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  1. Chihuahua Rescue Information
  2. Barking dog warns family of house fire
  3. Beheaded dogs found in creek
  4. His papers say APBT...
  5. She bit a small dog!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. So proud of Lucy!
  7. Are terriers comparable to cats in mousing?
  8. Need factual information please
  9. Rescue Dog makes me uneasy
  10. Dog Jessie Gives Birth To 16 Puppies
  11. New web site with old and rare Pit Bull books and stuff...
  12. Cleo almost killed a Boxer..
  13. American Bullies... apparently just for profit. (longish!)
  14. Mugs and zoe's rabis shots.
  15. What color is he?!?
  16. Purina OM diet food to give away
  17. Anyone ever get their dogs in a magazine, calender, etc.?
  18. Olive is gone
  19. Opinion questions
  20. fighting {long sorry}
  21. Looking to shadow a dog walker for a day.
  22. House Dogs?
  23. Being Paranoid...super careful...
  24. What books do you recommend?
  25. inbreeding ?
  26. humans first
  27. Need Pics
  28. DA?? or not? and the reason why
  29. City dog park bans Pit Bulls
  30. Stray puppy - possible pit. Advice?
  31. Some Notch News
  32. What would your advice be?
  33. Dogs can't help imitating us?
  34. My Dogs Ears
  35. AAAAH. Puppy Fever! Please remind me why I don't want a puppy please
  36. So, Rita ate my couch
  37. I thought nothing could be worse than Umah's bark.
  38. Any Aussie Pitbull owners?
  39. apbt or amstaff?
  40. Am I stupid? (long ramble)
  41. how to approach stang to swim
  42. Boo killed a something -graphic pic-
  43. How do you know?
  44. Please help!!
  45. Help!!!
  46. Local AQUARIUM??
  47. From santee ca.
  48. GG thinks it is winter outside
  49. Perfect illustration of the media
  50. I was told yesterday...
  51. Worried about this puppy
  52. Will he get bigger?
  53. It's official!!!!
  54. Need tips, getting a new pitbull
  55. What she use to think about pit bulls a cross post.
  56. Scary night and Chev saves the day :D
  57. Bad Reporting leads to BSL Discussion
  58. Wish my blind eye was more blind sometimes.
  59. Does it bother you?
  60. 'The 3 most aggressive breeds"
  61. Do all apbts drink water like camels
  62. where do you go to school to be a dog trainer?
  63. Olive and Irie got into a real fight
  64. Anyone work with dogs or animals professionally?
  65. Different temperments
  66. What are the differences between "pit bulls" and mastiffs?
  67. How do I post a rescue dog?
  68. It looks like everything should be good!
  69. Regression in my success with my dogs?
  70. Please Vote for Odie
  71. bullboxer pit?
  72. Does any body know what type of pitbull my puppy is?
  73. Mandatory Spay and Neuter(cross post)
  74. Dog mated by 3 different males, What are the chances the pups are pure?
  75. Exhausted...
  76. Just wanted to give a big THANK YOU!
  77. Is Your Dog Smarter Than A 5th Grader?
  78. Our new pit mix Ladybird, any ideas as to what she's mixed with?
  79. Rant
  80. So we ended up with a pup.........
  81. What is this red nose/blue nose?
  82. Attention All Coffee Drinkers Wake Up w Kap *Patcheeno* Cinnamon Stick Buns Coffee
  83. If you dont like it leave it.
  84. Time to howl?
  85. Sad to hear :(
  86. Is your area 'pit' friendly
  87. Boudreaux Pit mixed with American Bulldog
  88. Perro de Presa Canario
  89. Some acquintances of mine had a pit bull fall in their lap.
  90. IADCRO and you, fighting the BSL, DDA, PPP, etc
  91. Pits and Home Owners Insurance
  92. Dog tries chewing its own leg off to be free...
  93. Curb your stupid dog.
  94. Im going to cry!!!
  95. facebook users report this
  96. Craigslist oopsies!
  97. Boarding my dogs for 5 days
  98. My dog has a tattoo???
  99. Argument with a potential PETA pitbull nazi
  100. Going to try to get a dog out of animal control tomorrow
  101. Puppy advice
  102. Moving my dog out of state (help).
  103. Renter's insurance
  104. what breed is my puppy?
  105. Indiana BSL?
  106. I WANT her.....but I need help
  107. HSUS dog fighting ad thing
  108. Dog Shoots Owner
  109. anyone in maryland?
  110. Mix-breed Question
  111. Pawing it forward... a giveaway!
  112. Overconcerned grandma and Terrier dog. A few questions and advice
  113. question
  114. "close the circle"
  115. Can someone explain why tethering is illegal to me?
  116. People are annoying!
  117. Pathetic
  118. Idiotic people!!! UGH
  119. Dog does not bark
  120. Almost Attacked
  121. NCP: I found Big Mac's girlfriend........
  122. I did something really bad (long read)
  123. Found out what's been snacking on my garden
  124. Therapy Pits
  125. Im going to change her mind
  126. Quick poll for show people :)
  127. Going to meet the pups tomorrow!
  128. Daughter follows in my footsteps
  129. What should I do?
  130. help with pitbull bigotry
  131. Members Dog is Missing please help!
  132. Doberman Lost or Stolen in Austin, TX
  133. New puppy and thinking about cropping ears
  134. this makes me so MAD!!!
