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  1. The nice weather...
  2. Dog skeleton from Mary Rose displayed in Portsmouth
  3. I feel bad for Socrates...Other dogs HATE him
  4. Peta trying to kill show dogs?
  5. UGh... Too early for that...
  6. WOW! NEVER had such a great encounter!
  7. Hickory Pet Hospital -not a happy customer.
  8. Irie is miserable
  9. Stolen dog- Maryland
  10. Puppy messes
  11. PR for Pit Bulls/Artist aims to change perception of these controversial dogs
  12. I want to move!
  13. Media bias in action
  14. reggie my new dog
  15. Feeding my dog before or after i take her for a walk?
  16. "American Pit Bull Terrier" Calender at the pet shop
  17. Question about cropping, are these ears messed up?
  18. appropriate- lol
  19. Behavior of my pitbull....
  20. Off Leash Dogs, What Would You Do?
  21. My puppy is at a good weight, right?!?!
  22. Sasha took a pretty good spill... Dogs and Beds, not always a good combination
  23. Dog eating behavior in boarding kennel
  24. Worst ever please help !!!!!!!!!!
  25. Kia to the freaking rescue....
  26. Concern for lumos
  27. heated beds
  28. Boots?
  29. Westminster Dog Show
  30. Breeds you would like to own someday?
  31. Star bit me just now but not on purpose
  32. Good collar for long haired dogs?
  33. Anyone know about Lee's Ch Raiden. Want to know about this dog?
  34. Adventures at Petsmart
  35. Christmas tree fundraiser for Atlanta Bully Rescue
  36. I this a bad habit to get into
  37. How long do bully sticks last?
  38. I took star to a dog park today
  39. I took my Daisy to the park today.....
  40. APBT Sick need help!!!
  41. Thanksgiving Doggy Disaster
  42. Strangers are coming over today
  43. Any other ideas?
  44. I thought this board actually cared about the dog and not there own ego
  45. Free to good home!!!
  46. Any shows in Orlando Florida
  47. Another backyard breeder...
  48. Frustrating day....
  49. wHat do you think of this YouTube video
  50. Really PO'd
  51. Going prices for pups? Are you serious??? Gotta be cheaper pups somewhere..
  52. last day
  53. anyone else sceptable about this powerful breed around kids
  54. Ambullneo?
  55. Seriously?
  56. Changing dog names
  57. shi-tzu cross puppies born
  58. Any cool pitbull videos? wanna show me?
  59. Star always gets comments that he is a good looking dog
  60. Turkey lunch meat
  61. Free kibble coupon!!!!!
  62. Must have foot bath
  63. I love my Bully but...
  64. Hachikō a Tale of Loyalty and Love
  65. Dog mourns loss of best friend
  66. I'm rooting for this guy
  67. John D. Johnson interview
  68. Obsessed
  69. Was going to adopt a dog from our "humane society" when....
  70. How do people keep their dogs outside all of the time?
  71. Good Resouce?
  72. where is everyone here from? (just curious)
  73. we need more dog activities and competitions in NYC
  74. on the hunt....for an ankle biter!!!!
  75. whats up with the blue nose and red nose thing?
  76. visited the shelter again
  77. With the internet they stil..
  78. Dog off of Tom Garners Dyna?
  79. Down2zero
  80. Stick to the plan or leave her behind? What would you do?
  81. need help new puppy
  82. What do you guys think about this dog I may rescue?
  83. The first olimpic games (jj.oo) in the dogs history - news boletin - etc
  84. How many dog breeds can you name in 10 minutes?
  85. Stupid Pet Tricks
  86. Suprise
  87. opinions
  88. OT: example of news media ignorance
  89. A laugh I got today
  90. food filled with Natural Supplements
  91. OT: Neapolitan Mastiff?
  92. 11/21 - Dine at 3 Monkeys Cafe (Northeast Philly) to Benefi Kodi's Club Animal Rescue
  93. Billy The Exterminator
  94. How do YOU deal with the cold?
  95. FINALLY!!! Someones paying attention!!!
  96. Rita is in for her spay..nervous
  97. destiny died
  98. Shows?
  99. Raising a Litter Outdoors, the RIGHT way?
  100. How bad does this EB look?
  101. ears?
  102. Is "locking up your pitbull" such a good idea?
  103. I loled at this site
  104. Is your bully chatty?
  105. Why to buy an official PBC shirt!
  106. Hello and help!
  107. Which breed best for guarding?
  108. pit advice please
  109. I now have slightly more respect for "snack size" dogs
  110. Pet Portraits
  111. I just wrote a research paper on pitbulls and animal cruelty for school
  112. Dogs do the darndest things..hehe
  113. Does Your Cat Snore?
  114. What do you do with your dog when you go out of town?
  115. What would or did you say?
  116. Stupid Question about vets but I'm curious?
  117. Keeping your dog safe while traveling (regardless of breed)...
  118. Filling out???
  119. Snows Big Day!!
  120. American Bandogge is a Designer breed. Apparently.
  121. Speak out for our breed now!
  122. How Close Is THe Dogo Argentino
  123. Paw Gnawing...
  124. Stray dog is a pit bull
  125. Any Help Would be Great
  126. Definition of Breeds
  127. leptospirosis vaccine - do it?
