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  1. sand box=crack for my apbt
  2. bloodline of choice, and why?
  3. Would you stop talking to a sibling over a dog?
  4. Pit Bulls
  5. I'm glad I'm not watching the dog whisperer
  6. Get a second dog?
  7. Dogs head crushed with a shovel
  8. Dogs of yesteryear.. and dogs of today. Is there a big difference?
  9. some people
  10. My dog
  11. Crazy Breeding
  12. First Time
  13. pulling/bulking up
  14. I found this poem and thought it was beautiful. ~Prayer of a Pit Bull~
  15. Looking for an agility dog
  16. Support needed on April 9th. Harrisburg Pa
  17. Possible "Pitbull" & Chihuahua..
  18. Spiked Collars: A brief history
  19. ear cropping pictures
  20. Leg liftng female
  21. Worst Looking Stray We've Ever Saved :(
  22. what is notch mixed with?
  23. Want a pitbull pup but have a toy poodle. Help.
  24. I really blew it!
  25. Ordered my collars :)
  26. In case anyone would like to help...
  27. What does game really mean?
  28. Pet store experience
  29. Barking
  30. Vote for Harley
  31. Told to take my, "Pit", and leave.
  32. "control your dog!"
  33. How can we get the word out?
  34. Red Alert
  35. Keeping cola outside
  36. Please tell me about Bully Molosser dog breeds
  37. Walking the dog question...
  38. How do I get through to the kids?!
  39. Random Bully Thoughts/Thinking out loud
  40. Agree or Disagree?
  41. Ador-a-bull new Valentine's Day cards!
  42. APBT for Police
  43. Bailey
  44. Who else occassionally
  45. The WAY TOO NATURAL Pet Store
  46. Not our typical afternoon yesterday...
  47. housing without breed restrictions
  48. "Pit bulls are just horrible evil dogs"
  49. Old school remedy or new school BS?
  50. Want to do me a big favor? Go "like" Wilson :)
  51. Shelter or Breeder?
  52. Sled dogs slaughtered in Whistler.
  53. Apbt history and riddles game. 15
  54. So its okay to have a gun, kids can have knives, but you don't allow Pit Bulls!
  55. Dogs or People
  56. Plan would treat animal abusers like sex offenders
  57. Harness help.
  58. We rescued a pregnant pit today...
  59. Recipe for disaster!
  60. Star went to the vet today
  61. One Remark-a-bull Gal...
  62. "dog" An illustrated story (*big file*)
  63. Short story, Illustrated tale of a Boy and His dog.
  64. 10 month puppy help!
  65. Some people are... idiots..(rant)
  66. watchdog/redboy jocko
  67. Do you look like your dog?
  68. Advice Please
  69. British pitbull....?
  70. Help please!
  71. Where Am.Bullies originated from?
  72. Roxy Had A Good Night!
  73. Working with an ignorant IDIOT...(RANT)
  74. Happy 1 year birthday Luigi!
  75. Bad conformation... no hock/stifle?
  76. Crossing APBT's with American Bullies
  77. How do you teach an old dog new tricks?
  78. Joe brown
  79. Where did I go wrong?
  80. The Name Game...
  81. What are we doing to our dogs?
  82. What the... ?!
  83. nico jr..???
  84. I broke down today....
  85. Rat Terrier
  86. Need opinion please :)
  87. New Vet
  88. Sleeping with the dogs? And a limit?
  89. Such a sad situation :(
  90. bottom teeth in front of uppers
  91. Anybody know some thing about this old and historical Pit of the photography?
  92. My Dad's Yorkie Lost in Pontiac, MI, Prayers Please
  93. Stirring up the Cesar Milan pot
  94. Space Heater
  95. how many times do u bath your dog?
  96. Do you sometimes think Shelters ignore the best interest of a dog just to move them?
  97. Picking out a wellbred specimen of the breed?
  98. a good post on craigslist I am in shock!
  99. Microchipping
  100. Dumb dogs
  101. What mix do you think she is?
  102. My dogs aren't useless....
  103. Human shampoo who uses it?
  104. Dalmatian
  105. Libby
  106. merry christmas
  107. i know some here hate it,
  108. Christmas puppy rant
  109. Artificial Insemination
  110. *grumble grumble* ppl need to LEARN!!!!
  111. of the chain
  112. You Dogs First Boarding Exp.
  113. Oh dear lord please help! Rescued a Pit Pup
  114. slightly off topic, but, guard dogs?
  115. Star sprayed for the first time at least in the house
  116. Police Women of Dallas
  117. The joy of winter
  118. What animals has your dog hunted and killed...cats, squirrels????
  119. My dog caught her self a field mouse today!! hahah
  120. Purrfect family: injured dog at Edmonton shelter nurses 5 pups and a kitten
  121. Dog eaters!
  122. Wet nose vs Dry nose ???
  123. how old til my girls head split???
