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  1. Something you don't see every day!
  2. You will NOT believe it
  3. What do you think of this ??
  4. 10 things to hide from your dog on Thanksgiving!
  5. You may have seen this but I still had to share :)
  6. My wonderful Pet (deceased) BamBam
  7. dog tied to my steps...
  8. Dekalb County,GA Starving pit
  9. How many here have been bitten by dogs?
  10. LOL I am so naive!
  11. Lost puppy - reward
  12. Someone knock me in the head please
  13. New addition to the family!
  14. where to take my dog!
  15. What people think of pits...
  16. Oh no LOL
  17. Too quick to judge
  18. Bumper stickers???
  19. i'm confused and need advice..2 topics here..
  20. Jerk at work. How to handle them?
  21. WTF?! This stuff just makes me want to puke.
  22. Dog saves toddler lost in the woods
  23. Make Sure Your Kennels Are Secure!
  24. I will be honest with all of you.....
  25. Gauge passed his temperment test!
  26. Older story about a boy and his bull terrier- does anybody know this book?
  27. Moving & Introducing My Pit To Neighbor's Dog
  28. Diesel before his 4 mile offroad walk
  29. How to choose a potential show quality pup
  30. CA-$3,000 Reward for Dog Missing From Saratoga
  31. Tribute to a honest dogmen, the IADCRO & FIAPBT President Mr. Mariano Peinado
  32. NM-puppy abused.
  33. Bathtime with the dogs
  34. Ok... Tell Me She's Not A Dog Lover!
  35. poor guy
  36. Our Mocha needs help!
  37. Was dog matching legal prior to 1976?
  38. Teenager chaperoned by dogs?
  39. Where will you get your next pitbull From Poll
  40. Venting a bit!
  41. June 26-Take Your Dog To Work Day!
  42. No privacy
  43. I am getting a fulltime job....
  44. Dog website offers free resume posting for pet owners
  45. heartbreaking and so frustrating(long)
  46. Question about Home Owners Insurance and Pits...
  47. I'm a bit bummed...
  48. i love my dog Simba but do i have to give him up due to nyc housing authorities?
  49. Well, I officially just got a puppy and I am SUPER excited :)
  50. Dog Park....HELP !!!!
  51. Dog lover dies a day before beloved dachsund passes away
  52. SC-Loose dogs can delay mail service
  53. Southland
  54. Is my puppy an abpt or ambully?
  55. I found my dog's sister!
  56. Diesel is a MOM!!!
  57. Outlaw Dogz
  58. Texas war hero chases down suspects after dog is shot
  59. Confused about Ambullys.
  60. Rant!
  61. Dogs and wood stoves
  62. postining pictures
  63. Documentary - BBC - Pedigree Dogs Exposed
  64. Need ideas....
  65. Can you do it? Find the APBT!!
  66. How do they do it
  67. International Championship APBT 2009
  68. responsible dog ownership (venting)
  69. Swimming Pups
  70. Have your "Senses" become more "Keen"?
  71. Police find 22 dogs in station wagon with owner
  72. My Pit
  73. PETA strikes again
  74. Philadelphia is murder on cats
  75. I need some facts.
  76. i really want a pup but...
  77. Come Celebrate Demo's Birthday and Save!
  78. This sums it up
  79. I Need Your Help... Dog emergency
  80. The cat in my backyard
  81. Winter's Hidden Dangers
  82. What would you do.
  83. spring pole movie???
  84. GG brought me an armadillo
  85. Is it so wrong to want to dress her up?
  86. HR 3501- Legislation for Dog People
  87. Do you stay in contact with adoption shelter?
  88. American Bully, American Bulldog
  89. New website about pit bulls
  90. Is there a specific name for this?
  91. Good reason to NOT break up a dog fight
  92. i think i got screwed
  93. this is sad.
