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  1. Is there a war between APBT and Ambully Owners?
  2. Help with choosing Rescue or adoptin!
  3. Revealed: The 5 Most Dangerous Dogs In The World!
  4. Why are people so cruel?? I was saved but what about the rest??
  5. My Dog was killed for just wanting to play!!
  6. Sorrells or Sorrell crosses
  7. Tuff Pup Training = awesome
  8. A happy story :-) How I got my first pit
  9. goofy boy looking for goofy human
  10. i have a question!!
  11. New personal best...
  12. Amazing story!!
  13. Vote for PAWS so they can qualify for the $100K Challenge
  14. Sasha the super dog...she did good.
  15. This made my day (:
  16. Is there a way to tel size?
  17. Wanna know something gross lol
  18. dumb dog
  19. Northeast Philly Dog Walker/Pet Sitter available now!
  20. Really funny, just had to share
  21. Need some advice...moving with dog
  22. Alex Passed the CGC and TDI Tests!!!!!
  23. New Short Term Foster
  24. Must see!!!
  25. Please sign the petition to save Lennox (dog)!!!!
  26. Someone is going to freak out tomorrow
  27. Question?
  28. PetSmart: Where Pets Are Money Makers (major rant)
  29. Maybe Beau is tooooo well trained....
  30. first time with a harness on!
  31. canine career crossroads...need some advice and guidance
  32. How do you do it? (serious post)
  33. "My dogs are probably pissed..."
  34. Be very disturbed! Important!
  35. 10 Commandments
  36. Please vote!
  37. legitimate kenneling question
  38. Neuter needed!
  39. very confused..
  40. Frank Losey-taking on the hsus
  41. Grrr!! Wish i woulda been there!!!!
  42. When to call AC on a neighbor's dog
  43. Help get this out there......
  44. Red Eared Slider Turtle- Free to Good Home
  45. One day, You're gonna learn.....
  46. hide and seek?
  47. Decisions Decisions..Help? About my not so far away future.
  48. What should i do/whould you do
  49. This cat is very particular about the water it drinks
  50. According to someone I know
  51. Brezzie and puppies eating 3 weeks old
  52. I'm at a lost of what to do.......
  53. So Dixie is now a Takoda!
  54. Please vote No
  55. My dog is so smart he/she.....
  56. Oskars is going to make a lucky family very happy -- will it be yours?
  57. my food
  58. it gets even worse wit pits(even pets stores r horrible)
  59. do you think that pitbulls are better with kids then any other dog
  60. My three pit bulls have started this whining thing
  61. is this average????
  62. importing an APBT from the Balkan region?
  63. i need your help or opnion??
  64. Animal Communicators
  65. Jesse - What should I call her?
  66. American Bullies
  67. Why do papers matter????
  68. Represented the breed at an AKC meeting
  69. Getting my first new foster tomorrow!
  70. UKC / vs ADBA
  71. I'm confused
  72. How do you politely tell somebody that their dog is....
  73. Are Dobermans Terriers?
  74. Too Many Collarmania Decisions!!! lol
  75. My APBT
  76. What The....
  77. Bored....
  78. What is my boy Chewy?
  79. Anyone else get tired of seeing sooooo many bullies???
  80. Bebe's Messurements =]
  81. 10 fun and interesting facts about Bull Terriers...
  82. For every dog owner who wishes parents would teach their kids about approaching dogs
  83. I hope he does the right thing...
  84. Puppies are doing great..
  85. New Pit Mom
  86. Really? some peoples kids
  87. Why do people do this!
  88. tired of hearing it!!!
  89. American Bully
  90. For fun an out of curiousty
  91. im at a deadend
  92. people dont have a lick of sense!
  93. Spring is in the air
  94. Dog Phobias
  95. crop or no crop?
  96. What kind of goats are these?
  97. i'm thinking about picking up this little guy.
  98. Pitties on dogs 101
  99. Does my dog's height disqualify him from being an APBT
  100. What is good wind?
  101. Fundraising for the American Cancer Society
  102. OMG.....soooo clingy!!!!
  103. What Would You Do?In A Bind
  104. York,Pa surrounding areas (Pit Bulls Disappearing)
  105. how long does it take to get papers from UKC?
  106. Does your dog have a favorite toy?
  107. Small rant
  108. The joys of craigslist....
  109. What colour is my boy?
  110. Crop or no crop help (pic) TN area
  111. Does Star look like a...
  112. I just have to share...NO BRAKES!
  113. Pit proud - the history of pitbulls
  114. I think he is a bully..?
  115. hate it!
  116. New member, slightly confused as to the breed of my dog!!
  117. Trying to figure out WHAT MY PITBULL is Mixed with!!!!!!
  118. my dog working the spring pole (video)
  119. Colas first day at a dog park
  120. Just when i thought I'd heard it all...
  121. 8 Week old puppy. What do you think?
  122. Help please
  123. Some people just don't think??
  124. Just Wow
  125. is my pup an am. bully?
  126. puppies in so cal - any rescues have room?