  135. Anyone know why Gaff's site is down?
  136. Beau almost died today.......
  137. I would like to share this with all of you
  138. Lol, Dogs days of summer or obnoxious puppy adolescence?
  139. Can someone help
  140. What would you call these ears?
  141. K9 Blood Doner
  142. Should i let strangers pet my dog?
  143. Positive or Negitive Training???
  144. What breed does your APBT get along with?
  145. Parents of Adult Children...
  146. Meet Owen
  147. Dog Panic Attacks?
  148. So, what do I call her?
  149. Things that just make you wonder...
  150. Three types of Pit Bulls?
  151. 2 dogs shot
  152. anyone from indiana.....
  153. Breeding
  154. Racer and Bubbles
  155. I think I'm becoming allergic to my dog...??
  156. 5 month old female Pitbull
  157. I haven't given up!
  158. Summertime heat!!!
  159. Omfg!
  160. It kills me when...
  161. A woman and her dog fights off would be robbers
  162. Swedish pitbull owner needs help
  163. Honesty in looks
  164. Dogs vs. Significant Other
  165. Pit bulls are being blamed for an attack?
  166. General Pit Bull Questions
  167. Purely Pit Traits, if so how many are there?
  168. Driving through 5 states w/ Pit Bull and not sure of local laws
  169. "Beware of Dog"
  170. Did anyone recently attend at ADBA show?
  171. This dog looks really overweight right?
  172. What to do
  173. My family is planning on renting a summer home for the weekend
  174. ear problem
  175. Going from one dog to two - advice?
  176. Olde English Bulldogges
  177. out of home pet sitting?
  178. Wow, seriously II
  179. So we had an uninvited visitor today...
  180. We met Flash today
  181. Is this wrong?
  182. A good find on Craigslist
  183. Wow, seriously
  184. Need Help With APBT Registration
  185. A new start
  186. Do you have signs outside your home
  187. Homework Help!
  188. Bad news :(
  189. How To Buff Up My Mut??
  190. Free Puppies *eye twitch*
  191. Hilarious!!!!!
  192. New Pup
  193. Loose skin and shedding
  194. And The Crappiest Neighborhood in NYC Is...
  195. Have you ever got a dog and then the old owner decided they wanted the dog back?
  196. old owner stopped over......
  197. Scary experience with loose dogs
  198. the dog in the mirror
  199. Cat's blood work $165
  200. yet another.....
  201. Your personal experiences with dog parks
  202. Never will i enter a dog park again!!!
  203. Never will i enter a dog park again!!!
  204. refusing to sleep
  205. Yet another dog shot
  206. getting a pittie pup! girl or boy?
  207. Introducing new Dog?
  208. Should I tell my vet?
  209. the white and brindle dog in the picture in the left hand corner....
  210. About to go look at a puppy.
  211. A few updates.
  212. Good dog for this but can she get sick?
  213. Is there something wrong with my puppies eyes?
  214. What breed of dog annoys you?
  215. "Protective" APBT
  216. my dog cheat
  217. Discussion on Amazon
  218. Do Boxers fall under the "Pit Bull" category?
  219. Fence and Collar Question
  220. Anyone looking for a pit bull friendly place around Philly?
  221. Um..I Snapped on the Old Man Who Messes with Simon
  222. Marriage and Dogs (specifically a little pit bull named Joe)
  223. I love our Vet, but...
  224. Pictures of June 6th USDO show
  225. Have you ever traveled out of the country with your dog?
  226. Goodness, no..
  227. Could be bad, could have been worse
  228. getting down and dirty with the beasts
  229. Pit Bulls voted #1 most dangerous breed
  230. Dam is a male?
  231. Please Help: 6 Missing Puppies, MT.
  232. Would you..?
  233. TN Family dogs killed by a swarm of bees. So sad
  234. HSUS, it's not just for breakfast anymore.
  235. Feeling kind of guilty...
  236. Hubby wants to go out of town in a couple weeks
  237. Shake..
  238. Would this be outlandish???
  239. What if someone demanded your dog?
  240. Ya'll ain't gonna believe this..
  241. XL American
  242. water maccasin
  243. Take a look at this cutie!
  244. Possible Overvaccination issue. Anyone else run into this issue, concerned?
  245. Wha??
  246. there was a pit bull attack in the news and now my mom
  247. My family is going to do a foster to adopt today!!
  248. Do you allow your dogs on the furniture?
  249. New titles earned this weekend :)
  250. Looks like no more flee market for me!