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  1. Wish Karma luck for tomorrow! :)
  2. I miss my dog!
  3. What do you think?
  4. Who said kids Dnt
  5. pit mix
  6. Seriously???
  7. Seal color
  8. Chest symmetry
  9. Man held at gunpoint over pit bull puppy....
  10. Northern California people! ADBA club?
  11. Just plain dumb
  12. Introducing...
  13. What Would You Do?
  14. Weight Pull Demo at East Atlanta Kids Club in Brownwood Park
  15. how do i get my 5 month old pitbull to go for walks?
  16. how much should i be feeding my 5 month old pit bull puppy?
  17. how do i stop my 5 month old pitbull puppy from biting?
  18. Recommendations
  19. NTBR Bully dog training in Denton, Texas- Session One!
  20. Cops Kill Dog During Raid on Wrong House
  21. Something cool :)
  22. If I fall, will you let me down easy.....
  23. Beloved friend Rocky
  24. Another Lost Dog - Please repost!!
  25. Lack of research and understanding in relation to the breed.
  26. dog sneezes
  27. How to get Papers
  28. How do you change a MC's info?
  29. armed services and pit bulls....
  30. ear places and prices???
  31. CAUTION: Posting your dog's info online...
  32. Apartment Complexes
  33. Playing out back
  34. Anybody know why?
  35. Eh, parents put up "Beware of dog" sign
  36. Kicking around registered names for Zephyr
  37. StubbyDog of the Week: Blackie
  38. diatomaceous earth
  39. vote for Odie! PLEASE!!!
  40. At the park....just funny things...had fun though...
  41. Doggie Dreams
  42. Banfield?
  43. off lead "come" while playing with other dogs
  44. suggestions? or opinions please (:
  45. Will his nose stay like this??
  46. complicated question for a complicated situation
  47. What defines working dogs?
  48. Correction Collor or Prong Collar?
  49. I feel sorry for the English Bulldog
  50. Found a stray_Did I do wrong?
  51. Dreams you've had with your dog(s) in them!
  52. BSL in Denver
  53. My howling moose!
  54. The changing ancestry of Sergeant Stubby
  55. Villalobos Rescue Center in Danger of Closing...
  56. I'm looking for feedback from ADBA show people....
  57. DNA Testing for Snow
  58. To all those who have fostered or are now.
  59. i miss her
  60. Help! What to call him ~poll~
  61. Im full of questions today..
  62. My Puppy..
  63. Wish Piper luck for tomorrow!
  64. AntlerZ
  65. really? breeding a mutt to a mutt..
  66. Show dogs
  67. Now is the time to step up!
  68. What do you give your dogs to chew?
  69. Question about abbreviations????
  70. Urgent request to foster pets
  71. is my dog a pitbull?
  72. What would (or did) your dog do?
  73. Wtf?!
  74. New pit puppy owner
  75. Growling while playing? Is it normal/ok?
  76. another good old petco adventure....
  77. Vote for Panda!!!
  78. Stardog's thread
  79. Need help please
  80. pups being attacked :(
  81. Pit Bull 2011 Calendar?
  82. Looking for a link to a article
  83. 8 years of love and loyalty and you are going to just throw it away?
