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  1. How to find a home
  2. What I saw as a dog groomer
  3. There is a show on the History channel that is quite disturbing
  4. Monster myths vx. bully truths
  5. an e-mail I received from my dad. Sharing.
  6. The Dutchess Files...bumbumbummmmm
  7. Red Nose-Blue Nose.....
  8. how can I get my family to listen to me about my dog?
  9. Why do you think so many people breed dogs?
  10. Your dog is too thin!
  11. Introducing my brother's new rescue CANDY!!
  12. ~She Went Mad~
  13. Teaser
  14. how does my female produce blue fawn pups?? help please :)
  15. Tired of mumbling
  16. I feel bad for star
  17. The Backyard Breeders' and Puppy Millers' Big Book of Old Excuses
  18. Ok i have to bring this up.African Dog...
  19. Need help for friend....
  20. Kent County SPCA Animal Control strikes again
  21. Problem Knees
  22. Cytology testing in dogs
  23. Every time there is a dog attack in the news...
  24. Not to stir the pot about the "Gator Myth" but...
  25. Puppy bit open an Arizona can
  26. Sad to say
  27. Opinion
  28. Of Rats and Men...
  29. I'm convinced the apbt isnt a true breed anymore
  30. Best way to nap when its cold out
  31. Do Scuffles always lead to crate and rotate?
  32. Where did you get your dog?
  33. What is a gator pit ?
  34. Fearing the chance of being attacked!
  35. i feel like my dog is deaf...
  36. Puppy trying to EAT everything
  37. Can dogs predict a change in weather?
  38. Ahhh... Im so proud of my dogs.
  39. Horrible door knob!!
  40. Learn something new everyday!!!!!
  41. uH, SKIN CRAWLING......
  42. Might be a repost, but this is a sweet video of an Am Staff in the Ukraine!
  43. Pretty sure she was dumped... :(
  44. Not the first, not the last
  45. Dogs and animals equal to humans
  46. Went to the local shelter today
  47. Please vote for us!
  48. My first (and I hope last) trip to the E-vet
  49. Pit Bull Awareness Month MSPCA
  50. Whats the most outrageous, grossest thing you have done for your dog?
  51. Beau is so well trained :)
  52. will be pulling pit bull from animal control
  53. Congratulations to Wheezie "wayne" and Rex.
  54. Vote for Wilson!
  55. Law Suit - Want your Opinion
  56. go figure
  57. Tomorrow is National Pit Bull Awareness Day!
  58. Jeez, a great reason to properly contain and supervise your dog.
  59. Guess what Spazz is getting? xD
  60. Insurance
  61. UK, Ban On American Pit Bulls
  62. I'm interested to know opinions and why
  63. man it's cold outside!
  64. eagle kinda had a fight this morning
  65. altering pets and growth affects
  66. Adopting a pup tomorrow, questions!
  67. I met a boerbel today!
  68. Bone or no bone???
  69. Happy Birthday to Paco Collars!!
  70. Sweet kitten needs a better home ASAP! :( please help
  71. OMG Presa's on my local CL
  72. URGENT! found pit bull needs to be placed in a rescue group TODAY
  73. pitbulls.org on facebook
  74. Abbreviations.
  75. How would I find out more about my pup?
  76. Hi, New here
  77. Raising a Pitbull with a Full-Time Job
  78. suggested food and water bowls?
  79. My new Photography page dedicated to Pitbulls
  80. What thing drives you crazy or makes you say "awww"?? (Just for fun)
  81. My dog was shot !
  82. Anyone has seen this before? Bull terrier vs porcupine
  83. dog dna test
  84. Dogs and comfort sucking
  85. pit vs. toy breed
  86. This confuses me.
  87. Bulldog Vs APBT
  88. What is the difference between an Amstaff and Classic Ambully?
  89. Puppy alert!
  90. Star and da
  91. Going to Pick Up My Girl in a Few Hours!!
  92. Newly Adopted Bulldog
  93. Pit-friendly cities?
  94. How much does mis-identification annoy you?
  95. Wild hogs in Mississippi-at last!
  96. weird place to sleep
  97. It scares me to find a special needs dog on craigslist, did I overstep?
  98. Registry question
  99. What can I do?
  100. Bully growth patterns
  101. Question for those of you with Rescue dogs
  102. Neighborhood taking their sweet time getting that HOA info to me, regarding dogs
  103. I could just smack my sister
  104. URGENT! Need help with a transport...Please HELP! (CA - WA)
  105. I'm proud of my stupid dog!!!
  106. Re-homed a dog today
  107. yup he said double red nose
  108. Lucky...very inspirational story about dog and owner.
  109. Mice
  110. Can someone help me find a dog for adoption in Waupun,WI? My friend's dog got killed
  111. Has anyone used-
  112. anyone know of any good boarding areas??
  113. Run with Lugz
  114. do pitbulls have webbed paws?