  94. This is sorta an odd subject
  95. HELP - Wrapping dog's muzzle to quiet
  96. need to know how my dog will look
  97. How would your life be without your dog(s)?
  98. Their agenda is working...
  99. out of the country
  100. furniture
  101. Breed of Dog
  102. i seen a presa today for the first time
  103. Can anyone help me out with this?
  104. a little bit of a scare with mr.pancakes
  105. If anyone says I am an unappreciated volunteer they are wrong.
  106. americn bull dog and apbt
  107. Dog of Richmond SPCA CEO dies after being left in car for 4 hours
  108. Butterfly Nose??
  109. News -- The FIAPBT & IADCRO inform to you
  110. Weird behavior
  111. Anyone familiar with CA rescues?
  112. Pit Bull Bans for Military Families
  113. My puppy got a dye job...
  114. What Color Is She??
  115. Vick-tim of a Ponzi LOL!
  116. Sad Feeling today
  117. Finally! It Only Took Six Years!
  118. Visit to the Parents House
  119. Georgia on Larry King Live!
  120. The Enlightened Nation of Afghanistan Embraces Matching Dogs
  121. Ugh, two loose APBTs.
  122. It Doesn't Just Happen To Pit Bull Owners....
  123. Anyone seen this.....
  124. Game Bred APBT
  125. APBT tattoos
  126. What does she look like?
  127. Suggestions to a first time breeder!
  128. Want your opinion on something......
  129. Perfect example(well maybe)
  130. Things like this just piss me off!
  131. New Owner
  132. LOL...I've never heard this pit bull myth before...
  133. Bug patrol
  134. It's Official!
  135. how do I pick a female companion for my dog
  136. I'm so smart.
  137. AC came knocking today.
  138. Ears....Ears....Hound dog ears!
  139. Want to know if he is a pitbull
  140. Canine Lifeguards hit the beach!
  141. A very nice evening stroll
  142. Hello, Anyone Awake?
  143. did you or did he
  144. I think I seen the dumbest thing today
  145. Dog saves wheelchair bound man from fire
  146. Missy being a fantastic girl..
  147. Tribute to a honest dogmen, the IADCRO & FIAPBT President Mr. Mariano Peinado
  148. pet humor
  149. pet of the week
  150. Success! Nika swam for the first time!
  151. Pitbulls who died because of BSl
  152. I halfway rescued this dog, can these 2 behavioral issues be fixed?LONG story w/ pics
  153. come on folks...lets help
  154. Good Dog Vet?
  155. Ga. couple killed by pack of wild dogs
  156. Eagles Feeling Pinch of Sponsor Boycotting
  157. abbreviations?
  158. How many people have multiple apbt homes
  159. Florida Members
  160. Tribute to a honest dogmen, the IADCRO & FIAPBT President Mr. Mariano Peinado
  161. Man escapes charges for barbecuing pet dog
  162. Something to Think About....
  163. Getting my pitbull papered
  164. How not to break up a Pit Bull fight
  165. National Protest
  166. Wanted
  167. Pitbull graphics? I need some
  168. Makes me wonder how trust worthy a site!!
  169. Old Story from 2008... Enough to make your blood boil
  170. can anyone please help me find the thread
  171. Which of these is the most dangerous?
  172. Was Vick real or fake on 60 min
  173. Yappy Hour at Tavern 17 (220 S 17th St)
  174. Do you truly believe a pitbull is no more dangerous than other other breeds?
  175. It is unwise to adopt a pitbull from a shelter?
  176. HSUS and Avid microchips
  177. Figured It Out!!!
  178. pedigree info?
  179. I know it means nothing, but...
  180. Question...
  181. I did something stupid or heroic..U decide
  182. KITCHEN RACEWAY!!(crazzzzzzy crazy dogs)
  183. Small Victory for Texas APBT owner
  184. Dog park
  185. Huge BRAG!!!!!
  186. My Daizy:(
  187. Doggy Memory...
  188. Michael Vick protests have begun in Philly, please join
  189. Help Knockout Dogfighting!
  190. Grant does Public Story Hour
  191. New Puppy
  192. breeding
  193. Screwed up and need some help!
  194. FUGLY's
  195. Pit Bull Viciously Attacks News Anchor...
  196. Help With BSL Blog
  197. Georgia pitbulls
  198. Thread on dog cat aggression?
  199. Names
  200. Pet of the month
  201. My kids want to swim free!!
  202. Need renters insurance, can someone help?
  203. American Bully?
  204. My pitbull (first one!)
  205. In need of advice....
  206. tethering vs pen confinement
  207. Getting my girl soon
  208. irish staffordshire bull terrier?
  209. Anatomy of a dog attack
  210. R.I.P. Big Green Bug
  211. Poor puppy
  212. Murdoc Might Be Leaving
  213. How does your dog do in the snow?
  214. NM woman works to get military dogs adopted
  215. red nose mix?
  216. World News Tonight on ABC
  217. Blue, Big Head, short legs and 100+ lbs.
  218. Gulf Coast Pittie Owners:
  219. My son's dog: shot and killed by off duty cop
  220. Question on 'pit bull' history
  221. Please help! Scared 2 walk my dog now!!
  222. Would like your opinions on River
  223. My 7mo puppy was murdered yesterday by a shotgun!! Full Story
  224. Selling him
  225. Cat Grass
  226. Dogs Sprayed with Mace - Advice Please!
  227. Please vote for roxy now! And crosspost!
  228. Check this out
  229. Walking leashed - how to deal with the unleashed
  230. DNA My Dog...
  231. I will try and educate an ignorant coworker
  232. Pit Bull Chat people are something else...
  233. I hope its not too late
  234. What can they do to my dog
  235. Did You Know...
  236. Your family dog may be smarter than your toddler
  237. do you see boxer or dane now?
  238. Smelly pen need help!
  239. ASPCA and BSL???
  240. Containment options
  241. Saving Bruce Campaign
  242. Pawsitively heroic.
  243. Different Angle
  244. Does anyone know what kind of dog I have?
  245. Together as one.....
  246. Hello everyone
  247. dog bite statistics?
  248. Dog walking in the Port Richmond area
  249. Ozzy Osbourne mourns death of dog after it's eaten by a coyote
  250. Having problems with neighbor dogs?