbulls in doolittle, mo
  204. Any1 From Australia?
  205. It is that time - the rant of the day!
  206. Nylons, human and dog hair sought to contain oil spill
  207. Cats vs. Dogs
  208. WTF is wrong with people!!!!
  209. I am so beyond pissed off right now, look at this!!!
  210. Does Anyone Else's Dog Do This?
  211. Wasted effort?
  212. I'm totally in love with that dog!
  213. Is this ridiculous..?
  214. Chaining debate on DE CL
  215. One person really CAN make a difference!
  216. I hated Pit Bulls my whole life!
  217. is she goin to be huge?
  218. What kind of mix?
  219. Crazy comment said today.
  220. So im sort of annoyed.
  221. P is for .....
  222. Well it happened and I'm heartbroken
  223. how do your dogs sit?
  224. Thinking about it.....need some inputs
  225. Big day for Sasha coming up. Not sure what to expect. Need some advice
  226. Bandit got to meet new ppl!
  227. Pitbull Growth and Hight
  228. Aaaah, some nights...
  229. My babe @ 1 day old
  230. When did YOUR dog get its bark?
  231. Going to take my dog on a walk in Auburn CA tonight...
  232. silly people
  233. AmStaffs vs. APBTs in the UKC..
  234. Lost 2 year old female pit bull houston, texas
  235. Pittie Sitter...
  236. "You can always spot the pit bull owner..."
  237. Pet finder
  238. has anybody ever volunteered at a rescue?
  239. Ear cropping and rescue? Any one ever heard of this theory?
  240. I'm soo displeased and disappointed
  241. What's up with people these days?
  242. highly irritated
  243. I'm ticked!!! How can someone be so ignorant!?! Warning RANT
  244. USA vs Europe vs Asia
  245. Just shadows or muscle on this pound pup?
  246. nothin particular, just needed to add to todays rants!
  247. Suprised by own farts?
  248. SO P!$$ed at NEIGHBOR!
  249. Almost adopted a puppy today
  250. Misdemeanor rednose Pit