  84. The greatest thing that has ever happened to me.
  85. Woot a mutt? noooo
  86. Blood donor dog, what do you think?
  87. What do you all think about this...
  88. Interesting Dew Claw Article
  89. Vick on Oprah?
  90. OK, you keep pushing it....
  91. Do you ever just....feel guilty?
  92. I hope they don't get anymore...
  93. Westminster Kennel Club
  94. old school vs new school
  95. Buddah's Background
  96. Just how strong do apbt get?
  97. Weight
  98. How would you feel about this?
  99. My Dachshund was almost attacked by a loose "Pit Bull"
  100. Guess who joined the Collarmania family?
  101. Woman Killed While Rescuing Stray Dog
  102. You have to be kidding me?
  103. help me name my pup
  104. Junkyard's (Foster) possible new home!
  105. Wonderful Pit Bull video of short duration titled INNOCENTS
  106. This craigslist post breaks my heart (for atlanta pit bull owners)
  107. Breed
  108. Virginia Folks?
  109. Hand2Paw
  110. Complete and utter FAILURE.
  111. Another favor?
  112. Another reason to avoid underground electric fences...
  113. I got star entered in the Ron krajewski contest
  114. New UKC Champion!
  115. Collar Obessions :)
  116. Playing tug of war
  117. Puppy parents.. thoughts?
  118. Do you register you dogs rabies vaccine?
  119. Jolene passed her CGC! :D
  120. Mid FL/Sunshine St ADBA show Bringing home 2 Champions this weekend!
  121. Cat Toys
  122. You don't know what you're talking about! Ambullies & Staffies ARE APBTs!!!
  123. Thinking about getting another pup have 18 week old what do you think?
  124. Looking for a Quality Breeder!
  125. Is he purebred or mix?
  126. Is he purebred or mix?
  127. Why I named her Survivor
  128. Why I named her Survivor
  129. Want to make a difference to a homeless animal? Be a Pen Pal!
  130. Introducing....
  131. Introducing....
  132. My pilllow licked my ear..
  133. My pilllow licked my ear..
  134. I almost killed...
  135. I almost killed...
  136. My Website (Dog Walking Services)
  137. My Website (Dog Walking Services)
  138. How did your dog feel?
  139. Puppy shipping by air - what's your experience or advice?
  140. Puppy shipping by air - what's your experience or advice?
  141. Please Click DAILY to help Sophie; it's free!
  142. Please Click DAILY to help Sophie; it's free!
  143. How much can I expect to pay?
  144. Does your pitbull kill rabbits?
  145. What kind of education/courses are needed to become an Animal Behaviorist?
  146. windmere cats
  147. Question About Nylabone
  148. APBT's always amaze me
  149. I'm stunned! Animal Planet's "Bad Dog" show
  150. Pit bulls for dummies
  151. New Goals for 2012?
  152. best muzzles
  153. Found pit bull Clarkston Michigan
  154. It shouldnt be this hard to choose a Pitbull, should it?
  155. Found 2 Wonderful pet supply stores!
  156. My "Letter to the Editor" about local BSL
  157. uummphhhh!
  158. Pit Bulls in the future?
  159. Help my dogs been shot by the police
  160. Rrrrr >:(
  161. $1,000 Reward Offered by Friends of Demon
  162. lost dog
  163. homemade antler chews
  164. Dna testing
  165. And we wonder why the breed is in the shape they are in.
  166. Finally! We Have Good News To Share!
  167. pulsating bulging head muscles ?
  168. How to get rid of this dog?!
  169. help with coloring on puppy
  170. Sleeping..
  171. "Ban Pitbulls to protect our children"
  172. American Pit Bull Terrier used for a Logo/icon/mascot for Crossfit!!!! Check it out!!
  173. My pitbull has lost it...please help
  174. need some help on a found dog!!!! please help!
  175. I'm about to pop!
  176. Pretty cool
  177. Close call with a chihuahua
  178. Incident
  179. FOUND Pitbull....I need help!!
  180. Amazingly Loyal
  181. huntsville, al dog owners
  182. wayne c.
  183. Hello i want some help to ask some questions about the bully breed
  184. More people are acting like they get it...
  185. low-cost veterinary services at PAWS' Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinic
  186. looking for female red nose pit
  187. Moving time again...
  188. Anyone ever heard of this?
  189. Keith Wandell "BUDDIES Rescue"
  190. American Pit Bull Terrier: Killer Canine or Family Friend?
  191. Cleo got shot. (WARNING - GRAPHIC)
  192. UPDATED!!!Bodacious is trying win $10,000 for Pit Bulls & is in the Semi Finals
  193. Coloring?
  194. Looking for name suggestions...
  195. pit bull column by Sue Manning
  196. Puppy Mill Bust
  197. from fun show club to adding a registry
  199. Looking for some help
  200. doggy dilemma
  201. Question about having two dogs.
  202. My email concerning Oklahoma SB362. Its about BSL
  203. Wow
  204. My APBT just had to defend himself from a German Shepard
  205. new business idea--The Dog Mall
  206. looking for some info
  207. Found this and thought I would share...
  208. I need some real advice
  209. Which one?? Help!!
  210. Favorite dogs on PBC...other than your own :)
  211. curiosity
  212. Buddy in Davenport IA needs a forever home
  213. Vote for Gypsy in the NM Lottery!
  214. rescue adoption contract question
  215. New Dog
  216. Got my new collars!
  217. sports for pitbulls in San Diego
  218. Dog sport
  219. update on dogs (no pics)
  220. Possible new adoption
  221. Pets in Minot,ND
  222. Free Spay/Neuter for Pit Bulls
  223. Relating Pitbulls to High School Biology Genetics
  224. I'm so proud of star
  225. Buying a pup without seeing the parents??
  226. People vs. Dogs
  227. Could you like Gypsy?
  228. I got my first rescue!!
  229. Question about docked tails.....
  230. Votes Needed - animal care internships for homeless youth
  231. Wallace on It's Me or the Dog
  232. Alaska Dogs
  233. Vote for Shane with Stillwater Kennels
  234. This disgusts me. Do people have no respect for living creatures?
  235. Jealousy??
  236. I'm looking for someone who makes the heavy duty crates
  237. Questions about grinding teeth
  238. My pitbull is Shedding very bad!
  239. lazy lazy lazy
  240. Poll on news station about BSL, help vote no!
  241. Another Question. Sorry Guys! Lol
  242. Dog Encased in Block of Ice! Disturbing Photo.
  243. Animal Cruelty?
  244. Should a person be charged for their dogs actions?
  245. Saddleback pit bull?
  246. What yummies have your kids shared with your dogs?
  247. Should owning a pitbull be illegal
  248. Fun & Games?
  249. I would just like to point out...
  250. Leadership Roles With Dog Pack