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  1. Harness or collar?
  2. What is she crossed with....
  3. What is she crossed with....
  4. Well star got another home for good
  5. Well star got another home for good
  6. So Excited!! :)
  7. So Excited!! :)
  8. Lost Black and White Cat (Between Cumberland and Letterly) 2000 block (pic included)
  9. Christmas card exchange??
  10. Christmas card exchange??
  11. Advice on pit bull at local shelter
  12. what do you think she is?
  13. How did you pick your specific dog and Why?
  14. White, male, not neutered BICHON still missing
  15. Huge Great Dane!!!
  16. Ha! Peanut is being a weenie!
  17. Cutest Idea EVER.
  18. Slayer and Neighbor pit Update!!!! pic.
  19. Over heating
  20. Why dogs sniff each other
  21. Do you want to hear something somewhat funny
  22. How the Heck? What are some crazy things Your dogs have done?
  23. Pet Gates. Opinions Please
  24. blue passed with flying colors!
  25. $ 2000 REWARD. STILL MISSING Bimbo white Bichon male.
  26. Discipline?
  27. ANyone in VA have BSL ??
  28. I guess Veronica has a decent "drop it".
  29. Should I call AC or just tuck a note under the wiper?
  30. Congratulations Achilles!
  31. Here's an old picture of Billie Holiday and Mister, the Dog.
  32. Who else is having issues
  33. Civilized Discussion?
  34. Help !
  35. Do you have a swimming Dog?
  36. Dog Designer Hybrids
  37. Temperature Control for Outside Dogs
  38. Crossed the line (literally)
  39. *UPDATED*Do You Really Need Another Reason To Think B4 You Post?
  40. IN: Are pit bulls' behavioral tendencies due to genetics or the environment?
  41. Pet? Companion animal? Ethicists say term matters
  42. mating pitbulls
  43. Need VOTES for WOOT
  44. Forget the dog, beware of the owner
  45. Moving to alabama
  46. Is this retarded?
  47. Need some advice
  48. Ambullies & BSL
  49. Ban Pit Bulls from Dog Parks?
  50. DESPERATE for an apartment in Chicago!
  51. I wanted to thank you!
  52. I screwed up. Bad.
  53. adjusting prong collar
  54. Intrested in adopting and curious to know if it looks full blooded
  55. Minnesota couple rethinks vests for service dogs
  56. Bragging Rights
  57. Bragging Rights
  58. Okay, you have a leash, and a huge fenced yard... WHY?
  59. Is my Pit really a Pit
  60. Please read-Adopt or Foster Adele URGENT
  61. I really need your guyses help?!?!?! Please!!!
  62. Geez it only took you 8 YEARS!!
  63. i fell in love with ARCHIE all over again
  64. flying a dog acrosss country?
  65. Bedtime?
  66. My kids toys
  67. My pitbull's self-esteem
  68. This old tymer asks?
  69. Stupid Idiots!!
  70. Fitness Demo for Bully Breeds
  71. news article about a Pitbull Savages Woman
  72. A New Edition
  73. no longer prospective owner..PROUD OWNER!
  74. Just thought you should know...(NPBR)
  75. Dog Carting
  76. Rather proud of our little girl.
  77. Litter box help PLEASE!!
  78. Petnotice.com
  79. Female dogs smarter than males? Maybe, study says
  80. Poor Little Lady
  81. How much is to much?
  82. Jade is MINE now
  83. Poor Beau.....
  84. Pick male and pick female
  85. The good, the bad and the cheeky!
  86. Integrating New dog with current dog
  87. Question about Laws in Avon, NC
  88. I just came across this video
  89. Liability insurance
  90. Is My Dog a "Red Nose"
  91. I hate loose dogs! (rant-ish)
  92. Don Sulliven "the perfect dog"
  93. Scentless Candles to benefit Shelter!
  94. Does stupidity come naturally or do some people have to work at it?
  95. Philadelphia Doubles Dog License Fees
  96. Opinions: DA dogs in public
  97. What do you call your dog
  98. Can dogs have mental illness?
  99. Acv
  100. Boarding in North, NJ for pit bulls ( recommendations)
  101. Oh Great.
  102. Just another 'is he part APBT?' thread (but I'd really appreciate the input)
  103. What are websites to back up that apbt's are genetically engineered to fight
  104. unbelievable puppy prices!
  105. Caudillo Dogo hero
  106. The Military life
  107. Am I allowed...
  108. Pedigree??
  109. Old footage of Dogo vs boar & cougar
  110. Sativa
  111. DOG SEX STING....seriously?!?!
  112. Doggie Dilema
  113. Victorino's?
  114. To those of you who are conditioning/keeping your dogs...
  115. what i noticed
  116. im confused!
  117. My Story
  118. How Dogs are Different
  119. I'm sad. RIP Sapphire
  120. Havent been here in a while.....
  121. For the LAST time she's NOT a freakin "Pitt Bull'!!!
  122. Hi everyone im back!!! :D
  123. So I'm going to India...
  124. Stop/Protest a free Dog Fighting Game App
  125. What's with golden retrievers, labs and small dogs
  126. Found two border collies this morning
  127. Just got back from the vet...again
  128. Funny boy
  129. Kids and dogs, very deep thoughts and ponderings. Whats your take on this
  130. hippity hoppity ARCHIE's on his way (into your heart)
  131. kids and apbts...