  115. Spotlight: Animal officer serves to protect
  116. Waste not...want not
  117. APBT/Husky mix....would you own one? Why or Why not?
  118. Got this in an email and just had to share it
  119. Top 5 Pit Bull Books
  120. my 3 month old 40 pound blue
  121. Is your local shelter like this?
  122. Lazy puppy
  123. Fencing and "bloodline" Question
  124. Anyone else seen this??
  125. black and blue
  126. Gidget: Possible SAR candidate :)
  127. question about my soon to be pup papers
  128. A new kind of rescue...
  129. A "Doctor" said my pit wasn't pure because of her color patter
  130. Video from CNN Dog put to sleep, awakes
  131. attn Facebook report this page
  132. skittish dog
  133. ok.. stupid question about color
  134. I know you hate these but what kinda bully breed you think she is?
  135. killer mums!
  136. Good or bad idea? (APBT show)
  137. This is the arch in his back ivwas talking about
  138. thinkgeek.com, you rock!
  139. GG is in surgery now...
  140. where do you get your toys?
  141. I got a problem. I got a note about my "Husky".
  142. Afraid they will deny my dog at apt
  143. Scared of Pit Bulls! (Rant)
  144. Question about old cat
  145. Ah, dogs.
  146. Do People Ever Think Before They Act?!
  147. Thought I would Share
  148. the perfect pittbull "confused"
  149. So freakin cool!
  150. so, why DO you own two dogs?
  151. APBT question regarding strength
  152. happy ending
  153. Printable Education flyers?
  154. I just got a Shar-Pei/Pit mix. Never owned one and I have small kids, should I worry?
  155. domestic fox
  156. Rescue...!!!!!
  157. "Playing with cats"
  158. New Owner
  159. Does he really understand what I'm saying?
  160. Nina's says hi
  161. Skeletor's new trick: Close the door
  162. You wonder if dogs think like this? (Long)
  163. Crazy Question
  164. need some info on insurance
  165. Pamphlet of safe and proper chain set-ups?
  166. How to cool down neutered 14 month old puppy who is all "excited"?
  167. Strange Request, PLEASE READ (RE: Anti-Tethering)
  168. ukc limited privilages registry... or something like that
  169. I just gave star a cold bath
  170. Previously posted in health section
  171. someone plz help me someone missing my bff
  172. What do you
  173. insurance
  174. So the spots on the white APBT’s...
  175. Our Story
  176. Pit Bulls in Nashville, TN
  177. Ziggy at 7 months
  178. I saw Beau's old age for the first time :(
  179. Lost Cat in Juniata Park
  180. Need yalls help and advice.
  181. Dogmen of present vs Dogmen of past
  182. Dog won't lock on his spring pole.
  183. anabolic steroids for dogs??
  184. The Butt Wiggle..
  185. Settle an argument for me
  186. Opinions Please
  187. APBT research from scientific journals...
  188. Breed/Name association game
  189. Pitbull=#1 cutest baby & dog moment
  190. Non-working breeds
  191. WHY people hate the HSUS???
  192. They are killing dogs in Baghdad
  193. a little rant
  194. Should i take my dogs out....
  195. Holy RATmill Batman!
  196. Just saying.....
  197. Showing favoritism....
  198. petfinder is the devil to me right now!
  199. What have you sacrificed for your dog?
  200. Training worked
  201. Potty Breaks
  202. Does your dog wear a collar all day?
  203. Freecycle stupidity
  204. Los Angeles Media Faking photos in news stories
  205. 3rd bird in 3 weeks....
  206. my foster to adopt dog. i am not feeling her name (a lot of pics)
  207. Something isn't right
  208. Dogs left to die tied to tree
  209. If you want a SERIOUS laugh check this out
  210. ok i get not everyone likes Cesar's training...
  211. Was going to take dog with us Saturday but its a BSL area
  212. why that particular breed?
  213. Ahhh fleas!
  214. Trying to find out ideal weight for a 10 week old
  215. Puppys & Kittens?
  216. So proud of my husband!
  217. Suggestions on how to deal with fireworks
  218. Color doesn't matter, or does it?
  219. Don't miss me.
  220. Major Aggression Issues with 4 month old puppy
  221. a land shark?
  222. My pitbull isn't growing very tall!! What gives?
  223. Looking for information about NAIA
  224. Totally Awesome. New APBT as a neighbor!
  225. At a loss and worried
  226. dogs with cats
  227. Had a dream....
  228. does anyone know of a schnoodle forum?
  229. Saw the most beautiful American Pit Bull Terrier Puppy today
  230. Where to get a Blue Blue nose pit near morgantown WV. Western PA, MD WV eastern Ohio
  231. Meg did a good job representing the breed today.
  232. need help with new pit girl 5 weeks old
  233. The worst part of fostering...
  234. Should I even bother?
  235. bath time sucks
  236. Legal rights to a foster?
  237. 60 Dogs Rescued From Lakeside Home
  238. What type of pits?
  239. PETA's Euthanasia Rates Have Critics Fuming
  240. How to start a bulldog breeds Rescue PACKET
  241. could you please vote for my Poohpa ?
  242. Please vote NO to CBS's poll about banning pit bulls!
  243. Something to think about
  244. saw my dogs tenacity last night
  245. Question about cold climates & kennel/chain yard setups?
  246. American Bull dog x Lab?
  247. Fifth of adults choose pet over partner on V'Day
  248. Theme Song
  249. do you put the size 14 up against the Dogs head
  250. how much should she weigh?