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  1. How Beau's life has improved.
  2. Showing Question
  3. Actor Commits Suicide After Euthanizing Pit Bull
  4. People pointing out faults in your dog.
  5. Finally got my girl back!!!
  6. This sure suprised me!
  7. needing a dog sitter in Edmonton, AB area...
  8. Therapy Dogs....
  9. A convert to the breed.
  10. What do you think...
  11. Attention those from Houston!
  12. Favorite and Least Favorite Coat Colors
  13. Well...I guess we can thank Dog Whisperer for this train wreck waiting to happen
  14. Good Ways to Advertise a Foster?
  15. is this a pitbull
  16. Some vets are idiots.. and i need help again please
  17. Am. Staff, Staff, and Am Bully, AKC Show
  18. NYS Niagara SPCA!!!!!! WOW WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! killing 100% healthy animals!
  19. Does your dog act differently when you're sick?
  20. looking for kisses for valentine's day?
  21. Insurance
  22. Beau's new pen :)
  23. BYRON'S CASE:: (update) - FELONY!
  24. Origins of Ear Cropping
  25. Chevelle has been spayed.
  26. has anyone
  27. Conformation Class
  28. Really cute dog I found online
  29. What kind of routine do you have?
  30. Please consider adopting Maggie
  31. So there was a sudden influx of pit bulls down at the shelter this past week
  32. Bear's prey drive, involving my cat
  33. First post! Active dog clubs in PWN?
  34. Is mine the only one that does this????
  35. It's been awhile..have a major issue!!
  36. Learning from the master
  37. My (for the most part) obedient dog is entirely disobedient when in the backyard....
  38. Rebellion when told to get off the couch!
  39. got in trouble
  40. Paranoid..?
  41. whats your opinion
  42. My pitbull is killing me!
  43. Is it illegal... to kill your dog?
  44. Brags, brags, brags! :D (long)
  45. impressed
  46. Socialization went terribly :/
  47. What do YOU feel your biggest training mistake was?
  48. Need help (kennel)
  49. Carsick?
  50. StillWater Collar
  51. Any houses for rent in Winder, Oakwood, Arcadia ,Jefferson, Brasleton, or Hoschtn GA?
  52. Need help.... Uncontrolled peeing?
  53. Just adopted my pitbull yesterday - a couple of questions! (sleeping, growling...)
  54. Info on Jeep bred??
  55. Can you give me any info you have on these two dog breeds?
  56. My baby makes my skin itch
  57. 10 Week old blunose pit weight concerns....
  58. stuck to the hip
  59. Gentle Leader is amazing!
  60. I have a question..
  61. I was wondering...
  62. Abkc show results
  63. Another Pitbull Attack story!!
  64. preparing your dog for your death.
  65. diesel @ 7 Months!
  66. Very Excited!
  67. Website collecting positive Pit Bull stories
  68. Cropping ears, reliable places?
  69. positive bullys on tv
  70. Pretty Cool, I think.
  71. Bringing a new pitbull puppy around when you have a somewhat mean adult pitbull
  72. 2" collar buckles
  73. Riding in cars
  74. Maximus @ 3 months
  75. sad reminder of why its important to keep your dogs/cats properly leashed and contain
  76. And This is why you keep your Dog in you backyard, and not chained in the front!
  77. I have a tough choice to make about Serenity
  78. do i have a bully pupy???
  79. Happy gotcha day powder!!!
  80. Food alergies
  81. Witnessed something horrible yesterday :(
  82. Vent and dog safety advice needed
  83. Please help save Snoopy!
  84. Raccoon Attack!
  85. Hunky Brindle looking for love
  86. newbie needs some held
  87. Do you think spiked collars add to the pitbulls "mean dog image"
  88. pics of the 2 new (shelter) pups
  89. Look what showed up at my door
  90. Weight Pulling?
  91. Livid right now!
  92. My dog got propositioned this morning....
  93. makes me sick
  94. name for training business.
  95. Did "the right thing" and it sucks
  96. ugh.. kennel cough??
  97. extent of training
  98. Dogs on a stool
  99. nice petsmart moment
  100. Officially a woman!
  101. Happy 7th Birthday Jade
  102. Please help me identify this breed of pitbull!
  103. Urgent at the shelter
  104. Symira &&" The Evil Rottweiler
  105. suggestions
  106. DINOS: Dog is Need of Space (trying this again)
  107. is my dog bored ?
  108. Hiking essentials?
  109. Bronx Pit lovers
  110. Please Vote for us to make us win a collar!
  111. Serenity hurt her paw.. ?
  112. Ain't anything in Louisiana.
  113. Piper was attacked by 3 dogs in front of my house. sorry for the long story.
  114. 2 new puppies.. help
  115. fostering for military
  116. Moving on after saying goodbye.
  117. New Puppy
  118. Does Your Dog Do This ??
  119. The APBT vs The SBT
  120. It's a good day
  121. F. & E.'s G/C II "Clancy"
  122. Need some HELP for a friend. :(
  123. I'm back, with amazing news, I feel complete again......Ps new dog inside ;-)
  124. The Tag Ninja- dog tag help
  125. Best Bed?
  126. Pet Portrait Drawings!
  127. The grumble growl?
  128. OK CelticKarma, here it is.
  129. Cat & German Shepherd vs Ipad App
  130. gentle soul looking for his home
  131. So I might have sent an e-mail.....
  132. Great State Farm Experience
  133. Possible new owner, need breed help and more
  134. I am looking to get a red nose pit and I have some questions plz reply!
  135. what was the strongest reaction....