  132. what age do pitbulls stop growing
  133. Pit Bulls & Float Trips
  134. Oregon House votes to lift ban on cougar hunting with dogs
  135. Star must think he's a small dog lol
  136. The key to good journalism
  137. How does your family feel...?
  138. Which is better...
  139. At a lost for words....
  140. i believe i did the right thing!
  141. pros and cons of leather dog collars
  142. I breed blue 75 lb pitbulls= annoying
  143. new pit bull owner in need of advice!
  144. Physical/dynamic Peak?
  145. My first apbt for you non-believers. R.I.P Atilla
  146. Leaving your dog...how long is too long?
  147. prob/solution
  148. What was this magnificint Animal? Obviously a bully
  149. Bully Kutta info?
  150. Bragging Right & Get To Know Us Better
  151. Why do APBT prefer top of doghouse? Seven-in-one shot recall???
  152. Job Opening: Philadelphia Manager for the End Dogfighting Campaign
  153. Blue ticked bully?
  154. 54 Dogs Taken From House In Malvern
  155. Seal and Blue Brindle mating?
  156. Monster Pets in South Philly
  157. Worried sick and about to become a widow
  158. Brand new pitbull breed!!
  159. Lola is coming home!!!
  160. Where are the puppies coming from?
  161. American Bandogge question
  162. the Bandog by Dr Carl Semencic
  163. Disowned by family and friend
  164. Tell me this wouldn't piss you off.
  165. Did it again...
  166. Care to help us win a collar gift certificate????
  167. OMG Saigon is amazed me!!! *WARNING* read at your own risk lol
  168. Little Minnie dog is STILL waiting at ACCT for someone to take her home and give her
  169. Maybe I'm just being paranoid
  170. The Tale of Veronica-Lynn Pitbull and the Big, Big Bunny
  171. Real Ham bones.
  172. Sweet, petite shepherd mix in need of forever home
  173. Need to re-home red and white male pup, MI
  174. If you could choose
  175. Tosa Inu according to Dr Semencic
  176. :( so im getting evicted, life suckz
  177. Having a Pit Bull means...
  178. True story
  179. brother/sister = puppies
  180. need some info
  181. Favorite dog breed
  182. "With Love Super Adoption Day"
  183. ANOTHER dog fighting ring busted....
  184. Books
  185. Abby is no longer mine (just wanted to let you all know)
  186. Seatle/Tacoma Area
  187. what is it with people!!?
  188. Baby needs a new home..
  189. Shelter Bulldogs: Safe, or unsafe?
  190. How long were you 'in' the breed before you got your first bulldog?
  191. How long were you 'in' the breed before you got your first bulldog?
  192. Fun Facts: Famous Pit Bulls.
  193. New Here: Is this an American Bully or a APBT?
  194. Its getting hot in here!
  195. 10 most dangerous dogs
  196. Proving Abandonment
  197. Found these guys running by the side of the road
  198. I am curious...
  199. Idiot Encounter #45,678
  200. Update on Beau, Takoda, Moe and Wrigley
  201. Half tempted to get another pup..
  202. Anybody from St. Louis, Kentucky, Illinois, etc.?
  203. Ch? Grch? Ugwpch?
  204. Ike doesn't fail after all!
  205. picking breed, registry, lineage, and breeder.
  206. So I have a DA dog. Now what?
  208. Fingers crossed that Sasha gets her playdate, however I'm nervous...
  209. Another "rednose" type response
  210. Do your cats understand certain words?
  211. Dog fighting Aholes busted
  212. Bad news/good news
  213. Looking for New Place to Board in the City
  214. Opinions on Article: Animal Advocates in Uproar Over Doggie Style Pet Store
  215. Logan amazed us
  216. Logan amazed us
  217. Is it ok to breed my mutt???
  218. Pew, another bath already
  219. Favorite Game?
  220. Lost Dog in Manayunk
  221. Critique my 2 month old puppy's schedule
  222. Happy Gotcha Month Sunny
  223. They deserve it..
  224. Who says your dog is an "American Pit Bull Terrier" (APBT) ??
  225. Greetings! Is my puppy a pitt mix?
  226. Need input! Which collar?
  227. Have You Seen This Dog ??
  228. "To all non pet owners..."
  229. The media SUCKS!
  230. Dogmen responsible for contributing to BSL
  231. How can people part of a bully breed rescue be so ignorant?
  232. Oh lord, Sheebs is back!
  233. new strange behavior
  234. Found cat-Mayfair Tacony area
  235. Shade trees for chain spots
  236. clipping ears
  237. UK's Biggest Doggy Party & Fashion Show
  238. 9month old apbt with 8 week old apbt
  239. 4th of july
  240. how many puppies can 1 female feed
  241. LOST DOG in Nicetown!
  242. Finally some news that is good!!!
  243. The absolute dumbest dog owner I've ever met in my life
  244. If You Love Pit Bulls, You'll Love This!
  245. anyone have trouble with other people's dog not being on a leash?
  246. yahoo does now what a pitbull is
  247. Isnt it kind of sad..
  248. Please Cross Post - Alabama Animals in need
  249. beds for my dogs in the living room
  250. Some good laughs