  124. Pitbull puppies and feeding
  125. Pitbulls and clipped ears
  126. What's the Average Weight for Game-Bred Dogs?
  127. Collar, Leather or Nylon ???
  128. APBT Magazine !!!!!!! take a look ( Not a American Bully magazine)
  129. Darren McFadden has 2 male ...
  130. American Pit Bull Terrier Magazines??
  131. I just fell in LOVE with a dog someone emailed to me,anyone worked with a deaf dog??
  132. Christmastime Dangers
  133. Pit Bull Opinion/Question
  134. What other breed(s) of dog do you have?
  135. looking for pet friendly accommodations...3 weeks in Philly April 2011
  136. Pit Bull Tattoo
  137. I have a problem.
  138. Correct body type?
  139. The morning suprise!
  140. Insanely adorable!
  141. what to do with dylan
  142. Do you celebrate Christmas with your dogs?
  143. today jayda makes 15 months old
  144. It is the season
  145. If you could....( jut for fun )
  146. why do so many so many people bash craiglist dogs??
  147. DNA test?? Has anyone got it done and does it work??
  148. Oh dear.
  149. What to do????
  150. Some people DO get it....
  151. "What do I do?"
  152. I need some help
  153. Hey did P!ink have a Pit Bull tattoo ???
  154. At what month do they split?
  155. Poll: who has been asked to stud out their male?
  156. Anyone Vegan? (Semi-Off topic)
  157. Camping with dogs...
  158. Need help
  159. New pitbull owner
  160. Why
  161. Need some opinions
  162. Anyone want a dog?
  163. Impressive pictures within the iadcro project for christmas
  164. Nicknames
  165. Idiot!! Grrrr....
  166. Someone tried to steal...
  167. Kuranda bed
  168. does your pit climb on top of furniture?
  169. New Female American Pit Bull Terrier!!!!
  170. Question. help please
  171. My 7 year old and 3 month old
  172. 3 Dogs Shot By Dog Catcherr, Northern Saskatchewan.
  173. Pitbull makes front cover of a shooting mag
  174. Any good guesses??
  175. Pit Bull vs different dog breeds : tug of war!!!
  176. Pit Bull vs Bull dog : Tug o' War !!! hahahha
  177. aggressive play
  178. Tail docking WHAT????
  179. Next time I'm bringing a leash home
  180. Dog-friendly, playful, fast-learning, snuggly dog needs new home!
  181. Any idea what this adorable pup might be
  182. Home made treats
  183. Im so happy we kept bonnie bell.
  184. Doggles
  185. Is any blood better than chinaman?
  186. Here's why people shouldn't let their dogs roam loose!
  187. Click Training Part 2
  188. The abnormal fear of dogs...
  189. am very sad.
  190. Michael Vick misses being a dog owner...
  191. training using Brad Pattison method
  192. Does your dog lean on you?
  193. Does your dog lean on you?
  194. Question about crates and dividers...
  195. Anybody here prefer a mutt over a purebred?
  196. two missing dogs in South Philly
  197. Do you ever...
  198. Question!!!!
  199. Do you kiss your dog...
  200. New to forum and first time pitbull owner
  201. My first fight I've had to break up by myself
  202. Lets get started click training
  203. My New Rescue is so Depressed
  204. It appears we have a faker...an apology.
  205. So its 33 degrees in Ft. Laud, Fl omg
  206. PETA is loosing it X___X
  207. Frisbees??
  208. Moving to Orlando Fl and needing to find a place that allows Pitts.
  209. What does it mean when a dogs hairs around the neck stand up?
  210. are there any movies or documentaries on pitbulls?
  211. Philadelphia Animal Control robbed!
  212. My poor fence!
  213. Ordering a breaking stick from the internet?
  214. APBT vs AmBully
  215. Recommended GSD breeders?
  216. more SPCA bad news
  217. I REALLY love my dogs!
  218. Opinion's on Dog Whisperer and Pit Boss
  219. I love my dog, I love my dog, I love my dog.
  220. Name help?? Yes, yet another!
  221. Do you think this would work?
  222. I know this is not a Rottweilier forum but ... (warning, picture heavy)
  223. FOUND DOG: Ultra Friendly Rotty/Shepherd Mix
  224. Need help trying to figure out her size please
  225. Blue Harlequin Pitbulls
  226. Good news
  227. Lock Down
  228. Play date went well!!!
  229. I apologize
  230. interesting compairison
  231. Ohio dog show/ AmBully-APBT Sept 25th
  232. need help
  233. Dog bites can leave kids with emotional scars too
  234. My dad almost lost my dog!
  235. Purina Busy Bone Dental For Small/Medium dogs not recommended for toy breeds??? Why?
  236. want a new collar for simon... something durable...suggestions?
  237. Good Boy Bubba!
  238. SPCA Dog Run!
  239. considering rescue Amstaff (cross-post from introduction forum)
  240. Northeast Philly Dog Walker/Pet Sitter available (NE Phila and surrounding)
  241. how do i know if my dog likes the new canine companion
  242. Housing around Nashville Needed!
  243. Dog question
  244. Help the cause of what happend to Bella
  245. at the old folks home
  246. Dog Life Vest
  247. Ever feel this way?
  248. FL: Dog desperately needs rescue
  249. What kind of pitbulls do I have?
  250. Check this out guys!!!