  127. What breeds go into making a bully pit
  128. Free roaming dogs
  129. My Family Pits were shot & Killed by Nashville Police
  130. how to chose a good puppy guide
  131. Why do I even take my dogs in public!?!?!
  132. ADBA club in Alabama/Florida
  133. Oh dear lord, the SNORING...
  134. Help me choose a harness color for Bogart
  135. I've been searching forever!
  136. This is sad..
  137. Curious looking "pitbull"
  138. His name is WHAT??????
  139. I saw Jazzy's Veronica on another forum. :D
  140. Working Miniature Pinscher
  141. does he look pure bred?
  142. Help the "best friends" of japan...
  143. Rescue Dog Situation. Caught between rock and hard place
  144. Pitbull nextdoor to a pitbull & rottie?
  145. What do you guys think?
  146. Opinions on the NAPDR
  147. This happens a lot in AZ
  148. You've gotta be kidding me!
  149. Any vet reccomendations in the Philly or surrounding areas?
  150. What's In a Name?
  151. Which color to get?
  152. How big can i expect my dog to be?
  153. Do you just not care?
  154. Gotta Question..
  155. I need some help
  156. No you can't have both!
  157. The FIAPBT Pedigree, is the Pedigree Online ALTERNATIVE
  158. To crop or not to crop...
  159. It's not just the APBT with a whole bunch of BYB terms
  160. A doggy angel was with him that day for sure!
  161. Elderly man at the vet
  162. weighted dog harness
  163. Opinions on dogs name
  164. What can i call him?
  165. Red nose
  166. Tornado Season is here!
  167. Lacey still waiting
  168. Still hoping and praying he will be returned!
  169. Have you ever wanted to cry.....
  170. Any dobe owners?
  171. New puppy
  172. Take a look at my puppy?
  173. What cute things have your dogs done lately?
  174. Holy CRAP.
  175. I love my Vet
  176. Save the indonesian pit bull
  177. Whats the weight of your APBT ?
  178. Riding a bike with your dog...
  179. I hate having to say "I told you so"
  180. Locating "Long Lost" Litter-mates
  181. Yardbreak
  182. well it finally happend...fight
  183. Check out my new blog
  184. Check out my new blog
  185. electric poop scooper...
  186. electric poop scooper...
  187. red bumbs
  188. red bumbs
  189. I need help naming my dog.
  190. I need help naming my dog.
  191. Pitbull Danger on the Streets!!
  192. OT: ACD or Entlebucher breeder/rescue recommendations
  193. OT: ACD or Entlebucher breeder/rescue recommendations
  194. Mostly Venting Rant
  195. Nuh uh. NOT gonna do it!
  196. Pit bull puppy shot in face...
  197. Your service dog is not welcome
  198. bath time paranoia
  199. Hello Izzy... what are you!?
  200. Name my puppy please!
  201. Need Info On Red Devil ( Old Family Red nose) and Monster G Bloodlines.
  202. So we traded skunks for Coyotes. How dangerous are coyotes to dogs and cats?
  203. Dog park warning
  204. Warning for dog parks
  205. Puppy mill pups?
  206. Your Favorite Coat Colors
  207. Treadmill help?
  208. I am proud
  209. pit bull coat color genetics?
  210. Jones Natural Chews Co Recalls Pig Ear Dog Chews Because Of Possible Salmonella Healt
  211. This sound like hoarding to you??
  212. Redecorating - Puppy Style
  213. Urge LA County Board of Supervisors not to condemn victims of animal cruelty
  214. what size crate??
  215. is this normal?
  216. Bare with me please...
  217. "I am really scared of those dogs...
  218. Sigh......
  219. This spring, you can find true love that will last forever!
  220. Where's your dog's spot?
  221. Destroying the Banddogge!
  222. Fiona's had a busy day!
  223. We aren't normal...
  224. Old story.. know the end??
  225. Interview for your dog
  226. Some people shouldn't own Bullies
  227. Ya know whats funny.......
  228. Looking for info
  229. Pit Terrier, Bully, Stafford shire, Amstaff?????
  230. ADBA papers
  231. Piper would appreciate if you would go "like" her on FB.
  232. Sunglasses
  233. a house without a dog in it...
  234. Anyone who knows dog language
  235. Sweet Lacey looking for her Cagney
  236. Want a job where i can interact with dogs.
  237. vet cropping referrals in IL?
  238. Temple Student Animal Legal Defense Fund presentation, March 14th, 6 pm
  239. Valentines for Shelter Dogs: a StubbyDog Donation Drive!
  240. AKC recognizes 3 breeds
  241. Tyson's ear LoL
  242. The Great American Pit Bull Terrier
  243. this might make you laugh
  244. question about "blues"
  245. It's Quite Amusing
  246. $1,200 for a "miniature Boxer" WTF?
  247. how do you get your yard to dry fast after it turns into a muddy mess?
  248. Isn't this a member's dog?
  249. wiggly love bug looking for a fur-ever home
  250. Abused Foster Cat Looking for a Home (Please Repost!)