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  1. okay this was so cute
  2. doggie licks in the face
  3. Weird Doggy Commands?
  4. Pitbull's in public.
  5. You already know I went and got that dog....
  6. apbt or mixed pit ?
  7. NJ sitters?
  8. Pitbull Jewelry?
  9. River beheaded a bird
  10. Dog's Tongue Gets Caught In Paper Shredder
  11. NY-Dog control officer faces more charges
  12. Ever Been Attacked by an Unleashed Dog?
  13. LoLa's first playdate
  14. My Labrador Retriever Hero.
  15. Why You Shouldn't Breed Your Pitbull
  16. My mind is made up.....this is the pup we are keeping
  17. New pup not a pit bull
  18. What does your dog smell like?
  19. Cloris Leachman Poses for PETA
  20. On our walk
  21. do pitbulls head split?
  22. Pit Bull Attacks
  23. I love it when my dog......
  24. ????????
  25. Lily made a featured story!
  26. Thomason's
  27. Stand up against HSUS
  28. Ok, I may be late
  29. I may be wrong, nah
  30. white apbt
  31. What are you going to do when the law shows up
  32. Does your Pit Bull Snore??
  33. Registering
  34. New Dog - Needs dog training classes in Philly
  35. Anyone seen this?
  36. need help to do the right thing, please
  37. Picking up my pup in the morning....Also name suggestions
  38. What happened to Vick's dogs.
  39. Question for Pit lovein lawyers.
  40. english white terrier???
  41. The Responsi-Bull Project
  42. Earl Simmons: Class "A" putz
  43. blue fawn
  44. What breed is she?
  45. Moving some one help me
  46. New puppy!!!
  47. apart from the "pitbull" dogs what other breed shares your love?
  48. 'Hi My Name Is Kujo. I Am a Nice Dog.'
  49. When can puppies go outside?
  50. OMG! Where do these people get their information?
  51. Just watched a disturbing video on Youtube
  52. lady freaking out ? stupid
  53. Pet First Aid
  54. Petco story... and how things could go wrong fast!
  55. I have issues LOL
  56. fawn colours
  57. Super Puppy - Hershey is in flight
  58. Former Vick Dog Hector - First Video is Live
  59. "Cruelty to Owners" ABC News Documentary
  60. Mixing APBT with AB
  61. pitbull bred with bull terrier
  62. They're gonna kill my dog!!!
  63. Craigslist ad
  64. Do you take your dogs in to pet stores?
  65. Dog attack while walking.
  66. what's in a name?
  67. Dogs in cars and trucks – what are the risks?
  68. Bostons BSL (a rant on human stupidty)
  69. I am really upset...someone please help me
  70. what do you do for your dogs birthday?
  71. Sheriff's Dog Bites Child At Deputy's Home
  72. convo at the pet shop
  73. Am I going over board?
  74. Can your pitbull climb trees?
  75. PCS'ing with pets?
  76. How many years of pitbull experience do you have?
  77. Poor Mazzi...
  78. Cat parents?
  79. does your apt loves ice cubes and cheese ?
  80. B*llsh!t....peta
  81. Very important read!!!
  82. dog food
  83. Animal Cops Philadelphia
  84. To Enlighten or Not To Enlighten...that is the question???
  85. what does my dog look like to you?