  136. Anyone up to helping out?
  137. Sleeping out at night
  138. Can american staffordshires tell when their is danger more than other breeds of dogs?
  139. Dog Friendly Businesses
  140. break up a dog fight with your arm?
  141. Ice cubes
  142. Ice cubes
  143. responsible dog owner & CGC pledge (AKC)
  144. Question about baths, baking soda and food
  145. Black Staffie missing in Maryland - Buster
  146. ACCT filled to capacity. Please help if you are able
  147. In a bind
  148. In a bind
  149. Its that time again :)
  150. Sigh.. and woot!
  151. Ever had a dog that loves the same sex and hates the opposite?
  152. Ever had a dog that loves the same sex and hates the opposite?
  153. what are the pros and cons of microchiping my Pit bull
  154. People Will Steal Your Pitt Bull
  155. People Will Steal Your Pitt Bull
  156. Win Win Win A $200 Gift Card to Lowes OR Wal Mart From the Mid-MO APBT Club
  157. found dog, possibly beaten-what to do?
  158. Bite statistic question.
  159. Need expeirenced opinions
  160. Read the dumbest thing on FB (venting)
  161. Need Advice About Neighbor
  162. Got offered sixty bucks for B.A. !
  163. Not that it matters... but how can i tell?
  164. Owners letting dogs run loose
  165. Dogs in the City
  166. 16 Week old Bella sits funny.. Anyone elses sit like mine??
  167. Update on Jarrito
  168. Diesel - update and picture
  169. Early Neutering
  170. Dog names
  171. Stray bully dog
  172. IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP!!!!!!!!- child involve
  173. My Pitbull mix's DNA test results!
  174. Weight pulling on the news
  175. If only...
  176. Ella's lead collar color help! Please.
  177. Please consider adopting/fostering Barney
  178. Can anyone tell what my pit is mixed with?
  179. My New Pitbull Puppy Tyson!
  180. What kind of rope.
  181. Is APBR a respectable Registery
  182. Need some tag line suggestions for everyone!
  183. My animals are conspiring against me
  184. How pathetic is this?
  185. Were to buy a puppy
  186. talking in her sleep
  187. New Aquisitions..
  188. How Much??
  189. YOU'RE A PSEUDO-DOG lover IF...
  190. This should be a PBC apptitude test
  191. A small victory for pit bull types
  192. How many of you don't have yards at all?
  193. Bodacious / Nominee For The 2012 Hero Dog Awards Please Vote and Share fr: 4-1 to 6-1
  194. Need help, best Promeris alternative?
  195. Yet another unexpected vet bill.. Ugh
  196. Some People Really make me sick. >:/
  197. Whats Your Sign
  198. Where did you get your dog's name?
  199. im going to kill somebody!!
  200. I need someones help...
  201. desperately seeking advice on adoption
  202. ideas for exercise?
  203. Ever seen such a talkative noisy dog?
  204. pitbull sitting??
  205. My anti-B.S.L. letter to the Pointe Coupee Parish Police Jury (& to newspaper)
  206. Water Department looking for a dog to be their spokesanimal
  207. Hatching a plan looking for advice/ideas.
  208. Starting weight pulling?
  209. Deer antlers?
  210. Maeve - growing up and recovering
  211. Anyone here with a SAR APBT?
  212. My first foster....
  213. The lost Pit Bull I took in... found the guy a new home!
  214. Weird things people tell you they feed their dogs
  215. Capone's brother
  216. All search engines are Uneducated about APBT
  217. Need help. Looking for a home or a place for my PB.
  218. I know I've said I'll never get a dog from a breeder...
  219. Not a morning dog
  220. Harlequin Pitbull
  221. Just a random post about pup and dog play
  222. Advice needed
  223. Stacking??
  224. Starting to think the vets around here dont like bull dogs
  225. Is Pitbull the right dog for me?
  226. DA dogs with Canine Good Citizen certification?
  227. Some People!!! (Rant)
  228. goal achieved
  229. Look at what I found in a barber shop today
  230. question about tethering/chaining
  231. possible first heat?? help?
  232. Guys Libby REALLY needs our prayers and thoughts today.....
  233. Tell me if this is normal
  234. E-collars for both dogs; need advice.
  235. Please consider adopting/fostering Sheebah
  236. Oh my god I have fallen in love
  237. Happy Birthday Sasha!
  238. So how can you help an animal, when no one is available to help?
  239. E-Collar
  240. So sad :(
  241. What color do you think they will bewould you call it?
  242. Manchester Terrier x Lab
  243. Need Pics of Very Roach back Dogs
  244. happy birth month Goren!
  245. Urgent-Dog Needs to get out of ACCT ASAP-Separation Anxiety
  246. New England to California: offering dog transport
  247. Been a long time but I have bully friendly place in Boston available!
  248. Advice?
  249. let me know what you think (video)
  250. I don't get it