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  1. is there a way to fix this?
  2. Deworming??
  3. New kennel help, please
  4. Cropping Ears
  5. Trifexis
  6. What is the best way
  7. Venting
  8. Ways to get dog Into truck?
  9. people disgust me!
  10. Can not stand ignorant people!!! Fighting a whole god damn army
  11. Need help for found dog! *URGENT*
  12. help with breed
  13. Blue Brindle......APBT, Ambully, or Both?
  14. ears cropped or not???
  15. Fantastic Video
  16. Is he an APBT, AST, OR AB?
  17. Remind me please
  18. Question about Dog Shows
  19. Please consider adopting/fostering Keiko
  20. Please Help Duo, the Acid burned puppy
  21. Please Help Duo, the Acid burned puppy
  22. "My Dog is a Weapon"?
  23. I feel bad :(
  24. Raising the perfect pit bull
  25. Oh so contrite
  26. How long do you wait?
  27. Anyone here own any true APBT TNT blood not bully?
  28. what do you think ??
  29. Pitbull mystery.. Am Staf? Am Pit? Pitbull? Mix? Identify his breed please
  30. Can anyone help me find this toy?
  31. Vegan Dog Diet
  32. Spotted a Lost Medium Sized White Dog (poodle or maltese?) in South Philly
  33. Boundaries: We Have None
  34. Strange dog behaviors?
  35. How does everyone feel....
  36. What is wrong with some people?
  37. We ALL have them...
  38. Need Quicker Pooping Today
  39. Stupid people
  40. "Craigslist Pup Saves Woman's Life"
  41. a FANTASTIC book...
  42. Boarding Anorexia
  43. some more questions
  44. why did I look on craigslist lol
  45. Danger of pet license
  46. Neighbors
  47. Tragedy in the making...
  48. Stop bsl & dda right now !!!
  49. Tell me what you think....
  50. Lost Blue Doberman in SC
  51. What did you do with your dog/s today?
  52. My UBKC (United Bully Kennel Club) show opinion.
  53. expandable batons
  54. FB auction for a rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
  55. Question for those of you who breed
  56. Super Stoked About This!!
  57. stupid roommate = dog fight and cops called
  58. my poor scared girl
  59. McDonalds anti-Pit Bull Ad
  60. You guys should really...
  61. makes me feel lucky, but sad :(
  62. Something attacked Koi!! D:
  63. Simple safety rules for traveling with Fido
  64. Rogz Collars
  65. For Those Who Think It's Ok To Let Your Dog Off Leash
  66. Crayons...Toxic?
  67. "Dog Attack" gets reported differently when its not a "pit Bull"
  68. This is Wally's story!
  69. sleepy time
  70. Razor edge pit?
  71. Urgent at ACCT-Queenie
  72. Can someone help me with the breed
  73. can dogs sense past deaths/ ghosts?
  74. What color would you say she is?
  75. Yet another reason NOT to trust PETA
  76. Moms boxer got human aggressive
  77. chain and lock...wtf? bit of a rant
  78. Did Anyone Not Intend to Get A Pit?
  79. Is the APBR considered a legit registry?
  80. Is she still considered an AMERICAN pbt?
  81. & other breeds
  82. A Plea To The Rescue Community
  83. i need some help :)
  84. Day at the Dog Park
  85. About my page on Facebook.
  86. Smooch the Pooch.
  87. Missing Doggie
  88. Springtime Crazies?
  89. Lip licking/yawning - Is it stress all the time?
  90. seems like a BAD idea [craigslist]
  91. I was just remembering
  92. I bet I get flamed
  93. which should i choose
  94. about to lose my mind!! why do they do this??!!
  95. Those darn cats!
  96. Stupid Dog Owner Rant
  97. UPDATE on sisters dog
  98. Collars and leashes needed for Pit Bulls!
  99. Just for a quick laugh
  100. Question??
  101. She's here!
  102. Playing fetch
  103. Please help our service men and women
  104. Raw diet for pitbulls
  105. Ban this facebook page!
  106. Possible ATTS Test WA
  107. Culling-Still a common practice?
  108. Should I care?
  109. Its like puppy stage all over again haha and i realized how much I have learned here
  110. Itchy Dog
  111. best dog toys for heavy chewers?
  112. luigi is super dog friendly
  113. Got me a puppy!
  114. I always get the dominant females, vid of Tyson and Millie for the first time outside
  115. How much space is needed?
  116. Yacuza, Good Game Kennel
  117. White pits and skin sensitivity? Help?
  118. Friend Is Breeding Female..
  119. What a Night
  120. New addition...
  121. Walking Poo?
  122. How to get stains out of white coat?
  123. Presidents and their dogs
  124. Dogs and playgrounds for kids
  125. Parvo?Stress?? ugh :(
  126. My mom officially made it my "Ignorant People" list.
  127. Mr. Pitbull ????
  128. APBT vs Amstaff?
  129. Those of you with mixed breeds...
  130. Your's, Mine and Ours
  131. What do you use in the car?
  132. Sunny's peeing problem is back
  133. Opportunity Barks Workshops @ Central Bark
  134. Blood lines
  135. Back from the Vets
  136. Rainy Day Games (??)
  137. Emergency!! Training Help Needed Regarding Bikes
  138. 5 Am wake up call and why APBTs are not good guard dogs @@
  139. Pit Bull Terrier Problem
  140. "My Dogs Will Be Best Friends Forever"
  141. what is my "pitbull" all mixed with thoughts?