  86. We need to tell people the dangers of peta
  87. the neverending argue
  88. Two Pit Bulls
  89. is he a strange color red/brown
  90. Pit bulls as service dogs
  91. Had a weird occurence happen, thought i would share
  92. It can happen at any time!
  93. Not pit related, but I've got to vent!
  94. Am I Crazy?
  95. Mixed with Presa???
  96. the pit bull song
  97. What do you do?
  98. Conditioning info
  99. Tell President-elect Obama to put HSUS on a leash
  100. Informative pit Bull books
  101. Purina supports BSL
  102. I finally got pictures for you guys!
  103. amazing
  104. female pit
  105. Reactions you get with your dog
  106. I finally got my dog!!!
  107. Sponsor the VSBA
  108. trying to change peoples perceptions of this breed
  109. The Ulitimate Pit Bull guide
  110. UK Kennel Club revises standards to improve dog health
  111. Dog Ownership; No Room For Buyer's Remorse
  112. Mickey Rourke Vows To Hack Off Every Dog Testicle On Earth
  113. An Intersting Story About Traveling with your Pitbull
  114. Dog or Cat Run Away From Home? What Now?
  115. I hate these types that want to breed your dog!
  116. muscles and shape
  117. AHA! Cats Are Evil~Service Dogs Put To The Test!
  118. Sleeping Q's @ Bella and Diego
  119. does any1 have the video
  120. need help with my pup's breed
  121. Am I the terrible owner people want to make me out as?
  122. registration papers
  123. Can people be any more stupid?
  124. my pitbulls nails
  125. color question, not sure where to post
  126. ADBA needs training help. Experience needed
  127. FREE~Protect Your Pets If You Die....
  128. Texans - united we STAND - Divided we WILL fall!
  129. Your Funniest Pit related experience
  130. my wife is thinking of fostering two yorkies
  131. Help - Please idenfity my Puppy's Breed
  132. Do You Treat Your Dog Like A Dog Or Like A Human?
  133. PETA again
  134. Compare Boxers to Pit Bulls
  135. Dog Books
  136. Patterdale/mutt came back, big surprise.
  137. Looking for constructive criticism on a website
  138. 9th January 2012 - Nestle to help pets & owners lose weight - (Reuters)
  139. 9th January 2012 - Pub serving dogs beer - (Daily Mail)
  140. 4th annual RE Present's for Pitties fundraiser
  141. Update on the friend's dogs.
  142. My sister is full of crap
  143. What do you do with our dogs energy?
  144. I need help with a really heavy heart!!!
  145. New dog
  146. Vote for Bella and Mollie
  147. I got hit with BSL
  148. A Bit of advice on adding to our pack?
  149. Do you share your food with your dogs?
  150. help
  151. you know you love your dog when...
  152. Cost and troubles of buying dog from u.s to here in finland
  153. A cartoon against fighting?
  154. We Have A Visitor.
  155. I think this sums up what a Pit REALLY is
  156. Post Your favorite "EASY" Dog Training Treat Recipe
  157. Crazy Pit Bull Propaganda!!
  158. Top 10 Guard Dogs
  159. new pup on the way?
  160. Trick or treat-with your dog?
  161. Pet Insurance
  162. That was cool, they understood.
  163. Pit Bull/Bull Mastiff mix
  164. Pit Bull/Bull Mastiff mix
  165. Pitbull not a real dog!
  166. Hide n' Go Seek
  167. stupidass people
  168. puppy name
  169. Free Malinois to a Good Home
  170. Neutering dogs.
  171. Chihuahua
  172. Wanting to get into showing my girl. What shows should we check out?
  173. Pit bull in the running for Cutest Dog Competition!
  174. Dogbook on Facebook
  175. My web-site
  176. Pit Bull friendly businesses and housing around Philadelphia
  177. halloween
  178. We have a new game at my house....
  179. Ed Faron--Status?
  180. RANT: Inconsiderate & Irresponsible Dog Owners
  181. help in figuring out what breed he is please
  182. Ear Crop in North Central FL (Gainesville)
  183. Staff Or Not ??
  184. Probably a stupid question.
  185. Wow
  186. -ode 2 the real dogmen of the past & present-
  187. Let him die for nothing..or do something i can't
  188. I'm getting a presa canaro or cane corso
  189. God bless this forum
  190. Anyone ever seen?
  191. Happy birthday sasha and cleo!
  192. Please help question
  193. HSUS cares about animals???
  194. Neighbor-drama
  195. Getting to know your neighbors isn't always good...
  196. so we are new
  197. we're moving and i have some questions
  198. The disturbing appeal of ‘human dogfighting
  199. Vicktory to the underdog
  200. Penny Goes To Wal-Greens!!!!
  201. hello friends
  202. Let the BYBs have the term "Bluenose"...Diesel is Grey!
  203. one good thing to another with Goren today
  204. rainy days are hell
  205. Good news
  206. what are the laws for pitbulls in kansas
  207. Ontario Dog Owner Fined $14,000 for online Breeder Bashing
  208. To those of you on Facebook, huge favor needed!
  209. South Texas People
  210. Has anyone ever heard of this breed?
  211. Taxidermy
  212. TX- College campus waco. BS BSL!!!!
  213. Those of you without yards - where do you take your dog for exercise?
  214. has anybody had a dog from a fighting ring before?
  215. Fireworks
  216. Pit Bull Documentary
  217. Judge Judy believes the locking jaw myth
  218. Please throw out some fun, unique, interesting, & meaningful dog names!!
  219. Leash Law
  220. Pitbull Service Dog
  221. pit bull perceptions in your location
  222. For those who Twitter...
  223. pack leader
  224. How does your dog wake you up?
  225. 'toughening up'!
  226. Is this even true at all?
  227. Being Harassed by neighbors!!
  228. Vet Keeps Dog Alive Despite Family’s Wishes
  229. My Buster's a wha??
  230. Must-watch Iggy Pop "dog" video!
  231. Songs about pit bulls?
  232. Honor your dog by putting them in a book
  233. Wanted: Dog World Mag. issue
  234. Check out what we're doing for the dogs over on Facebook
  235. Suggestions on handling off-leash dogs please
  236. Sad week....Happy ending!!!
  237. red nose pit
  238. I am getting a puppy!
  239. Adoption application approved - 2nd thoughts after visiting this site
  240. Is this puppy a pitbull???
  241. This is so funny and sad
  242. The boys' new legs
  243. attacked by a cat...wt..?
  244. Long time Pit Bull fan
  245. MySpace app that promotes dog fighting!!!
  246. Pitbull or not?
  247. The walk from hell!
  248. Debunking Dogsbite
  249. Found dog - female pit
  250. Should I get another dog?