  128. What health tests should be done on the APBT
  129. I know I did this here before, but..
  130. YAY!!! I am so excited!
  131. Keeping it Clean
  132. Cardio issues becoming more common in the APBT??
  133. Why didn't anyone tell me? Pit Bull Scammer
  134. Traveling with Pits - Especially in Ohio?
  135. Please Pray for Abby
  136. boy has owning a pitbull changed my life
  137. pits and livestock
  138. I saw an ad at a truck stop for chadoodles(I think)
  139. Dog Parks
  140. Another pitiful, sweet puppy showed up on our door step...
  141. Blogging for Blaise
  142. Wrong dog euthanized
  143. I think I'm a collar addict....
  144. pit bull or boxer?
  145. Law & order:criminal intent-inhumane society
  146. Adorable Kitty Looking for her Forever Home!
  147. Is my dog an apbt or a bully?
  148. Calling all the pretty Pit Bulls!!!
  149. Let's Help These Babies For the Holidays
  150. Bedding for crate?
  151. is my dog a bully?
  152. Tell me what my pit is please!!!!
  153. Anyone else heard of the "Titan Terrier" in development?
  154. Poor, poor Zeus
  155. Can My Dog Be Dog Aggressive
  156. Bullies in the night
  157. Unruly dog at Petsmart
  158. I am so unappreciated! (rant)
  159. Beau's gone......
  160. I wonder if she'll get bigger...?
  161. Help Editing
  162. Must remember...
  163. Pet Waste: Dealing with a Real Problem
  164. Just a little something..
  165. letting your dog up on the furniture
  166. I have "sucker" stamped on my forhead!
  167. snakes
  168. My husband is fired
  169. okay... seriously?
  170. Shelter Humor
  171. I feel bad but I could'nt help but laugh.
  172. Star and hot shot(a chihuahua) got into it
  173. Off to buy more electric fence
  174. Is it wrong, my boy still squats to Pee?
  175. Craigslist add, stolen apbt
  176. Doggy Fears
  177. Boating with your dog
  178. Some more Dutchy files
  179. Just adopted a dog
  180. Broke up a dogfight just now...
  181. American pit bull dog
  182. Top/backlines: Can they level with age?
  183. The internets say "Do not buy a pet from a pet store!!!"
  184. Do you think dogs crave canine companionship? And thrive on it?
  185. Boarding question.
  186. Hope its fine to post in this section looking for pitbull frineldy housing MI
  187. How long does it take.....
  188. Petco Halloween Contest, anyone attending/entering?
  189. Rascal aka Chewy was finally adopted this weekend
  190. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
  191. Florida Dog People
  192. History of a pitbull
  193. Are we allowed on here if
  194. i found her favorite napping spot.
  195. Can you tell what breed of dogs these are?(for fun)
  196. Odd morning, breifly scared for my girl
  197. South Philly Vet Rec
  198. Rebels been taking lessons from the Lab..
  199. Stinky or not?
  200. Poodle Mix Meetup
  201. Booohooohooo WAAHHH!!!! :'( :'(
  202. Pets and Trinity Staircases
  203. Remember when I was talking about the DUMB people?
  204. Found: Young White Cat
  205. dog/cat rivalry
  206. Drove from SC to Ohio like this!
  207. Dog deemed dangerous
  208. what do YOU do when your pup is sore?
  209. menacing look
  210. Regarding bringing a "pit bull" type dog into canada/ontario?
  211. Introducing Meia
  212. my dogs
  213. A Craigslist Success Story - shocker!
  214. ugh.... i even warned them, now what? ugh!!!!
  215. Im not sure if my puppies attitude is normal??
  216. does this sound worth it?
  217. Vocal Chord Surgery
  218. its weird but is this normal?
  219. a big thanks
  220. Dog fighting on Dr. Phil right now
  221. Dog Smeller
  222. do Ampt have curved k-9 teeth
  223. Resuced this adorable little boy
  224. so sweet- an email sent to me
  225. HA! Finally found it!
  226. We did the right thing
  227. living in a trailer with a pit bull? yes or no?
  228. Bloodhounds
  229. Killallanimals.com
  230. Bubba got into a scuffle today!
  231. Sponsor team No Excuses!
  232. 5 y/o Cane Corso
  233. The goofy things our dogs do
  234. dog attack "dissection" blog
  235. Please explain why "Not your dog" ?
  236. Don't Back Down
  237. Never say never
  238. From pit CH. to show CH.: It's a Dog's Life
  239. The SDJ is back...what the heck?
  240. Dog houses
  241. FL BSL- We Really need some NO Votes! Please Vote
  242. CLose call 4 spinner! update on Tink!
  243. Rocky had to go...
  244. Tonka is being put down
  245. what to look for/ask when gettin a new puppy??
  246. APT friendlyapts in indy
  247. What are your dogs doing right now?
  248. I need a dictionary
  249. Cuteness overload
  250. FOUND: very friendly pit bull