  142. Are there any videos of Garner's Chinaman or Frisco working? or their Offsprings?
  143. Almost 2 weeks in and she is still going potty inside
  144. Just wanted to thank you all for all of the great advice i read here.
  145. Thinking of adopting an older dog
  146. Pitbull Speed compared to other breeds
  147. How much licking (of the human) is too much
  148. Update on Piper..
  149. How deep is your bulldogs bark?
  150. Barking
  151. The best trainer I know
  152. Hunting dogs.
  153. dog smell
  154. I'm happy that my dogs bark.
  155. Bow Wow and Meows or The Groove Hound
  156. Memphis shelter to euthanize all pit bulls and dogs that look like pit bulls
  157. NEVER again!!!! *Vent*
  158. Pet Grooming Training/Schools
  159. allerpet shampoo?
  160. advice
  161. Licensing laws
  162. Doggie-Drawings!
  163. I Don't Want Another Dog
  164. My dog is so big now:,(
  165. Dog Breed Information.
  166. Features?
  167. Bed time drama?.
  168. Is Running Just Exercise Or Can It Be a Job Too?
  169. Can I just rant for a sec ???
  170. Average American Bulldog size?
  171. Parkour Dog Video - Tret
  172. I need help finding a pup!
  173. Just Purchased! Can't Wait Til' It Comes In :)
  174. Dog running loose
  175. Sadness and desperate help needed for a 5 mo Staffy Bull
  176. So what changes in Ohio with HB14 passing?
  177. My horror story of getting Millie spayed :(. I feel like I almost lost my girl.
  178. Pit bull strays into Ventura students' hearts
  179. Urgent at ACCT-Pretty Paris
  180. The mindset of No-Kill at any cost...
  181. adopting the right dog
  182. The new potty training methods seem counter intuitive - someone please explain
  183. How do I find the right breeder?
  184. have you ever adopted a dog from a shelter?
  185. Members pics posted on Facebook pages.
  186. Your opinions please
  187. ...Please Ask before you pet...
  188. Humane State Ranking 2011
  189. Worms (maggots?!) in antler chews...
  190. Pit bull mix? Or just plain mutt?
  191. rednose or not
  192. Suggestions for the Monthly Theme Contest! Post 'em here.
  193. Suggestions for the Monthly Theme Contest! Post 'em here.
  194. Vacation Ideas
  195. Pretty new to the forum
  196. Dirty Laundry
  197. Please consider adopting/fostering Marley
  198. one person who probably shouldn't own a bully breed
  199. Well..shit I guess I'll take her
  200. So proud of Zealand! (fireworks)
  201. Nice pit bull growling...
  202. LOST AmStaff in NC
  203. Best (not)"Lost" dog flyer.
  204. anyone else ever buy one of those pet trackers???
  205. Really fed up with bsl!
  206. Why (you)? Why me? *SHARE*
  207. First UKC show! :)
  208. is she/he really a pit bull??
  209. A reminder to those of you with yards...
  210. have you seen this??
  211. My Pit seems to have stopped growing, whats the deal?
  212. BSL or Breed Restrictions in Tampa FL area or Atlanta, GA area?
  213. Happy Birthday Raj! =)
  214. just too cute lol
  215. Dog hunting rabbit
  216. Seriously, guys?! *rant*
  217. Went out in public today with all 4 dogs...(rant)
  218. Humping The Human
  219. My apbt/ambulldog mix tears her house apart. its the one that comes into 2 pieces
  220. Bully Friendly apartments in Seattle area?
  221. Deer Antlers For Pit bulls? Where can i get one and around how much are they?
  222. Pit Bull approved toys
  223. Kennel entertainment while left alone and mental stimulation?
  224. Nipping dogs while playing...
  225. Dangit MASON !!!
  226. Save Heidi from being destroyed, sign the petition. This could happen to anyone!
  227. looking for the all breeds temperament chart.
  228. Hey i am new to the site, and i need help determining my dogs bloodline
  229. Color Preferences?
  230. Abused puppy?
  231. What would you recommend Collar on or off?
  232. This amazing breed?
  233. Advice On BSL
  234. Xena!
  235. Keeping my dog safe in my neighborhood
  236. Crates...
  237. It's always the bulldogs fault isn't it?!?
  238. can my pitbull ride in the car
  239. D'oh!
  240. *sigh* Not that bright
  241. Collar Issues
  242. American Pit Bull Terrier vs Belgian Malinois
  243. bloodline help(ped inside)
  244. Album pictures are huge! ???
  245. Stolen GSD (posting for a FB friend)
  246. Can you help?
  247. Should this concern me?
  248. dog throwing up?
  249. If you attended the Port Clinton Pull Jan 29th
  250. I have been reading all the stickies, my eyes are getting tired...