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  1. Question on Agression, and to show off :P
  2. Convincing for a better diet.
  3. Logan's a big boy now
  4. Is it true???????????????
  5. Whats the best bloodline breed in the past?
  6. can someone give me some advice plz??
  7. Poor Jordyn.......her adopter backed out. Urgent once again, has until 8 p.m. tonigh
  8. What's the best training advice you've ever gotten?
  9. Adopting a Pit
  10. Delta airlines
  11. Rock and Roll for the Animals! - A benefit show for the PSPCA at Legendary Dobbs 8/2/
  12. Searching for a dog
  13. How can you tell if a puppy will be athletic when it matures?
  14. Needs out of ACCT by 8 p.m. tonight-Jordan
  15. Filtered water?
  16. Wow. I underestimated him. He is smart.
  17. Mixed feelings
  18. Cross posting; lost dog in vancouver,wa.
  19. Who would'a thunk it? One of my bear-chasing pit bulls has a "soft mouth"
  20. Fastest breeds
  21. Never leave two dogs alone unsupervised...?
  22. Locations of non-kill rescues/shelters?
  23. Cardio workout through Frisbee.
  24. Show off your dog's ultra rare nose colors
  25. Feel real sad for this dog....
  26. I need some guidance here
  27. I could use your help....
  28. Gabes winow thoughts
  29. NEWS FLASH: Not every dog likes other dogs in there space!
  30. ATTN: New Yorkers....death row dogs to be adopted
  31. how many of your dogs...
  32. Too funny not to share!
  33. New Collar arrived
  34. Crappy BYBs ><
  35. Took my puppy for a walk using treats for the first time today..lol
  36. Spay/neuter opportunity for Pit Bills
  37. Everybody please keep and eye out in this heat wave!!
  38. A Dog Who knows where his Home is.
  39. This was not a nice weekend
  40. Sam: Making a good name for pit bulls everywhere!
  41. EVERYBODY CALM DOWN!!! - Quick Solution for Re-Directing!
  42. is bubba blue? or seal?
  43. Saw this puppy on Petfinder..
  44. Stray dog just wreaked havoc in my house
  45. "Reinforced" Kennel for Airline Travel
  46. To have blanket or not?
  47. Fire ant killer?
  48. Pit mix?
  49. Carrying a break stick question.
  50. Please consider adopting/fostering Princess
  51. Hey folks, it's been a while!
  52. Coco needs to be out of the shelter by 8 p.m. today
  53. Model donates to villalobos pitbull charity with your votes
  54. Going on vacation!
  55. Reuniting dogs, little bit worried. Sugestions?
  56. How do/did you cope with waiting for another dog?
  57. Yup, another pit bull related injury.
  58. i don't like that pit bulls are in the news
  59. An example of why crate and rotate is a good idea
  60. Ewww! And I didn't expect that.
  61. Seriously WTF!!!
  62. any thoughts on what she could be mixed with?
  64. need dogsitter for Ruby - 9 days? (so cal)
  65. Just a rant...
  66. Urgent-Buddy needs out by 8:00 tonight
  67. .. and people are afraid of Pit Bulls
  68. ACCT at capacity
  69. Just kind of curious...How much would you typically spend for a well bred purebred?
  70. Trouble naming your dog like me? Here you go!!
  71. Urgent at ACCT-Adam
  72. How is his conformation?
  73. POLL: I know, I ask a lot of questions
  74. finally, it is heartwarming to read about a police officer not listening to the hype
  75. Is this a common color?
  76. What's your view on different size Pits?
  77. pics of the boys (pic heavy)
  78. 7 week old puppy on a spring pole..Ever seen it?
  79. I must really love this dog.
  80. A safe dog park?
  81. Holy Crap! Someone ate their wheaties!
  82. The Invisible Pup!
  83. WhiskerWonderland - July 21st, 22nd
  84. new pit puppy! merle coat. trying to find out if shes mixed with another breed or not
  85. the truth about bite statistics
  86. Skunked!
  87. Panting at night, while it's cold?
  88. does this upset anyone else?
  89. Sigh...
  90. ADBA Single registration.. how long does it take?
  91. Poodle Pup Needs Home
  92. Safer City
  93. The Monster Mielrs
  95. What does it matter to you?
  96. i finally did it!
  97. Dog Trainers Dream Come True
  98. My dog is a fatty!!!
  99. Update On the Roxinator
  100. What's your Opinion?
  101. Ooooo i'm so mad!!
  102. Doug the cat is missing. Please help.
  103. I need help
  104. Does your dog bury things ??
  105. Good luck Diamond
  106. Question on exercise.
  107. Athletic abilities...
  108. Got a new puppy, name ideas?
  109. am i a weirdo cause
  110. She finally behaved!
  111. Is it cruel?
  112. Just wanted to pat myself on the back for making this rottweiler owner look stupid
  113. Innocent question
  114. Small pet sitting/boarding service
  115. Rally to end animal abuse July 12th
  116. Please consider adopting/fostering Shem
  117. World Declares War On Belfast
  118. Show quality?
  119. GSD running around my neighborhood.
  120. Ugent at ACCT
  121. Help low-income pet owners get vet care - Please Vote
  122. Your dog story
  123. Your dog story
  124. Dog Days Kennel
  125. Dog Days Kennel
  126. NEED AdVICE
  127. NEED AdVICE
  128. I'M speachless - this happenned in my city
  129. I'M speachless - this happenned in my city
  130. How to deal with other dogs off leash and out of control
  131. I can't find a post
  132. Pitbull "Champion" (actually, "Lucy") on NBC's "Parks & Recreation"
  133. found a dog park nobody hardly uses
  134. IDIOT. You are one! (rant)
  135. Mcnamara kennels
  136. curious
  137. Is Flex more of AM. Bully or APBT
  138. Please consider adopting/fostering Shaunie
  139. Pit Bull friendly apartments in South Eastern Michigan
  140. mulch ? Cedar chip? or what? thoughts needed.
