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  1. dog fighters
  2. keep diesel in your thoughts
  3. Vick dogs NBC positive news Brian Williams
  4. Bob Dylanís Teenage Poem About A Dog Is For Sale
  5. okay, so I'm not cropping ... now what?
  6. Sometimes, being a responsible owner means not being an owner at all.
  7. Playing
  8. Need help..Pit question? Car attacked. Heavy Damage.
  9. Animal Planet
  10. American Pit Bull Terrier
  11. Sad ending to a great day
  12. Pit Friendly Places to live
  13. Looking for real APBTS
  14. Is the Dog-o-Matic an owner's best friend?
  15. Doyle Brunson Dog Mangled Gas Station Attendant
  16. pitbull mix
  17. Happy 10th Birthday PATCHEENO!!!!
  18. WONDERFUL walk with Nick
  19. Jada
  20. Male or Female?
  21. Pitbull love.
  22. great day with my am staff doggie ambassador!
  23. genetic color experts
  24. Doggie Day Care for Pitties
  25. How did you beat the anti tether ordinaces in your community?
  26. Very funny story about Charlie and the water!
  27. question about bloodline, types of "pits"
  28. L.A. County-Caught On Tape: Alleged Animal Shelter Abuses
  29. This is sad, what do you think is wrong with this dog? I might bring it home for TLC
  30. FINALLY someone in Alabama is...
  31. what do you consider important registries for APBTs or AmStaffs ...
  32. ABC News Atlanta Exposť on HSUS Donations
  33. What treat will your dog do anything for?
  34. What does your dog do to get your attention?
  35. Difference between all Pit Bull's
  36. top 10 reasons you cant trust a vicious pitbull
  37. Transporting your dogs
  38. The show The Doctors
  39. Fay: Akron show features William Wegman's canine muse
  40. Dogs used as Shark Bait!!
  41. Open and read with caution...
  42. After a tragedy
  43. liability pit bull insurance
  44. Retired Couple's Puppy Adoption Denied
  45. World's Tallest Dog Loses Front Leg To Cancer
  46. Patriot Paws Service Dogs
  47. help! animal control is after us
  48. Show lead contest
  49. what a cry baby
  50. Why do dogs wear clothes?
  51. the guilty party
  52. Thinking about a second dog
  53. Just found out I cannot have a pit bull here
  54. Pitbull Blues
  55. Stupid question? On height.
  56. What should I say my dog is! Uk
  57. What would u do if this was your puppy????
  58. Whats This World Coming To!!
  59. Had a scare
  60. Look How Dangerous
  61. hello iam new tell me wat u people think about my puppy
  62. How to
  63. Funny dog videos
  64. My red nose mix anyone know what mix
  65. what do you do when you take a DA dog to the vet where other dogs are?
  66. help mentor!
  67. Any Cane Corso Rescue in Canada?
  68. Help Me Choose my dog what do you think of her
  69. FA Aggression, And I Don't Mean Food Aggression!
  70. Old time APBT Photos
  71. Curioius???
  72. Microchip question
  73. Going to get another puppy
  74. Happy birthday bransen
  75. Chris Rock and Jay Leno Defend VIck WOW
  76. Will the family dog protect your home?
  77. good walk finally
  78. Okay... I need...
  79. Puppy colours
  80. Happy Birthday Ginger :]
  81. Rabbi gets surprise help from a dog while demonstrating the shofar
  82. Dog Fighting Bust in Alabama Overwhelms Animal Shelter
  83. rednose/colby vs bluenose lines
  84. A good dog story (long but worth the read)
  85. Who wants to be Ruger's friend?!
  86. Looking for contact info
  87. From the Mouths of Babes
  88. Bullies in Need!
  89. Michael Vick chew toy
  90. Information on bloodlines
  91. Tough deceision
  92. Iowa councilman's dog stolen from animal shelter
  93. historical picture
  94. My 1st Pit Bull
  95. Major drama this morning, Thor got into fight with neighbors pit
  96. difference in ear crops?
  97. Terminology
  98. Breeders Saying they have APBTs but look at this site
  99. Your family vs your dogs
  100. Another Pit Bull Forum To Check Out...
  101. Is my dog APBT OR Ambully?
  102. Anyone with white or semi white pups
  103. White pits!
  104. How big will my dog get?
  105. pit bull and black lab...best friends forever?
  106. My what big ears.....
  107. My puppy attacked by APBT !!!(LONG)
  108. Don't understand colors (blue when my dog looks tan to me)
  109. presa canaria
  110. "Bad" breeding
  111. What color is this pup?
  112. Breed Discrimination Virgin
  113. Cooler heads do not always prevail
  114. With The Nice Weather, The Idiots Come Crawling Out Of The Woodwork
  115. Western Pa.
  116. My Personal Hell
  117. APDT Conference
  118. Member Opinions on Dog?
  119. Dogs off-leash
  120. NKC "Hybird REgistry"...
  121. first match on Saturday ..
  122. So uh...
  123. Question about dogs ability to sense
  124. The new member of our family
  125. One life saved- a wonderful story I want to share
  126. are bark collars inhumane?
  127. breed testing
  128. True to the Blue?
  129. Need Info A.S.A.P Please
  130. Medical Costs - How do you handle it?
  131. Registration issue
  132. norfolk,va pitbull owners
  133. Hey guys I'm new here
  134. what Rambo looks like now!!!
  135. Wronged owner
  136. Quick question about ear cropping.
  137. Possible new puppy.....could use help in transport if possible
  138. I flipped out today on craigslist
  139. American Rednose Staphashire Terrier
  140. the hunt for a pup
  141. Just brought my pup to the vet
  142. new puppy is coming tomorrow
  143. Dexter Has Style
  144. humane society?
  145. am staff as a guard dog?
  146. Animal Control called on me!
  147. Judge Judy
  148. ANY SPBR people lurking around here
  149. What is your take on the Article? - Found on Craigslist, IL
  150. My Email to dogsbite,org
  151. giving up a dog
  152. Just found this....
  153. Share your photos...
  154. I'm so pissed, but its not Lola FAULT
  155. Celebrity Apprentice Poker Star Has a Full (Dog) House
  156. This made my stomach sick...
  157. Is this an APBT on a Nickolodeon "Hotel Dogs" Movie cover?
  158. traveling with my pit
  159. BSL & ADBA club info needed
  160. Wind Gust Carries Away Chihuahua In Michigan
  161. Help me Pick?
  162. what COLOR is my dog ?
  163. The Cloned Puppy That Glows in the Dark
  164. Crate or Chain Spot
  165. Drying Cages May Present Dog Danger
  166. switching from CKC to adba
  167. Happy 5th b-day to the Quadruplets
  168. Loads of uneducated "pit bull" haters.
  169. playing with the neighbor's dog
  170. Kapone helped the APBT name today
  171. Gainesville Fla, Gator Nation Bully Bar-B-Q
  172. DVD: Walker Payne
  173. new pup prospect
  174. Just shows
  175. staying at other people's houses with your dog
  176. Opinions needed!! semi-controversial
  177. Part of Helmsley's trust going to the dogs
  178. so i guess my parents are breed prejudice:(
  179. Kids crying
  180. dogsbite.org at it again
  181. Midwest Dog Show People
  182. CA-Pit Bull Owners Can Get Homeowners/Renters Insurance
  183. Wow, look what I found Craiglist
  184. Marine that threw puppy off cliff has myspace
  185. Gambit's Leaving on a Jet Plane
  186. MO-Police search for dog killer on the prowl
  187. Long Haired APBT
  188. What`s the worst DA accident you had with your dog?
  189. No dewclaws?
  190. Dog Whisper Auditions in Houston TX
  191. Moving to Winston Salem NC
  192. New airline Pet Airways caters to cats (and dogs)
  193. I think i discovred Doggy bliss
  194. just ran across this guy...what do you think?
  195. Looking for a pitbull/jack russell mix
  196. Ok, I'm confused.
  197. Beyond The Myth .... movie info
  198. Gassy Question...So Weird
  199. Question?
  200. My dog BEHAVED so why did I get the mean looks?
  201. Ohio
  202. Therapy Dogs Inspire, But There's a Shortage
  203. Hunter Loses 3 Dogs Chasing 365lb Hog
  204. I hate dumb people
  205. Is this cage big enough
  206. ESPN's E60 Tomorrow Night
  207. Spoke too soon- First Off Leash Experience
  208. wow 97+ lb "lap dog"
  209. Games for the dog?
  210. Look at this shit! Article
  211. Here we go again. Horrible article.
  212. Paws to Read program for kids
  213. should I lie?
  214. Diesel sired a litter...Registered too!!!
  215. Durham, NC AADR show Results 4/18
  216. The Absolute Importance of Type
  217. Go Vote for Bailey
  218. The dog with the snowball chest!
  219. She's here! Yeah!!!
  220. i hate people
  221. Block Party today!
  222. Mastiff Numbers Dwindle in Naples
  223. Yall check this out
  224. in need of good APBT quotes...
  225. rottweiler about to be PTS for defending it's owners
  226. King Meets a Cane Corso
  227. Tomorrow at 10:00 am
  228. Racist neighbors!! Check it out
  229. NEW Dog law in MD is outrageous to some.
  230. My Sweet Girl........
  231. HSUS Sponsors Positive Pit Bull Photo Exhibit!
  232. Dog Bites Part of Child's Ear off in San Antonio
  233. This s**t is hilarious.
  234. Radio host says "why does anyone need a Pit Bull
  235. Dog Brought Home Human Skull
  236. How do we help all dogs?
  237. First night of class Ugh!
  238. So this is what they teach AC officers...
  239. The White pit bull
  240. How could you!?
  241. that doggy in the mirror
  242. Hello new to the site
  243. First Puppy Addresses Nation
  244. Bloodline Guru's?
  245. Pit bull as a companion dog for elderly
  246. rescue shelters ?
  247. NC ADBA Show 5/1-5/3 Ride
  248. One Dog Risks His Life for Another Dog
  249. getting a tattoo of my dog
  250. air-travel question