  141. Those Room-Clearing Farts
  142. Urgent at ACCT-Cynthia
  143. ANOTHER puppy set on fire.
  144. Please report carriage companies on 91+ degree days
  145. Some People Dont Deserve to Live!
  146. APBT motto ? * just for fun *
  147. Bree after a long days work...
  148. False Pregnancy
  149. crippen nearly got killed yesterday !!!
  150. Youtube
  151. Near dog fight
  152. collar
  153. Is he actually a Pit Bull? Please help :]
  154. Can you read your dogs' minds??
  155. Scrap at Obedience Class Graduation
  156. is this HA or normal?
  157. New pup might be sooner then planned
  158. Bringing a Pitt puppy into a house with 2 established cats
  159. House training my new Pitt puppy
  160. Any in Ohio know of a good boarding kennel
  161. Genetics Testing
  162. Why is she suddenly pooping in the house?
  163. Has anyone else noticed a change for the better?
  164. WWYD? Sick Rescue Dog (hypothetical)
  165. maltese
  166. Vet care help for sisters dog
  167. In the City- Dog Pee on the Sidewalk
  168. What do you put on your dogs ID tag?
  169. I had to facepalm
  170. New Addition to Neighborhood is a full grown Pit Bull
  171. Wrinkles
  172. Doggie Gym/Fitness Center?
  173. How COOL is this!?!!? PetFinder.com and two rescues benefit from this AWESOME!!!!
  174. WORST dog books youve ever read
  175. Please consider adopting/fostering Dempsey
  176. Need help on how to read pedigree??? Please help!!
  177. Anyone know of good dog books
  178. To: Experts: Critique Jasmine, my young dog, and what color is she?
  179. What color would you say he is?
  180. BODACIOUS is a Nominee for the 2012 HERO DOG AWARDS
  181. ugly dog
  182. Very powerful defense of pit bulls
  183. My dog rocks
  184. Very Urgent at ACCT needs out today-Irving
  185. crazy night!!!! Do dogs remember someones smell ONLY or also their face? seriously?
  186. Does your dog(s) have an alias?
  187. Urgent-Frannie at PSPCA-adopter failed to disclose important info
  188. Bad NewZ - Good NewZ
  189. Gabe is a pit, right?
  190. found a pup
  191. FOUND DOG!! Look familiar to anyone?
  192. Good example why dogs need to be put up at night
  193. No papers with dog from breeder, is that sketchy and does he look like a mix??
  194. Urgent at ACCT-Latanya
  195. need help with a name
  196. Which dog is the correct structure?
  197. Exercise Question for those of you who have dogs with arthritis or stiff/sore joints.
  198. HEY! Your Pit bull Looks like....
  199. old family reds
  200. Does she look too fat?
  201. What Breed Am I
  202. WHAT IF your dog attacks someone/something at your house in fenced in yard?
  203. Two cute Shih Tzu dogs up for free adoption
  204. The Reverse Sneeze
  205. Why do you have dogs?
  206. Please consider adopting/fostering Julius
  207. Puerto rico bsl repealed!!!
  208. Holy Shit There's Dogs in the Magikal Box!!111!!!11!!!
  209. Those of you who call some dogs "Pitterstaffs"...
  210. Free tree trimmer
  211. Very Urgent at ACCT needs to be out by 8 p.m. Zelda
  212. Rats
  213. Personal protector
  214. Started my week in the hospital and it ended tonite in the animal hospital
  215. Does your dog do this?
  216. found a puppy today, in bad shape.
  217. Jorvik found a starving stray....
  218. Anybody else solidfy their love for their pup.
  219. pitbull as house dogs
  220. Gassing shelters!?
  221. Is sad I'm excited about this?
  222. Trying to keep my home and dog (MD)
  223. Very tough few weeks! RIP to one dog and more!
  224. pet stores
  225. another dog... dun dun dun.
  226. hey yall
  227. "why is my dog breathing like this?!"
  228. Back in town an giving you guys a update on tiger
  229. Some opinions on making my bully more inviting for charity
  230. Another hoarding situation it appears....why do people do this?
  231. Presa Canario Vs. Cane Corso
  232. Best cat evar!
  233. Happy Birthday little hog dogs
  234. losing my home because of hateful people !!
  235. Livid. Just Livid.
  236. Just a bit of humour
  237. What Is The Best Dog Food For Dogs
  238. What Is Some Good Hypoallergenic Dog Food
  239. Pet Insurance - Things To Know About Pet Insurance
  240. Anyone heard of Iron pride kennels in TN?
  241. That Traitor
  242. Are Registered Dogs Superior?
  243. Found a sweet little boy
  244. help what color is he.
  245. what is too hot? inside house temp. for our dogs?
  246. Todays activities .....
  247. Aquarium Siphon
  248. Logan graduated to a chain spot today
  249. Is this a PitBull?
  250. Very Urgent-Sugar